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Katanar 28.02.23 05:38 pm

How are modern games different from older ones?

We do not take graphics, and so everything is clear. What changes in games have happened right now, for better or worse, and when did games do better then or right now? Right now, of course, the unreasonable weight of games, before they could make a game for 5 gigs, not almost worse ...

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Spiny 28.02.23

Complexity. The old games were not infrequently difficult. Now, in many games, hints, automation, lead by the handle. The gameplay partially also depends on the graphics, or rather the ability to implement it now, but what didn’t really work out before for those. reasons.

Protocol10 28.02.23

1. There is more bias towards the open world from corridors
2. More bias towards online and co-op from single-player
3. More aggressive marketing and monetization
4. Mixing different genres in one project: role-playing, stealth, action, racing, etc. .
5. Increase the duration of games in general

kurskiy 28.02.23

There has been more monetization and attempts to insert a "message". And there was also a tendency to release a "raw" project under the guise of a finished one, since the "people hawala", and the Internet allows you to download gigabytes of updates.

requiemmm 28.02.23

1) Older games are harder. Some do not have mechanics that are now familiar, like a map, some require the player to carefully read the text of tasks and know the game language well if there is no localization. Some games have very confusing levels, you will break your head until you find the key to the door with the key to the door to the basement where the key lies.
2) The launch of many old games is complicated by sabotage by small software traders. You need a tambourine, advanced user skills and many hours in Google, and then without guarantees.
3) In older games, you can find noticeably more advanced gameplay, in terms of mechanics. Then optimizers had not yet reached the gaming industry, thanks to which we now have empty worlds, in which, outside the main plot, at best, question marks are everywhere, which indicate a pack of mobs and a chest, the contents of which immediately go to the merchant. It was possible, for example, to go into each house on the level or simply move the table. For what? For diving.
4) Variety of genres and approaches to development. In the modern game industry, a number of genres have simply died, and the surviving one does not just stand on commercial rails, but is welded to them, tightly. If we do not take absolutely indie for three kopecks, all games blurt out according to one training manual. You can even say that localization is no longer needed. The plot is the same, the controls are standard, follow the arrow and you will pass the game without even knowing a word ... it reminds you of a movie about superheroes, where 80% of the film is puff-puff and special effects, and the remaining 20 - a pretentious monologue about "great power and great responsibility", which has already been heard a hundred times and therefore simply squandered.
5) Online is a must, buddies, achievements, countless dlcs, and the modern game as a game is nothing special at best. At worst, nauseating trash for the underdeveloped.

Lodnar 28.02.23

1) Genres. Some genres have been wiped out like a plague, and new ones have appeared in their place.
All sorts of MOBA Royal battles come out in bags, and I don’t remember the last time any worthwhile RTS came out. The modern love of developers for the creation of "simulators for the development of unnecessary game simulators" is also not encouraging.
In RPGs, they make open worlds without thinking if he was really needed there. As a result, we get an "empty but open world"... which is so tempting to close and forget...
2) Duration. Modern games, either short or vice versa, artificially like to drag out in all sorts of ways.
3) Complexity. How long have you been looking for how to go somewhere for 20 minutes? And how long ago did you leave the game for another month because of some kind of puzzle? Most puzzles come down to the Claws of Skyrim level, where the solution comes down to minutes of action.
4) Audience coverage. Now games like to actively advertise and try to cram everything and more for different audiences. And whether all this was necessary for the main audience is unimportant.
5) Approach to development. Modern developers have come to the conclusion that the game on release does not have to be completed, and it is not necessary to be playable...
6) Mechanics. In each game, they were different and different, and the mechanics in old games are usually such that studying them in detail can take longer than the rest of the game.

Add to all this the fact that the main goal of modern studios is not a high-quality project, but a commercially successful one, and the fact that large studios are engaged in self-copying instead of inventing something new, then the situation in game development is very sad from all this.

vftor 28.02.23

Very old games, under Win.98, can not be compared, they are primitive. The peak of the best games falls from 2005 to 2015. These old games were more interesting, like works of art, compared to modern ones, for their motivation and advanced gameplay options, up to complete freedom of action in some games, as well as the presence of complete Russification. Games after 2015 have become more commercial and cliched, even with open worlds. Modern games, sharpened under Win.10, have become even more commercial, stamped and not optimized, up to the primitiveness of the gameplay.

Denis Kyokushin 28.02.23

Top games peaked between 2005 and 2015
Since 2002

vftor 28.02.23

Denis Kyokushin

Denis Kyokushin wrote:
Since 2002

Yes, there are some from 2002, but the main stream started from 2005

Beirut 28.02.23

degradation of the entire industry, sky-high monetization of everything and everything
And forget the word GAMES, you buy, or rather rent, just a PRODUCT of market research
Although the question itself is strange, no one bothers you to play old games or a console emulator or look for suitable indie projects

dasten46 28.02.23

Old games are more varied and with soul chtol. Just looking at the games that are now being released, one can see the monotony, casualness, and everything seems to be backhanded, for the sake of the dough. Previously, people were limited not by imagination, but by the capabilities of the engine ..

kuniliber 28.02.23

Older ones are more difficult due to control, save by checkpoints or lack of such as in the first Hitman. In modern bet on big worlds and graphics.

Sweety_Mustard 28.02.23

1. From the open world there is more bias towards the corridor.
2. From co-op and multiplayer games, there is more bias towards single-player
3. A shift in emphasis towards free games with high online and voluntary donations that do not give an advantage
4. Strict division of games by genre, even the emergence of new ones - so, some people think that battlefield and kolda are completely different games
5. Reducing the duration of games in general

MunchkiN 616 28.02.23

the price of development and the amount of content divided by the price of the peck,
depending on which old games to compare with. I believe that the main factor in the development of games is technical and financial. they determine the appearance of games. and even a large number of multiplayer and games where the single player is secondary and utilitarian for its intended purpose is due to the availability and need for the Internet for games.
Another development factor is fashion. legendary epochal games such as pugb and minecraft periodically appear and many strive to imitate them to do better and more similarly, and this will be determined by games for the 10th anniversary, as well as a local fashion for some kind of mechanics that can often be found in games of a certain time period, for example, the mechanics of pressing illuminated buttons in a short time to win. or the mechanics of a static observation camera instead of a normal 3d action.

VETER15 28.02.23

Genre and budget possibilities!

RicoChico 28.02.23

There used to be more diversity. An idea was born and implemented.
So the pillars of genres were formed.

DuMuDPoJI 28.02.23

They put their soul into the old games, the puzzles are more complicated, everything is thought out and competently done, and in the new games they mainly focus on the graphics (it seems so to me) it can be seen very well in the Resident Evil series of games, compare at least even 2 parts of the re2 game classic with the remaster and also with 3 parts. well, if anyone is interested in streams of mostly old toys (Nastalgic for those who are over 30 years old) welcome to the still developing channel on YouTube I will be glad to every new viewer)

it’s not difficult for you, but it’s nice for me)
well, of course there will be streams on 2 and 3 cuts of the classics

kuniliber 28.02.23

From fucking stories to mediocre and boring.

A good comparison on the example of the NFS racing series of games, Most Wanted 2005, which I sometimes replay with interest, and Most Wanted 2012, except for graphics, nothing.

Many political moments shove, push sexy squirrels through.

Even GTA 5 is several times worse than the previous parts in terms of the level of enthusiasm.

This is my personal opinion, it may differ from yours, I declare in advance that I do not want to offend non-standard proteins and developers and everyone who burns.

InboxM 28.02.23

Many older games are better than the modern ones put together.

sergeu78 28.02.23

the old first games were cyclical

Max P 28.02.23

The main difference from the old games is horse system requirements and poor optimization, plus various technical problems, and in-game features have become even less in modern games.