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Fan_Tiesto 31.07.20 12:47 pm

Conspiracy PC manufacturers

Every year games become more and more, even to run at medium/low through to the chart requires a very expensive look. How to get these freaks!
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MunchkiN 616 31.07.20

because this pitch
and the life expectancy of the top cards now seems to be over 5 years which is very long. too long for greatone.
how to put map in 2012 not see her end, and the graphics on it peck-peck

RikoChiko 31.07.20

Because PC it is necessary to collect and not a bucket. PC average for 13 years and still all games on high well go.

OakSorcerer 31.07.20

Stupidity, on medium-low even on my dinosaur played so far. Good iron for long enough.

Wing42 31.07.20

Again you unban... Really, the kind of light created - not even a dozen had accumulated. Losing your touch, buddy.

Fan_Tiesto 31.07.20

that is not why I created the topic only on the merits, the cat I'm interested in at the moment - just more free time has appeared and the game became more and viduh think to buy but what not so much the price bite, and that my permission ful eych DI pulled over to think)

Kantarella 31.07.20

My computer is 2011 , almost all games pulls (below 30 fps).upd: I have fucked over two years , my computer did not pull . And with old .And with the new especially.