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Protocol10 30.07.20 02:04 am

Review of villas Dimona! 10 out 10 my God!

A review was published to the country. Pleasant viewing.

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suarez888 30.07.20

No money,but I'm holding on. Ran to vote for Edro.

Ostap Bandera 30.07.20

It is strange that in this country there was no air defense system,grenacher it's such a trivial

stalker7162534 30.07.20


Rograx 30.07.20

No money, but it held up fine! Handsome! All vote for a Single Raschke. We live it!)

GeRR_Praetorian 30.07.20

Dedicated to him, and maybe her! Fig understand who he is by nature, x..... in the state Prosecutor's office)))

Wild Rider 30.07.20

Duck lucky.

Scull Crasher 30.07.20

Recently, Dimon screwed up again. Now on Twitter, writing that the Kerch bridge will connect Crimea with the rest of the country and he would be ours. Chudit without the accordion:)

AelRavo 30.07.20

In principle, all the arguments, except for the chips with geolocation, are unfounded accusations. Why can't it be the residence of some of the left oligarch, or even a private sanatorium for snickering gentlemen?

stalker7162534 30.07.20

Holguin tightened.
Yes, of course, Dima is eating brown bread, and then gives a half to the orphanage.

Ostap Bandera 30.07.20

then why so vehemently dimasik bans for any mention of this problem in titore?

AelRavo 30.07.20

You may have seen some overwhelming evidence of all the words in this video, I don't know, you tell me, can I just casually looked

stalker7162534 30.07.20

Navalny is not lying. If he lied, it would have long condemned.
Can you bring irrefutable proof that any of the cottages they have none at all? Say that they live on the salary! :)))))))))))))

masha 30.07.20

Is it not clear that the whole gang is the self-styled Royal family. And kings should live in luxury.
No I do not understand how you can 2000 to tolerate this government, well 10 years would be directed, but beyond that, no matter what, the majority of the population, all also made of this power.

GG4 30.07.20

So giving absolutely everyone, who does not vote at all testify, not in this case. Other candidates you might think of plumbing Vasey living in a Studio apartment.

stalker7162534 30.07.20

Luchshiy iz luchshih 30.07.20

Thieves! Plundered the country! Edro - the party of thieves and crooks!

xoen 30.07.20

1. A. Kuznetsov, former Minister of Finance, the head of the organized crime groups in Moscow region – RUB 14 billion.
2. D. Zakharchenko, Colonel-corrupt in the OCG, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - RUB 9 billion
3. E. Vasilyeva, Serdyukov and To the case of "Oboronservis" is 3.5 billion rubles.
4. A. Reimer –former chief and the head of the OCG, FPS Russia is RUB 2.7 billion.
5. V. Gaizer, ex – Governor and the head of the organized crime groups in Komi – 1.1 bn RUB.
6. A. Khoroshavin – the former corrupt Governor of the Sakhalin-1 billion RUB.
7. A. Bazhanov – the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, the case of "Rosagroleasing" - 0.6 bln. rubles.
8. I. Pushkarev – the former mayor of Vladivostok, the bribe taker is 0.15 billion.
9. Yury Hrizman - the former head of FSUE "Dalspetsstroy" case "Vostochny" -0,12 billion.
10. G. Pirumov, ex –Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation "restorers" 0,1 bln.

And how many unknown heroes...

stalker7162534 30.07.20

The main thing that the state Department Bulk agent!

sdkG 30.07.20

and what have the Ukrainians?

MunchkiN 616 30.07.20

as validated by a site review giving the lemon! 10из10 Lord!
and then overcame the secret cottage Medvedev, here.