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Protocol10 25.07.20 09:04 pm

Is it possible to create your own channel and earn, laying of the transmission and related games?

Healthy guys. Heard that now many don't work, just sawing and related the passing game and have a lot of money. On a piece of dollars then just have those who have been unwound, well, depending on the number of subscribers and everything. So the question is - does it make sense to pursue the case or it's late and not really to unwind? And how much income you can count?
Especially interested in the opinion of those who have your feed.
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MunchkiN 616 25.07.20

if you invest financially and spiritually. saw great reviews of actual games true fast is probably tisi 2000-4000 rubles can be calculated. until cool recognizable showman.

Protocol10 25.07.20

MunchkiN 616
Clear. Thank you ... that is not very much of course. How many subscribers need to have at least 15-20 thousand rubles a kilo per month for the first time? And how many hits should average roller to have?

MunchkiN 616 25.07.20

I think tisi 4-6. but there did not seem to subscribers and number of views from unique IP. would have asked on the YouTube.
and how else would need proper equipment and the console. that in itself Tisch so 300 rubles approximately 0.

Protocol10 25.07.20

MunchkiN 616
Understood. Okay thanks for the advice plyusanul. We need to think to be..

Chernyy plasch. 25.07.20

It's never too late to start something new, but now on YouTube very tough competition, as all reviewers and retsplejelov divorced a lot. And that would be competitive, that would not be another letsplaycod Vasya Pupkin from 5B, you must produce quality content and release in time to have a good iron (which would not be: Hey, today we begin to take dragon Age Inquisition on minimum settings with 15 fps), if the write reviews, t astartica the most objective approach to this case, to follow the preferences of society...something else I wanted to write but forgot.
Of course success will not come immediately. Will have to try very hard before going to its fan base (subscribers and those who watch your videos). It may take six months, a year or two...good luck from identity dependent)
How many subscribers need to have at least 15-20 thousand rubles a kilo per month for the first time?
It is better for you in the Internet the old look on YouTube, identity talk, as all sorts of nuances and information. But while a decent fan base will not collect, can not even dream of at least $ 2 to)
For example, the Western blogger and letsplay PewDiePie earned in a year about 4 million, wrote in an article in some long read. But he has 35 million subscribers and views per video a few million
Can investments in advertising to attract a large audience?
It is unlikely, now this is rather annoying people than you will help, but you can certainly try. Some popular youtubers Russian offer to host for the channel is, of course for money).
In General you can try, but just know that you need a lot of time and effort to be spent before something is going to happen in terms of earnings. The competition is the same.

And yet, I noticed narod loves all sorts of copy to watch. If you have a friend who will agree to keep you company in the cooperative on the record, it will be good.

Protocol10 25.07.20

The black cloak.
Thank you for the detailed response. I agree on all points and I myself have had these same thoughts. In short, if to do this it is necessary to seriously address this, so well as if for example, opened his own shop, etc. You need to invest efforts and there are risks of certain so-how will take a lot of time and effort and money until something starts to happen and will have an understanding of the tastes of the audience and the experience. I basically thought initially that it is far not so simple.
In principle, I think not necessarily in this game to focus on. For example I'm always interested in watching channels related any gadgets, computer peripherals and iron.

For example, the Western blogger and letsplay PewDiePie earned in a year about 4 million, wrote in an article in some long read. But he has 35 million subscribers and views per video a few million
This is of course very cool. Well done dude and income is huge and clearly loves what he does.

Nehalim 25.07.20

He in fact does nothing besides affectation Yes squeals squeaks, everything like that, ”the kids“. Of course he drags if the money is going . But twitch is better in terms of earnings. While YT will not change its policy ,many have gone, and will take even more.

schta 25.07.20

Hmm.. cutting the quality of video takes a lot of time and effort. And cut vidosic need almost daily. In my opinion easier to work at a normal job.

although... it is possible for the sample to create a channel on YouTube and start to cut videos as a hobby. If you trample, then you can start to do it professionally. if not trample to forget as a bad dream.

Chiter v Zakone 25.07.20

Not really,because the crazy competition in this regard will not make another move and you will be the next Lesprom.

SmooKiNG 25.07.20

Very really, 100 bucks a day easily if you have subscribers!

SkyGame 25.07.20

First will be a year or more just to cut the reviews with a views a maximum of 1-2 thousand, and not the fact.
as already mentioned,these lastplace like dogs divorced,a place in the sun went to those who engaged in it began at a very early stage, well or need something creative to lastplay old games to raise the views, the modern games take all.
Sadly, any TP tells about the lipstick gets more hits, and faster spins the channel for the year.

Kapitan Kote 25.07.20

The YouTube is not a lot of money, the networks earn from advertising. 10-15 seconds of advertising in the beginning of the video another game site with the keys(or other) can cost between 5K and more, when you have a few hundred subscribers and views video at a normal ratio. And then some for 700K, and the video hits 10K. That count. Released 30 videos per month = 150K

And lastplay...crappy deal already. Now a bunch of them and not much spinning, even 10K subscriptions do not collect for the year and money for PR normally. The have and have had ideas for YouTube, in a year you can try out will be.

rPeBoJL 25.07.20

go to work freebie

-SlashuuR- 25.07.20

Will spread the videos, which are 5-10 hits, then start advertising everywhere subscribe to my channel please, gain subscribers 30, you get bored and drop the case. But if the content was originally intended not for their own desires, but for the sake of gain, he is doomed to failure.
Although if you want to weld, then there is a very effective way of a set of 20-100k views on a video from scratch without the contribution of money, but I wouldn't say naturally, because I'm too lazy to paint everything and do... go work as a loader for 5 thousand per month))

masha 25.07.20

Give it up and go to work.

Alamut95 25.07.20

Six thousand two hundred sixty four
Well, you could say it was work in the field of entertainment services, just over your shoulder is not worth the bosses.

EmDragon 25.07.20

Find a girl with large Breasts and/or nice face, put it on webcam. Quickly gaining views.

- DILOR- 25.07.20

It is important to understand in order to make money on YouTube, you need to shoot another video (which is disposable rack up views), and regularly shoot an interesting video (with a stable number of hits). . These subscribers will eventually bring you new subscribers, and so on (the viral effect). If the number of views per month will be around 20,000, you will receive a message that you can connect your google adsense account and you can participate in the affiliate program.

Protocol10 25.07.20

go work as a loader for 5 thousand per month))

Do that and so has long worked as a salesman for 30 thousand and more.

UNRAVELED 25.07.20

you can create your own channel, but now a lot of competition and earn like you , although according to the youtubers that they do not get