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saa0891 26.01.23 01:35 pm

Loot sale (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

It is clear that the best prices are in Toussaint, but you still have to get to it, now I'm in Novigrad.

I understand that it is better to sell weapons to Hattori, he has already done his quests.

Armor armor on Hierarch Square, on the same square there is a normal herbalist.

And it’s better to sell the skins when you already arrive in Skellige, just like all the rubbish the taverns in Skellige buy more expensive.
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benites 26.01.23

My main type of income is to kill cows and pigs and sell loot from them to the innkeeper Yonash - it’s not for nothing that Geralt is called a butcher 😎. More recently, I drove 100 bottles of Krasnolyudsky alcohol for 600 type coins to a secret merchant near the Church of the Eternal Flame - there was also a big deal. I hardly pick up weapons from corpses, it costs a penny and clogs the inventory of merchants. With a gwent, earnings are weak, but sometimes, in addition to money, they give valuable items. In general, I want to go to Toussaint already, I hope the business will be better there, I need to finish the plot.

saa0891 26.01.23

benites wrote:
I almost never pick up weapons from corpses, they cost a penny and clog merchants' inventory.
It depends on the level, somewhere from the 20th level it is already possible to sell normally, 50 coins or more.

benites wrote:
Earnings are weak from gwent, but sometimes they give valuable items besides money.
If you play with any merchant for the first time, then he gives a card, and then, in addition to money, some kind of object, well, they pay well for quests in gwent.

After level 30, the money will already go normally (it gives some pennies at first), if Skellige cleans a wagon of any relic swords there, you can earn money on them, and of course parts of monsters, things for crafting are expensive, etc., and the skins are already so up to the heap.

benites 26.01.23

saa0891 wrote:
If you play with any merchant for the first time, he gives you a card, and then, besides money, some object, well, they pay well for quests in gwent.
There seemed to be such a moment that if you win all possible cards from the merchants, they will stop giving items for the victory. So it's better to check the gwent guide and see how many unwinnables are left.
In terms of weapons, I've cleared out all the Red Knights that need to be dealt with when looking for blueprints for the Ophir merchant. Level 35 swords fall from them, they go on sale for about 160 coins. Let’s just say that I didn’t get rich on this, nothing compares to cows yet, and it’s a little easier to kill them than knights)
If you take loot from ordinary bums, then nothing normal falls from them, even from high-level bandits from Skellige. In the end, I got tired of collecting and handing over this scrap metal, so this type of income actually disappeared.

benites 26.01.23

With the arrival in Toussaint, the topic of arms sales sparkled with new colors. Blue bokler swords of the 35th level fall from local gopniks, while this is the best loot that you can farm in the game, and ordinary swords are at a normal price.
It's time to arrange a sale and at the same time upgrade your swords under level 22.
You can now earn 50 coins on gwent, which is also good.

Deliano 26.01.23

Level 15, 20 thousand crowns. I’m spinning on questions, collecting absolutely everything, alas, I just had to cheat, a mod for unlimited weight. And then I killed 2 gangs and that's it, run to Novigrad .. Once I went through this hemorrhoids, I wanted to hang myself on skellige, now there is not much time, so extra moves are in the furnace

saa0891 26.01.23

Comparing the prices of Novigrad and Skellige in order to understand it is worth bothering with this at all, naturally, it is worth considering another important factor as the level of the item, the higher it is, the greater the difference will be.

Hattori almost all swordsmen in Novigrad offer similar prices.

There is one little trick: if you put oil on the sword, it will become a little more expensive, it's up to you to decide whether it's worth messing around and wasting time.

Swordsman on Skellige
Spoiler Bronnik in


Bronnik on Skellige

Well, what about skins Tavern in Novigrad Spoiler Tavern on Skellige Spoiler

saa0891 26.01.23


At the same time, I will fix links to three very useful mods in this thread

. The first mod minimizes lags when there is a lot of loot in the chest, the mod is really very useful, I used to have to wait 3-4 seconds after each thing, now it happens almost instantly, the most amazing thing is that the developers themselves never fixed this very annoying problem.


The second mod cleans the inventory of merchants from a bunch of junk that you sold to him (I already had a kapets with Hattori because I just sold junk to him, but this mod perfectly corrected the situation ), there is a nuance with the level so read the description.


The third mod allows you to unload your inventory even better, it removes the restriction on things in one inventory cell, this is especially useful for food.


benites 26.01.23

I will add that grub is best sold in taverns from "At the Crossroads" and the village of Zalipye, or next to the tournament field in Toussaint, if there is a lot of it right there. For the skins, the innkeeper Jonas in Kaer Trolda gives the most.
For the purchase of runes and glyphs, Keira Metz has the best prices, and she has a full range of this stuff. In the game, it's called "a lot of junk left from the old sorceress"😁 I can't say for sure about the sale, I sold it to specialized blacksmiths. I think if you drive them in Toussaint, you can't go wrong.