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Svig 20.02.22 06:39 am

Olympics or beautiful fights (Lineage 2)

who do you like to watch, or participate in the Olympus.
For example, of all classes, I like to watch the duelist vs Phonix Kniht fight, for me this is the most beautiful battle)).
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PunisheR2018 20.02.22

Sat vs anyone, Sat is a pleasure to watch.

AntiTeaSlimon 20.02.22

I fucked on oli for bisha

dill 20.02.22

In the new chronicles, it is almost impossible to merge bisha into oli. Cheat tree, + hefty cast don't even give a dagger a chance.

According to the subject: Beautiful, this is when the DB oppresses all the militia, with the help of the AC and a jellyfish stuck at +16.
But the new chronicles changed everything ..

Webwish 20.02.22

Bish in the Year on Olya causes wild anger.
On Freya and HF, he most of all liked to watch olis of almost any class against a tank (except for the tank itself). Now with magicians, but everything has become 100500 times more boring. L2 has lost its main advantage - the wealth of classes

tahir1 20.02.22

Spellsinger vs Spellhowler - there is nothing to watch here 2, nuke and SS lies

Svig 20.02.22


LEAF DEAD 20.02.22

Tank vs destroy is a nice fight)))

Pecos_Bill 20.02.22

dagger vs over

DickStar 20.02.22

L2Enmity.com. High Five x15 with Auto Farm.