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necro 154683 26.07.22 12:35 am

Lost save (Already TIRED of going through!) (Dungeon Siege 2)

Almost passed the game and now again, the save is gone! What should I do? How to fix it?
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A.Soldier of Light 26.07.22

Where did it go? Like this? Did the file itself disappear?..... You need to save not only the game, but also the files :)

necro 154683 26.07.22

Saving the game every five minutes (Such a habit)!
And everything is fine!
But it's rarely easy when you enter the game in place "Continue"-Empty

What does it mean to save files?

A.Soldier of Light 26.07.22

And you think with your head...

necro 154683 26.07.22

He thinks he thinks, but he cannot invent (Oak-Oak)!
I decided to Poiti far away forums and found the answer there

And the answer reads: "ASK Soldier'a"

That's the end of the tale, and that fellow who will tell you!

A.Soldier of Light 26.07.22

You go to the Save folder,
which is in the Dungeon Siege 2 folder, which is in the My Games folder, which is in My Documents.
You see the folder "SinglePlayer".
Inside is another folder with the same name as the name of your hero in the game.
It contains several files.
You copy them, saving them in another place, so that in which case you can transfer them back to the folder and start the game from the place where you last saved them.
Always save these files when you turn off the game. It's also called "backup"

necro 154683 26.07.22


Agent Cloner 26.07.22

Actually, how to save in this game? When I press "save", at the bottom left it says "Failed to save", but that's the problem is completely incomprehensible. Is it because the nickname is in Russian?

Pavel Rally 26.07.22

Try a nickname in English or just numbers, also tips:
Check that there are no Russian letters in the path to the game and to the My Documents folder, computer username in English.
Run the game as administrator.
Try compatibility modes with previous Windows.
Write the installation folder without spaces.
Download another repack.