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_Lemon_ 17.11.22 12:52 am

We share opinions. (SAS: Secure Tomorrow)

The plot of the game is fully consistent with the budget - the leader of a terrorist organization is pulled out of prison, and an elite SAS military squad is forced to take up the case. Locations - a riot-ridden prison, the financial center of London and an underground nuclear reactor located in Greenland, in which you will not only have to shoot and use high-tech "gadgets" of the SAS, but also, as good guys should, rescue hostages. Multiplayer for sixteen players is included.
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prox14 17.11.22

Just started playing. I like it. only translation I don’t even know what language.

cobra233 17.11.22

although I haven’t played it, it already reminds me of COD4

VeNoM225 17.11.22

The toy is super, if you understand the Polish language in the game, then everyone should play!!!

VeNoM225 17.11.22

I didn't need a cracker! Passed the game, Pts liked it, unlike other City Interactive projects (Terrorist Takedown and the like). The only disappointment is that the game is too short. If you take all the time that I spent on its passage of 4 hours or even less!

DVA 17.11.22

Mmmm... the reviews are not bad yet, so I think you can dig up a dusty box with the name SAS in a pile of disks...

vlad 151 17.11.22

who knows at least one server for playing on an Internet


the game is interesting, the developers did a good job. But it's a shame that it is short and so in the princepe +100

Alternativshik_6 17.11.22

Hangs tightly at the seventh level, before the partner jumps into the hatch. Has anyone come across? How to decide?