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Gendalf-goalkeeper 12.06.22 11:36 pm

Game engine (STALKER: Call of Pripyat)

PM was without bugs, CN was with bugs, ZP is still without bugs, what is the logic ??
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rock music 12.06.22

1.0 was the coolest, as they say. and to be honest, I don’t give a damn, the main thing is there are no bugs. for the second part of the stalker they will write a new engine, I believe, Xray 2.0, which should meet modern standards in graphics (to be honest, the current stalker graphics suit me, it’s quite on the level, I’m not chasing a movie, especially since there will be no kin)

SS86Precursor 12.06.22

There will be a movie =))) But not in Stalker 2 =)))


well, maybe there will be no x ray at all, maybe on a new engine (in general), but God forbid, just not unreal engine

BestPro777 12.06.22

The optimization of the engine is not very good (worse than in the CHN) ..... The KULL engine itself.

BestPro777 12.06.22

N9.N1Ck--Sorry, of course, but you're being stupid). If there was such a graph in the Stalker as in krayzis then .... I'm afraid to even imagine what would happen)).

Denis 12.06.22

It would be a beautiful game with cool animation, but GSC doesn't have enough money for it. And at the request of iron, they are similar. And so at the expense of CryEngine It was just a rumor that GSC themselves refuted, since they have their own engine and it’s easier for them to modify it for a bottle of vodka than to buy cryengine for almost a million)

BIBIK in da house 12.06.22

and you imagine the beauty that will be if we are there cryengine 2))) blunder ....))))

aswdsdfgdsfg 12.06.22

the engine is of course normal but sometimes stupid, and it’s not necessary for me to rub that everything is fine with you, but mine is pirated

Denis 12.06.22

By the way, this could be the Stalker on the CryEngine 2 engine - these are pictures from the Editora with coniferous trees developed with 3ds max, the fans did. This is how the forest could look like, landing.

And then I found fans who made a mod on the theme of a stalker. Maps are all absolutely on

2 how even with fan hands through the editor it turns out great.

plotnikOFF 12.06.22

Daizhok in STALKER is already of retirement age. So for the new game there will be a new engine. No other way. So let the developers either buy it or make it themselves. The main thing is that everything works great.

-BB- 12.06.22

fu, what another edge ... to make ends meet the atmosphere chtoli.
and so in the RFP they restored it, and then ... in short, this is my IMHO, but in my opinion, with the edge of the atstoy full.

.DeliGht 12.06.22

The game engine is good. I like. Only the optimization is not very good.

CKANER_72 12.06.22

You are right

aswdsdfgdsfg 12.06.22

yes, they won’t be able to squeeze out of the old engine for a long time, the fans will rebel, they say the engine is outdated, so I think they are already thinking about the new engine

BIBIK in da house 12.06.22

I would be glad of such a thing, no matter how the screenshots of the money, I would not regret it)) anomalies would be, well, just super)) and so it will look like code4 in my opinion

SGate 12.06.22

I have already written more than once, they will be saved by DUNIA.
As for me, this is the most optimized engine that produces a high-quality picture with huge FPS, and the FPS does not drop almost in difficult scenes.
Dynamic clouds that do not slow down Sun Shafts, Really high-quality HDR, not a dumb Tonemap, finally a huge world without downloads and subloads, where you can see objects from great distances because there is no shitty fog.
The developers did a good job on the engine, but the gameplay itself in Far Cry 2 is kaka, in the stalker, on the contrary, everything is the other way around.
And x-ray 2.0 is the same goodies, the grass appears from nowhere 20 meters from the GG, ugly water that is not able to reflect anything but the static sky that changes idiotically every hour.

The Dr.MOHCTP 12.06.22

They forgot to mention the old man sourse :) although the engine is old, but the optimization and the picture are good

Spaceman RF 12.06.22

And I heard somewhere that STALKER 2 will be developed on the CryEngine2 engine, is that true?

Demonic Wolf 12.06.22

I wonder how much the CryEngine 2 engine costs)))) they probably don’t have enough money)))

Spaceman RF 12.06.22

XD everything is possible!