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EXTREME_TRUCKER 11.05.22 09:50 pm

How to expand the range of merchants? (STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl)

What files do you need to dig into so that merchants sell ALL weapons and armor at once, and everything else?
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Emris_UA 11.05.22

The first is a mod for all traders in the Zone!!!
If not, no problem!!!
There should be a gamedata folder in the game folder (if it doesn't exist, create it yourself) !!! Open this folder and create a scripts folder and put the
escape_dialog.script file (192 Kb) in it , with no restrictions. You can buy the Exo_skeleton of Duty, Monolith, Freedom, Mercenary, etc. (download the file and unzip it in the folder with the game itself) !!! !!!

http://www.playground.ru/files/s_t_a_l_k_e_r_noviy_tip_spauna_predmetov_u_gg-67315/ - STALKER "New spawn type for items in gg"

Game version: 1.0004 Throw the gamedata folder into the root of the game. Compatibility with other mods is not guaranteed! This upgrade allows you to spawn the initial inventory of the GG as in the RFP, that is, through character_desc_general.xml and not through all.spawn as it was done initially. Useful for modders.

6Mixa9 11.05.22

Items sold by traders can be edited (added/removed) in the gamedataconfigsmisc files with the name trade_YYY.ltx, where YYY is the name of the trader (for example, trade_barman.ltx. If there is NO TRADE after the name of the item, then the trader is does not sell (does not buy).Instead of NO TRADE, you need to enter the desired numbers (see below) .So,
let's go:
The structure of the file is actually very simple, under the checkmark; the items themselves are registered, and after it - a comment (to make it clear). For example ;Ammunition.Square
brackets ([barman_generic_buy]), how to say, "conditions".It is better to show with an example
: that the below listed items can be purchased by the merchant.
Items themselves, for example:
af_medusa = 1, 0.3
af_cristall_flower = 1, 0.3

;ADDONS wpn_addon_scope =
0.7, 0.2
wpn_addon_scope_susat = 0.7, 0.2 ] - assortment, after completing the quest in the dark valley [supplies_after_brain] - assortment, after the “brain burner” [barman_start_sell] - prices at which the merchant (the bartender in this example) sells at the beginning [barman_after_darkvalley_sell] - similar to [barman_after_brain_sell]

So: to add an item to the merchant, after the line [supplies_start], we find the category we are interested in (and this can be: ;Ammunition/;Weapons/;Armors/;Medicines/;Food, etc.) and after all the items registered in this category add one more line for your item (namely, the name of the model (because it matches the name of the item itself) and after the = sign the parameters (more on them below)). Well, I knew that you would not understand anything, so an example:
To add a Gauss rifle to the bartender, we find the lines after the condition [ supplies_start ] -
; and below we write wpn_gauss = N, nn * See below for the values ​​after the = sign.

All names of weapons, ammunition, equipment, etc. can be found in the folders gamedatameshesequipments,
gamedatameshesweapons, gamedatameshesfood.
Note that wpn_gauss must be written without the .ogf extension.
After the = sign, the walter, for example, has the number 3, and after the decimal point, 0.6.
First, for Gauss, we have N, this is the number (in pieces) of objects. Those. if you set the value to 999, then the bartender will have 999 gauss.
And the second:
1. In the supplies sections, the second digit is the probability of the appearance of this item.
2. In the buy section - the first digit is the maximum purchase price, the second is the minimum (depends on the relationship of the merchant to the Labeled - rating, reputation) [Presumably. - approx.]
3. Accordingly, in the sell sections - the first digit is the minimum selling price, the second - the maximum (more precisely, a multiplier by the "true price" of the item). Tnx GreyL.
The result should be:
wpn_pb = 3, 0.6
wpn_walther = 3, 0.6
wpn_mp5 = 3, 0.6
wpn_ak74u = 3, 0.5
wpn_gauss = 6, 0.6
And then we will get exactly 6 Gauss rifles from the merchant.

EX0800_ 11.05.22

hemorrhoids God forbid.....

stalkerspore 11.05.22

Ohhh, is anyone else into stalker modding? Well, I feel sorry for these people...

Awesome Drew 11.05.22

It's hemorrhoids... Better without it!