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Emris_ua 30.07.20 08:48 pm

Passage - Gothic 1 Die Bedrohung (Threat) v1.7f (Gothic)

Mad was told that you need to meet with oricom at the North Gate of the Old Camp.

On the road to collect everything on earth - the Tower at the Very top lies a dead Tramp + his note (to read the Assignment on the Ark).

At the North Gate of the Old Camp to talk to oricom. After the conversation he will go to the Camp Cavalorn (after completing all of the Tasks to increase the EXP to take it to him + Increase Strength +1\5).

Fishing Sheep:
Shepherd Goran lead 4 Sheep. The first grazing between the forest and the water. in the second place where from morning to evening is Dexter. the third and fourth Dexter North-East between the forest and the rocks. To blow the horn for the Sheep and lead them Goran (+400 EXP) and ask for a Reward (Rune of Zvenigor Goran - Death of the Undead - a very useful Rune).

Search Mada:
Dexter for his help require to find Mada. 1 the cave with the Sheep in front of Swamp Camp.

Miner dies after a conversation saying that for the entrance to an Abandoned Mine to find a unique weapon - paw Snaga (map of its location gives Dexter).

Someone named Embarc:
To collect and bring Nitrate\Coal\Sulphur. For the Barrel you need (8Селитры - 1Уголя - 1Серы = Black Powder) + (Ammo to melt at Amanara in the Foundry of Magical Ore - 10Руды = 20Пуль).

Diary Anasarca Cave Of The Old Pirate.

Search Of The Ark:

The ark is guarded by the Demons which cannot be killed with Conventional Weapons. (Dead Rogue) Record + Key (Stash Waterfall among the debris in front of Swamp Camp). Do not rush immediately to go to the Ark - it is better to gain Experience.

(The mystery of the Ark) the Ark have their Guards who have the Key opening the ark of the Item. Guardians have the ability to Conjure Creatures. Magee left the Weapon with which to kill Guards (+ Blende Traps).
From books we know the Ark of the Wind is located to the South of the Old Camp short on versene to the Ruined Castle (Outpost) (Report 1).
Harpies in front of the Ark (Report 2).

The ark of the Wind Harpy + Guardian Wind (Arms in front of chest).
The ark of Water (a New Camp by the Lake and Rocks) - Fire Bow and Fire Arrows.
Ark of Fire - Guards to lure lower in the water body (under the ruined Castle-Outpost).
Ark of Ice (Top over Swamp Camp) - light 5 Lights and the Guardian will fall.
Ark Stone (Abandoned mine) - Stone meet Stone.
Ark of Death (Monastery) - Guards and his Army can kill the switches located next to the top (Trap).
The key to the Tower near the Camp Kavalorna - will Meet us the same dead Tramp and calling us a Thief will attack. In the Tower the Chest and a Sword sticking out XERION (Elemental Weapons: 60 Damage Weapon\Magic 20\20 Fire\30 Strength\10000 Ore).

Book Crazy:
Book 1 Crazy (In the Chest at the Shepherd Goran) - the Transfer in the hanging cage with 2 Scavengers (Chest Book 2 was Crazy).
Book 2 Crazy (In a Chest in the hanging cage with 2 Scavengers) - Sealed Cave by the river near the Old Camp (the Crazy Chest Book 3).
Book Crazy 3 - On the hill above the Monastery sheltered by oak trees Wooden Fence + Lizard\3 Wolf (Crazy Chest Book 4).
The book Crazy 4 - On the water North-East from the Beach 2 Harpy Wind (2*50EXP)(Chest Book Crazy 5).
Book Crazy 5 - the Tower of the Old Camp +2 Crookrise (2*50EXP)(on the roof of the Chest Book Crazy 6 (+3 drinks)).
Book Crazy 6 -
The drink of Hell +30 Maxine and Teleport outside the Southern Gate of the Old Camp. The drink of Heaven (Drink Reproducably) - a Fatal Fall from the Tower. Drink of the Dark Drink of Forgetfulness, and Teleport outside the Southern Gate of the Old Camp.

Fort Leicester:
Harpies\2Скелета - On the roof of the Trunk (LPPL) Acrobat Boots (+5 Protection against Weapons\Arrows\Magic\of Fire).

Alien SE:
Chromanin 1 - In the cave of Kontrabandistov.
Chromanin 2 - the tower of the South Gate of the Old Camp.
Chromanin 3 - the Camp is Old and not Green (Entrance to the New Camp).
Chromanin 4 - Tower in the descent to the waterfall and the Swamp Camp.
Chromanin 5 - The Shepherd's Chest Of Goran.
Chromanin 6 - the Guy (Foreigner) living near Sneha in the Old Camp. After re-reading Chromanin 6 at the same locations in Stannaries Valley (except Quest) Monsters appear.

The Mystery Of The Abandoned Mines:
The bars open from the opposite side of the ruined bridge and Cataclysm - clicking the switch.
The key to the door into the Mine lies next to the passage on the second floor right over a Dead Miner. The transition to the Pyramid after the opening of the passage to the Cyclops from the next Door.

To kill the Mortal of the Cyclops and pick up Raskalyvanii Worlds !!! To get to the Lever and open the bars. To Kill The Shaman (High Priest Of Paw Poisonous Sneha). The Mummy lies SWITC Pyramid (5Маны).

Abandoned Mine:
Cyclops - I will Inform you about what my World came to an end.

Camp Measurement Meteorological:
The message of the Slaves to Find and collect the Equipment consists of 3 Parts (Armour\Sword\Helmet Meteo). The door LPPL.
Before the skulls rolling down right into the passage and at the end of the key to the door of the Bridge MATEO and Chest.
Behind the Door next Door without a key - the descent down to kill the Demon and on an elevated platform rotate switch for lifting up.
The throne is In the Ear of the Immortal (on his Throne you better not sits).
Further on the thin wall to the left of the Stone of the Throne. On the Sarcophagus press the button and teleport to the Locked Door. From left to jump on the platform and on to the Roof of the House with the Skeletons (on the 1st floor to push the slab of the Grave + Key from the Bridge of Meteo).
Down the road of pale stone with a dark color (after an empty Chest right up).
Go under the grille (Dwarf Meteo). Room in the Tower Xardas (Mega Size) Amulet (+10 Magic)\Vestment of the Magician (for Levitation - Protection +5 Weapons\Page\Mage\Ice). Behind Bars and a Throne at the top lies the key to the Tower Meteo - the Locked Doors to the right of the input Lattice. The stairs - 3 Doors.

1 Left Door Teleports into the room behind the Bars (in the likeness of a Throne). The right corner of the room to go and shrink to pass under the Bars. The key to the Tower MATEO is on top of the Bars.
2 Middle Door will Teleport to the 1st Floor to the Water Grid.
3 the Right Door will Teleport to the 1st Floor to the Water Grid.

To rise to the top and take the Key from the Tower MATEO. The descent to the passage between the Towers and go to the Locked Door.
The lever to the left of the Throne - Power of Fire (+2 Illusion).
The lever on the Right of the Throne - Power of Magic (Illusion 2).
Another Left Arm to the left of the Throne - a mighty Wind (2 Illusions).
The lever on the Right of the Entrance - the Power of Ice (2 Illusions).
More to the Right with the Lever Right of the Entrance - the Power of Fire (2 Illusions).
The lever to the left of the Entrance - the Power of Magic Teleport on the Grid with the Mummy - the death of the Cyclops (2 Illusions) +horn of the Traveler\+Breche of Peace (the Sword of Cyclops).

The horn of a Traveler - Teleport in a bright cave with a Spider.
Chest Bow Rider Dragon (Урон78\Ловкость10\1720$). The Firebenders\Water. Cimerian (Armor Necromancer) Sources of Research\Runa Transition (5Маны - Disposable).

1 Download of Locations - Camp in the Measurement of Meteorological.
2 Download of Locations - the North Entrance to the Old Camp.
3 to Download Locations - Start in an Abandoned Mine.
4 Download Locations - Start in the Pyramid.
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Emris_ua 30.07.20

You can talk to Scatty cause to fight Kirgo (Kirgo).
Hitting him felt sorry as in Gothic 1 GG (me) beat him in the Arena (I'm not fighting in this Fashion).

Okruta 30.07.20

Emris_ua wrote:
You closed all the quests in conversation with oricom at the hut Kavalorna?