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_Lemon_ 29.09.20 09:48 pm

The impression of the game (Total War Saga: Troy)

We share the impressions of the full version of the game. This is not a topic to discuss the game, here you need to write only your personal impressions of the game. Reviews are not moderated, you can write any opinion about the game, but must be mindful of the rules of cultural tone and communication. It is not desirable to ask questions in this topic only if they do not lead to additional disclosure of the elements of the game.
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dizz2010 29.09.20

Just started it! I didn't go further, but I like it yet!

LeeonChik 29.09.20

Funny game) Interesting historical personality, playing for Sparta

Hazean 29.09.20

me not very, too much "innovation" . the campaign card is so-so, changed with the ladschaft. but the pancake is that you can't see your units through the trees. I'll try to check it out, but for now it's sad.

RikoChiko 29.09.20

I haven't played yet, only the tests have driven away and the menu has looked. Stressed a little that there are no historical or arcade modes like the Chinese. It looks like some Achilles kicks the city gates. The value of siege weapons is falling dramatically.
To focus countries on famous personalities looks appropriate in fantasy rather than pseudo-historical play.
As if all the subsequent parts did not become such.

arsunor 29.09.20

Very strange.

There are pleasant bonuses from the three kingdoms in the form of a new system of diplomacy, juicy picture, cool fights. The classic interface from the usual TW, in a copulation very nicely meets old players.
AI smart, and doesn't make stupid mistakes, economics, worship, and tech branches are pretty cool.
Each character has the features that make the game unique for him.

But all this is somehow not fully, i.e. I am a huge fan, and after the release of the warhamer, I play it very often, and here are new games TW fade in his background. They are not so diverse, units themselves are not particularly unique, and the gameplay itself is quite scarce.

In general, you need to continue to play and feel, perhaps Greece (I adore it) still will be able to catch me.

VETER15 29.09.20

You can see we were trying to get the details of the game.
Style, you can't think of a better way.
The mechanics of the game were designed for that historical period.

Basically, it's the same total brew. I didn't see much epic, so I'm waiting for DLS.

Diablo88k 29.09.20

The design interface is overloaded. The game is clearly heavily cut.

D.R.O.G.B.A 29.09.20

It looks like a browser game.

Prorok_17 29.09.20

I played 10 hours only, but already have some opinion (for Achilles)
1. The quality of AI surprised me, added new algorithms and it is no longer so blunt that on the global map, that on the battlefield.

2. Finally I waited for the normal mechanics of resources, it's just gorgeous. Of course, we need to work with the balance, but in general it is already good.

3. A nice bonus auto fight, no such as in Rome 2. 3 different options, as there was little sense in them.

4. Mechanics with the Hero, and not the detachment of the commander is very cool, here fully revealed the mechanics of "fighting spirit" as the hero has become much that depends.
Cons: I didn't like the political map, the badges and markings are terrible. You can't see the boundaries, you have to sit with your mouse to look for them.

2. Bag with a declaration of war. After another faction declares war, literally the next move it offers peace, and even with gifts. Not all factions have had this. But I noticed.

3. Bag with the conclusion of peace. After the conclusion of peace, the faction begins to plunder my regions with impunity. Because I can't attack for peace.

4. Seafaring was severely damaged. According to the court in general almost disappeared, I liked sea battles and I believe that it is worth at least a little to add this mechanics with updates.

5. Purely mine to me, cuts the eye red sky, there and so everywhere red, orange and yellow, and they still the sky red baked.

6: Agents where you share stealing reses, a chic way not to dive into the minus at the start.
Assessment and from yourself:

Overall the game came out at 7.5/10 in my opinion maybe someone to disagree, but I believe that some shods they will refine and will be all well. Personally, I would add that juiciness of the policy from TWR2. People who are on a legend are at war with everyone, I don't understand you, you cut half the mechanic half the game.
All good, and good mood!

Rela1s 29.09.20

I'm not a critic like you all))
But it came to me.
Fights are dynamic even when the hero is against the hero.
I liked the fact that the hero is alone, not with the whole brigade behind.
I've taken Ahiles so far. Play.
I really didn't like the fact that you don't really see your trees.

zudmitt 29.09.20

Squeeze the gap, the trees will disappear and will be visible.

Rela1s 29.09.20

Thank you. I'll try:-)

Stanislavich 29.09.20

I only played in 1st and 2nd Rome.
I tried the company. Actually, it's the same Total Var, but with huge changes:

1. Instead of individual cities with their own mechanics, they introduced a system of regions, limiting each region to only one major city and adding 2-3-4 small towns. On the one hand - mechanics simultaneously simplifies and facilitates the management of cities in the game, but does not allow the "powerful development" of the Territory, which was in the old games (Rome 1-2). There are no problems with the "development" of the region at all, as well as problems with the control of the region. In cities, the garrison with the leader automatically scares, which is also good on the one hand, on the other - bad.
Good in the following: 1. There is no need to hire units and leave them in settlements and cities for both protection and order;
Bad: 1. There is no physical possibility to merge the rebellious region on a fast and without problems - the garrison always prevents the Uprising and even elementary to give the settlement to the rebels - is already difficult.
Good: 2. The presence of a garrison in any town-settlement allows the pumping of troops and heroes (additional experience), but in the situation of attack by one army in 20 detachments on the settlement, next to which the army is located in 20 detachments, immediately makes the battle in the original minority. We often have to use 2 armies, which are divided into 15 units.

(there was a sequel, but because of the longposter it was decided to remove this continuation because of the lack of any need for it.

zudmitt 29.09.20

He campaigned for Odysseus. Mixed feelings. It seems that there are a lot of improvements in the game, but there are enough flaws. In the conditions of victory on Homer, it was necessary to capture Troy, when this task received, my allies (Ftia) already as moves 10 back safely captured Troy without me. In the end, I was awarded the victory with a machine gun. Troy did not capture, with the Trojans did not fight, a full hat turns out, well, what a victory,. One disorder.

zip3n 29.09.20

The game is not perceived as whole: Troy separately Campaign separately and this is the most important negative. From the capture of Troy no satisfaction, played for all the Persians: Paris hesitated To hold Elena, at Aeneam rand, Hector bored, Sarpedon too bored; for the Greeks: Achilles well so on the amateur, Agamemnon after the move of the 50th click, Menelaus probably for him and should play, Odysseus something else but also tired. Very few battles on land, siege-siege... On average, the campaign for the hero lasts moves 120-130, during the course of 80-90 you play already with the idea when it will end. In general, mixed feelings from the game does not reach 5 out of 10. Remove the possibility of "confederation"-left only vassals, after the course of 100 made a button to sail to Troy and played an epic battle-story involving all parties, then yes I would have played such)

Stanislavich 29.09.20

I play for Agamemnon, the 146th move, just started to fight with Troy in its Territory, having previously captured the vassals "their territory" - almost all. What am I doing wrong?

Why is the game for Mycenae a click? In my case, only Sparta and Odysseus were friendly to me, all the neighbors - became hostile already on the 30th move.

zip3n 29.09.20

Total War CAT beat in YouTube - see the video with the mechanics of the game)

Player04 29.09.20

Started to play for Achilles, on the 10th go I declared war from that, out of the blue half of the available factions) at all for no reason, just so one after another, all the Aeolians, part pelass, lelegs together with Liquia (even the tattered Likomed whom had to be protected from the Elloptians, like the plot he is a good uncle who sheltered the achill achilles of their own) except for Mycenae, Sparta, Argos and Ithaca, I never realized that I did this to everyone else :D squeezed all the cities, I poured on the abandoned islands a little north of Crete, there settled, built everything, created normal armies, then all these morons asked for peace, who was soaked, with whom he reconciled. AI stupid to madness, if in the same thrones of Britain at least a little logic was, here it is not completely) around only traitors, if you certainly do not occupy the first place in strength among factions, anyone can throw and declare war just like that, even fucking Thracians who are on the other side of the world and they are trying to declare war. Diplomacy is also devoid of common sense, hellish fines for tearing up the right of passage and then declaring war, -50 immediately to loyalty and this loyalty increases by 1 piece per move, and it always hangs on zero, for the same help to the allies should rise - but it is not) as amazing such moves as Minoan lelegs having one village, attack on Hector , which has taken the whole east and just idiotically it merge)) The Confederacy - it's the murder of the whole game, to hell with the mechanics, to hell with the whole company, Ithaca took almost the entire peloponnese with such a macaroon, the strongest before that Pilos and Arcadeyans just took and entered Ithaca, Mycenae is going to blow everything else, just the confederations - NOT THE WORLD! Hector confederal Sargedon, Paris, Aeneus, all east, okay bro and Aeneus, but Sarpedon with Liquia had 15 settlements - why would he do that?) Paris by the way joining the Confederacy left his Elena in the Thracian city, which is captured by Hector's allies and it hangs there, I tried to take the city to myself Achilles, but nothing at all happens, no functions on it, no interactions absolutely, and hangs a badge of her on the city and ALL. Elena I have, but not me) well, and then it is necessary, too, it is not clear) Amazon Hippolytus is so stupid that declared war on all the strongest factions in the game, the first 10 pieces in force, and of course by the logic of things they now merge having already 1 settlement, they are squeezed from all sides even without me, but diplomacy with them is closed. These epic quests - some lute heresy, move the Achilles here, there, kill the pelass, take away the three, and that's all that ?)) it's all so boring and banal that just not interesting and still give for it the hero's glasses, which are pouring by the sea and without it, 27 ll I did on one battle, which are also very dull without blood, cutting off limbs, generally animation is so meager, the feeling as if you play the strata of the beginning of zero, nothing new absolutely) all worse than in the past games, and even the stupidity of it is not even on the legend? there's an entire ocean, and there's no family tree, immortal characters, he's killed Ajax 10 times, and he's still running, but you're serious? () Well, and in what is the epic here to merge the same 100500 times, as well as Achilles, it is not afraid to throw it in the thick, still will not die, and on his chariot he is able to carry half of the army by the way) there is no army, one will not suffice. The game - one continuous absurdity, those who think, do not advise to play, more to buy - it does not cost any money, even small, one disappointment. All that was shown in the trailers - in the game and next to this is not.

Dmitriy Burundukov 29.09.20

I didn't like the game. There is no blood, the fights themselves are dynamic, but quickly get bored.

Leons99 04.10.20

liked the features of each faction. heroes really with experience become really invincible killing machines. It makes the game boring.