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_Lemon_ 12.05.22 12:54 am

Problems related to PG

Carefully read the FAQ in the hidden text

We decided to divide the topic of questions and suggestions into two separate ones at once. This was done so that there was no garbage can and the name of the topics corresponded to the content as much as possible. Try to be as precise as possible about what topic you want to write about. Please, if you have any problem and question, then write two posts in different topics, etc.

FAQ on "Questions and suggestions for the work of PG"
0. Why is the topic periodically cleaned, and some suggestions are ignored?
Answer from the end: not a single sentence is ignored, the topic is read by the administration in full. Something is discarded as unnecessary, something is written down on a piece of paper and hung on the monitor. The topic is cleaned solely for the sake of order.

1. Will new html tags be available to users?
As they are really needed, we add them ourselves.

2. Will emoticons be introduced?
No such feature is currently planned.

3. How to report a message?
Under each comment there is a corresponding button.

4. Will a separate moderator be assigned to moderate news comments?
At the moment, there are separate moderators for both news comments and comments for articles and blogs.

5. Will it be possible to delete your own topics?

6. Will newbies be banned from creating threads?

7. Is it possible to shorten the waiting time - from adding an add-on to the game - to publishing it on PG?
Unfortunately no. The files are added by a real live person, he is alone. There are many files. Therefore, you will have to wait until it reaches exactly your file and adds it. Check out the FAQ - www.playground.ru/dox/other/1795/ You can also follow the status of your files on the next page - http://users.playground.ru/content/

8. Can I delete my profile from the site?
No, we do not see the point in such a function. If you are afraid of something, you can change any of your account information at any time.

9. Will the profile change?
Will. One way or another, the user profile page is constantly subject to certain improvements.

10. Why did you close the censuses?
Because the need for such topics has disappeared. At the moment, on each page of the game there is an option "Players", which allows you to find out who is playing the game, who played, what rating is set. Example - http://users.playground.ru/gta_5/

11. Why not really add the ability to delete your dialogues in the LAN? In my opinion, a very useful option is to clean the personal from unnecessary dialogues, for example, like Vkontakte.
The personal is stored on our server and does not take up any space on your hard drives. Roughly speaking, we have more priority tasks. Perhaps, when all the more important tasks are completed, we will deal with this issue.

12. What are bonuses deducted for? I didn’t receive any comments, bans, but four points were written off for something.
Writing off bonuses should not be taken as a deduction per se. Before they were written off they were credited to you. That is, using these four bonuses as an example, you need to understand that at first these three bonuses were accrued, and then they were withdrawn for deleting the content for which, in fact, these three bonuses were received. The write-off itself can occur for various reasons, for example, the moderator deleted your message due to violations of the rules.

13. Can you make it possible to ban a user so that he cannot write to me in a personal? Or at least disable the P2G2 bot?
In private messages there is a button to ignore ordinary users. This is a kind of user ban in the LAN.
As for P2G2, this is our artificial intelligence and it is made specifically for newsletters. It cannot be ignored.

14. Why does PG contain sites on Dandeon siege, Serious Sam and others that have died a long time ago? Wouldn't it be better to close them, and instead put up sites on thermal power plants or another popular series?
Issues with satellite sites will be addressed later. There will be progress in this direction.

15. Where did the topic for adding games go?
At the moment, we have increased the number of added games and improved the efficiency in this matter. If there are some games that have not been added yet, but you need them - tell the main moderator _Lemon_ in a personal - http://users.playground.ru/103106/

16. Is it possible to set up the old PG style as a thread?

17. Where is the section for my comments, form posts, etc. now? etc.?
Everything you do on the site can be seen in your "event feed" by selecting "my actions on the site" from the drop-down list. And also in the profile in the right column there is an item "comments", in which you will find all your comments.

18. How do I enable subscription to topics?
There is no such option yet, but it will definitely be. Perhaps this will not be a subscription in its classical sense, but a notification option.

19. Hovering over the name of the game will no longer have a tooltip in the news?
Will be later.

20. How to earn bonuses without money, what are the standard scenarios for this?
The standard and main scenario is profile activity on the site. Bonuses are given practically for all actions on the site. The more activity, the more bonuses. More information here - http://www.playground.ru/about/rating/

21. Move streams to a separate video section

22. Will there be a mobile version of the site? Or maybe apps for android, ios?
At the moment, we are making some efforts to optimize the current site for mobile devices. We are aware of most of the issues and are working on them. A separate application, if ever, will be implemented in it only part of the functionality.

23. When will it be possible to choose the number of views of posts per page?
Timing is unknown. But there will definitely be a pagination.

24. How do you know which of your friends are online?
By the look of the avatar. Its design changes depending on the status of the user. Also, when you hover over a nickname in a tooltip, you can see the status of the user. And in the history of personal messages on the green circle on the user's avatar.

25. You need a support service, in fact, it doesn’t matter in what form it will be implemented (forum, icq, etc.), the important thing is that serious projects look somehow not solid, as if everything has returned to the Stone Age, people have ideas , suggestions, work for the consumer - this is paramount
. For example, I was looking for a topic in order to point out a flaw in the site and it was very difficult to find a place where it would actually be possible to address this
One way or another, we know about all the problem areas of the site. We test and verify any functionality several times. All bugs are known and fixed both before the release of the functionality and after. You need to clearly understand that there are priorities in the development and fixing bugs. We adhere to a strict order in these priorities based on the importance and criticality of certain tasks or problems. The best way to report a bug: https://www.playground.ru/support

26. General topics with walkthrough questions are closed. Why is that?
Common threads tend to be a litter of questions and answers that aren't consistent. We decided that the policy of "one problem - one topic" is more beneficial in terms of information search and its structuring.

27. Why isn't the grades section on my profile updated?
caching. The update happens once a day for everyone.

28. Tell me what bb codes work here and how to write them?
BB codes have never worked on our forum and will never work. At the moment, all tags available to users are located immediately above the form for writing a comment. New ones will be added only when really needed.

29. Can you make a permanent non-disappearing login / password window so as not to suffer with a pop-up window?
Turn on cookies in your browser and you won't have to worry about anything. The login form is made taking into account the statistics of access to it. We focus on general rather than private preferences. Although, the question was raised incorrectly and it is not entirely clear what it is about and what the torment is

30. I was not credited with bonuses for yesterday. Bonuses are accrued
once a day, late at night. There are occasional errors in this process. If on one of the nights you were not credited with bonuses, then on the next night you will be credited with bonuses for a period of two days.

31. 5000 bonuses disappeared, when trying to transfer them to the [GameName] account, an error occurred, but the bonuses were withdrawn.
All operations with the withdrawal of bonuses are under strict control, and all errors are processed manually. If such a situation occurs, do not hesitate - you will either return the bonuses, or the transfer will take place, but with a delay. If here, in your opinion, something went wrong, report it here - [email protected]
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PaulTheApostle 12.05.22

Your event feed is buggy. For me, it turned red several times and highlighted the numbers. But when I look there, I don’t see anything new #Problem


AT_Sagor 12.05.22

I confirm - similar nonsense is going on.

Marsel Kazan 12.05.22

how can I not go to pg I always offer to download a push file from some kind of double click no what is it?

gsk24 12.05.22

Add transfer of bonuses to webmoney or steam

Puzaa 12.05.22

I haven't been able to upload pictures for days now. I press the download button, but nothing happens.

Kronus64 12.05.22

When trying to access a site or a new page from an Android tablet (Chrom browser), about 1 out of 5 times a redirect to a porn site is triggered.

UPD. All this is only when accessing the Internet through a megaphone SIM card.

Xorras 12.05.22

He hints to you that it's better to go to a porn site than to PG :D

DemonTwR 12.05.22

I would like to know what BB or most likely HTML Codes work on the site?
Answer if this is such a Secret-Private Information, you can answer in a PM

tornado559 12.05.22

your P2G2 artificial intelligence (stupid boots) is already tired of the most I can not delete it !!!! how long to ? or that I should come and push nanobots into your head?

x111x 12.05.22

the last 2-3 days at the entrance, mts ads appear at the bottom of the screen and some other square garbage occupying almost half the screen on the left side of the STO current for me? and are there any options to get rid of it. current appears on pg

serg5555 12.05.22

Remove spam from P2G2. Tired of the same message 5 times sends. And so constantly

lovecreep 12.05.22

I have one photo in the gallery is not loaded?

Denis Kyokushin 12.05.22

They don't load for me either. Moreover, for a long time


Me too. I can't upload pictures for a long time.

tehb39 12.05.22

Guys, remove your PG player or change it to another less buggy one. It's just a nightmare !! Click on the play does not open the video, one opens, the other does not !! Either it slows down or it doesn't load.
Everything is fine with the PC, I use Chrome, everything is updated (flash, firewood)

Barney Calhoun 12.05.22

I have a side panel in blogs blocking the text. Is that how it should be? If not, maybe you should move it a little to the left?

mother's samurai 12.05.22

My file is being checked for almost 2 days, how long should I wait?

A.Soldier of Light 12.05.22

Event feed - forever 100+. Well, it doesn’t interfere, but I don’t see the point of it either)
The envelope (personal messages icon) is always red: +2 messages. Checked, read .. again +2, red again) Everything is read, but the envelope is still red. Bug, comrades, bug.

Your question .. in general, as old as the world ) How many times have I seen this before, but they still ask "how long to wait?!!111"
Answer: as soon as, so immediately. Wait, in short. If it won't be there in a week, ask the employee who deals with it personally.

El Huron 12.05.22

bonuses are not credited from the 15th

Positive1995 12.05.22

Hello! I can not create a blog entry - it says that the limited number of characters should not exceed a certain number. But I look at other blogs - there is even more information there and everything is fine ...