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LuNature 15.07.20 10:50 pm

Is it worth playing the previous part of Diablo if you're new? (Diablo 4)

I'm a Fan of Dodi, but in Diablo I for the first time. Actually I played not long in Diablo II and realized like not a bad game. Downloaded from the tracker if that.
So, not really all the parts are similar to each other as described ardent fans, and the differences are only in the chart. So can wait to start playing immediately in part 4?
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xavieronx 15.10.20

You can wait, the first probably today few people will overpower, only old-school, then it was a mega-epic game, over the plot of which especially none of the players did not steam - there was a younger Diablo and it needs to be dunked and sharpened in stone - all.
But I would still recommend a second pass, there is a very good plot, at the level of the best films, necessarily with the addition of Lord of Destruction and all the videos. After it you will understand whether you play in the third or not, as it will tighten.

RikoChiko 15.10.20

It's better to go through all the parts. You're going to get tristram back in four, and you don't know what that village is.
Four years ago, all the parts passed for the first time, although all my life heailed similar gameplay.
The first part is still the most atmospheric in the series.

Mr Hops 15.10.20


Play on in Dota ...

maxpayen 15.10.20

If from Dotka to Diablo.... I don't know, I don't know. Try to play in the second part, the graphics of course for modernity is not the same (but at that time it was super!). In his time, all the parts passed. Sometimes I still go to Diablo 3 to play, but it's not that Diablo.... second steeper, but everything changes over time and time and demand makes its adjustments to everything. I'm waiting for Diablo 4!!!! I'm old school..... 43 years old)