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People1999 10.05.20 11:07 am

Stranded deep 0.32.1 - is anybody out there? (Stranded Deep)

Good afternoon, this game here on the site already 2015, activity over the last six months is zero. If I read the moderators, you can at least write a review why not accept articles in which I give additional information about the game. because a lot has changed, but here there's nothing, I'm ready to work, but I see no return from you. And if users, then check your activity, how long have you all here and are you interested in what game?
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People1999 10.05.20

0.32.01 , sorry for the mistake in the version.

Anonimus Toki 10.05.20


andreika1987 10.05.20


condros 10.05.20

What can I say.. he took the license, waiting for release. Articles are not accepted - this mess, maybe it makes sense, then, in blogging this info spread? Well, or a forum where you do not need the approval of the administrators.
I would like some manual for self-Russification, to translate a little bit in principle.

People1999 10.05.20

hmm, I'll try to do Russification, it may happen XD

Emris_ua 19.06.21

+ (License).