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StarlaX 12.03.22 03:07 am

Kombat Pack (Mortal Kombat X)

If I buy a Kombat Pack, will they give me Tanya and all the costumes?
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Kosh13 12.03.22

Seryozha Kostryukov
I'm afraid for Tanya they will only let me play.
Costumes aren't everything either. For example, there are no Brazilian ones either. Yes, and we will have to buy more.

LeSHiy_047 12.03.22

Yeah, they got really drunk, I bought a battalion pack and I think that's it, now I'll have all the characters and costumes. And then you have to pay an ADDITIONAL 100 rubles for three suits, and okay, it was once ... NOOO! With each release of costumes, they are paid. They are quite snickering even by today's standards.

Kosh13 12.03.22

Well, let's start with the fact that no one promised ALL sets.
They promised Samurai pack + a set of 4 characters. + Goro as a pre-order bonus.
Protso developed somehow did not mention that in addition to this they will release a lot more of what is paid.

Scar. 12.03.22

If I buy a Kombat Pack, will they give me Tanya and all the costumes?
You will be given Jason, Tanya, Predator and Tremor + 5 packs of additional costumes (Samurai costumes for the release of the game; Horror costumes for the release of Jason; Classic costumes No. Classic costumes #2 for the release of Tremor).
This is all you get by purchasing the Kombat Pack.

As for other DLCs:
Goro, only those who pre-ordered the game before the release got it. Sold separately.
Unlocking the Crypt is just a "donate" for those who are mad to open the Crypt on their own. Sold separately.
And the rest of the costumes (Blue Steel Sub-Zero; Kold War Pack; Brazil Pack, etc.) are always sold separately, they were never part of KP.