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K0RLAN 28.07.20 11:23 pm

Continuation of the series games? (inFamous: Second Son)

what are your predictions?
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The Ryan 28.07.20

Continue to be, at the time, but will continue the story Delcina the big question, though a good ending gives a nod.

Sepriany 28.07.20

And what do you hear about the sequel? Now what do developers do?

RikoChiko 28.07.20

It is not clear what will happen. Second Son can see that done in haste. Plus Sony had to reduce the ranks of Sakarov. Most likely will be engaged in other games.

Richards 28.07.20

there are also GTA 5 mission with Michael where he flies in the colored filter after Smoking it?

NightManScar 28.07.20

When will the PS5, then the new Infamous will be released.