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averma_n 20.07.20 11:50 pm

Which dlc is better to pass first ? (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Which dlc is better to begin to take the first blood and wine or kamenie heart ?
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Protocol10 20.07.20

First logical heart of Stone, then Blood and wine. Blood and wine sums up the entire Saga, leaving the player a sense of accomplishment of adventure and travel witch. It is a kind of epilogue, where Geralt receives the property of the estate vineyard and there the idea is and remains to live peacefully to old age, but the wine to drink.

Emris_ua 20.07.20

100% agree with you !!!

Inkvizitor nubov 20.07.20

Does not matter, but better Heart at the beginning. It's like one big quest, successfully woven into the main game, and the Wine almost a new game.

Ferdinand Porshe 20.07.20

There is still a variant: you can play Blood and wine exactly to the moment, when you get the winery (almost the beginning), because the relaxation it provides good long-term bonuses such as extra experience. When you get the winery, then start heart of Stone because you can always go to relax, get bonuses, and with new forces into battle!

Mantykora 20.07.20

If at all practical - oriented level quests. And totally agree with every word Protocol10!


Blood and wine. The Witcher gets sentimental grandfather =) ! And everything is OK

Starkin 20.07.20

vseravno to think logically, something or other will have to take place

Mama Stiflera 20.07.20

This question can be different reply:
- if you pass everything first time, then definitely KIV to end (even the basic is ridiculous forward pass)
- KS in contrast to KIV and sod. the plot has no effect of completion (ie the ending of this DLC is more like run vidmachenko order, rather than the story of the final, after which understand that it is the end of the game)
but if you pass the game already 5-10 times, here is the paradox, very reluctant to finish the game on KIV because only equip Corvo-Bianco, my chief guest, will get the top gear, pumped to the heavens and then suddenly becomes useless and uninteresting, because to do something and nothing more. In this case, it is more rational to leave the COP finally to check that the gear on the bosses and make you stay (return) to Toussaint more relevant.
In short when you get through the game at least once, before you open a lot of options for repetition, where you will decide what order to do it.

Rizio 20.07.20

, Jennifer of Vengerberg wrote:
- if you pass everything first time, then definitely KIV to end (even the basic is ridiculous forward pass)
As I understand it, the main be added to even slightly affect the ending Blood and Wine.

andryuha-24 20.07.20

well, the developers no wonder they released the first stone of the heart and then blood and wine, it would be logical to go in that order!

Towelie75 20.07.20

DLC heart of Stone has no bindings to the dates in the game, but judging from the dialogues, the events occur in addition to the finals of the Wild Hunt, and about the plot is better still to pass before you find the CRIS.
DLC Blood and the Wine has a fixed date of 1275й year that as many as three years after the events of the Wild Hunt, which occur in 1272м year. And CDPR themselves said that the Blood and Wine the end of the story of Geralt, therefore, and place it after the execution of the rest of the content.