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Hellhound_Anger 25.10.20 06:29 pm

Black August devaluation and denomination

This is said every year in Russia, but from year to year the situation gets worse, for obvious reasons. The "injection" coincided with bad news about the state of the Russian economy. The main one is Gazprom's record-breaking loss at the end of the year - minus 116 billion rubles. Gaza sold for $3.5 billion and gold for $3.58 billion. In two months, 65.4 tons of gold went abroad. That's 14 times more than a year ago! Leaving the country of gold is a wake-up call. Russia is almost the only country in the world that now, during the crisis, sells, not buys gold, the currency is needed right now. (https://www.interessant.ru/politics/rossiiu-zhdiet-chiornyi-a)
"According to my calculations, the next range of the rate will be from 77 to 81 rubles per dollar. It will be Black August, but in the light version" - Potapenko, economist and entrepreneur.
"I've heard a lot of such promises lately, starting with Herman Gref's fantasies about the course on 63. I'm ready to listen to the man at the store, if anyone clearly explains, and why is it suddenly the ruble will strengthen us?".
"In the first half of 2020, the number of bankruptcies increased by 47% compared to 2019. People simply do not have money, and it is not necessary to count on the economy to recover. Therefore, there is no reason to assume that the ruble will strengthen. "More than 60% of Russians have no savings (https://www.rbc.ru/economics/31/03/2020/5e7dd7c59a7947c7f63c1e66), and almost 45 percent of Russians began to live on incomes below 15,000 rubles because of the crisis (One in five reported a significant drop in income due to the pandemic. Read more at RBC: https://www.rbc.ru/economics/07/07/2020/5eff14959a794725e351de43.), and in the fall Russia will be covered by a wave of bankruptcies (https://www.mk.ru/blogs/posts/rossiyu-nakroet-volna-bankrotstv. html).
Everything is very logical and quite obvious, everyone has long felt a drop in real incomes. There is a wave of bankruptcies of individuals and corporations, low purchasing power, unemployment (already, according to Potapenko, it is in the region of 8 million).

A vegetable garden, a transfer to dollars (if there is anything), stocks in the basement, a green card? Or maybe you don't believe it or "we can do it again, and what's the first, not the first, not the last time." Share the opinion, expert and not so much to wait, obviously, that no good. How do you prepare for this? Do you have anything to spare? I think of course! After all, in his heart the Russian man knows that "you state in general in principle does not owe anything." - Olga Glatsky.
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Posledovatel 25.10.20

Well and so the norm
the main thing is to write down more igor on discs and this crisis will survive

2MoRRoW 25.10.20

Russia is so zealous to seek to protect Russian-speaking in neighboring countries that completely forgot in what ass are Russian speakers inside the state. It's beautiful! We are waiting for more news))

antonrogov 25.10.20

I have long noticed that as soon as the salary exceeds $600-800, so the ruble and collapses, and I again get about $400. And then it's not the first time, so it's predictable.
A good cellar, just so much and stocked in the 90s (potatoes only a little). And chickens, ducks, pigs. On the salary only bread and pasta bought, well, and dress, to school to gather. Things are much better with money now.
2MoRRoW wrote:
Russia is so zealous to seek to protect Russian-speaking in neighboring countries
It's a show, no one's being protected there.
2MoRRoW wrote:
that completely forgot in what ass are Russian speakers inside the state
Shortly on the adoption of laws:
1st reading "Russians must live well"
2nd reading "Russians Must Live"
3rd reading "Russians must"
That's how we live.

Hellhound_Anger 25.10.20

Hehe, there's a serious flaw in your plan, uh, what to take a loaf of bread, which will be 5k. You're not going to be fed up with games. And! Grandma or mother deals with such matters. Well, in a toy under a pickle and a corstoch in a normal uniform.
Friend, you reminded me of the hashtag and its results - "the worst thing to treat the Russians in Russia." (^_^), almost all over the world came messages.
antonrogov wrote:
Things are much better with money now.
I know there's no place to go. Have you already bought yourself the best look - 2080Ti? Soon on 3080Ti with you will go, and this can be thrown in the trash (well, I do, and what, cheap, slag no one needs). Or the best percent 10700k? For 10900k in general respect will be. I myself am waiting for 11 series, hope in the shower for a clean 10 cores without HT, on the likeness of the cult 9700k (pro class!). I'm reading, amd buying, :)? And buy not because the intel is expensive, but because a great percent can not afford. Hmm... More than 60% of Russians exclude the possibility of a mortgage loan because of the low standard of living (https://rus.postimees.ee/7030435/cvyshe-60-rossiyan-ne-mogut-pozvolit-sebe-ipoteku), almost 40% of Russians can not afford to go abroad - poll (https://regnum.ru/news/society/3008485.html), One sixth Russian can not afford to buy meat (https://finance.rambler.ru/money/44340925/?utm_content=finance_media&utm_medium=read_more&utm_source=copylink), rest at the resort or in a sanatorium can not afford 75% of Russians (in 2019 was 30%), the share of Russian families, If there is only enough income for food and clothing, has grown in 2019 to 49.4% (funny that there is no such news in 2020). , this as in Venezuela, wheelbarrows with money to the store, and back a couple of bread buns, mocos and milk butt (I know exaggerated, but soon so will be).

zdrastE 25.10.20

antonrogov wrote:
Not for the first time, so it's predictable.
Spoileredradic colorations, so predictable that allows the Russian authorities, each time "predictably" to rake out of the pockets of Russian inhabitants half, or even more of its income.

What the hell did you keep Russian money in rubles when nuno was like keeping it in bucks all over the world?
antonrogov wrote:
It's a show, no one's being protected.
heh, he... The fact is that this show is like a be... not quite free, and even very, very expensive. in addition, the money for this "show" is extracted from the pockets of ordinary Russian inhabitants, which undoubtedly refers to the author of this "discovery."
I wonder if the protection of the Russians in Crimea was also a show? ... or a smokescreen?

No name Nonamov 25.10.20

95% of Russians have 0 knowledge about politics, and further insults of Putin they unfortunately did not go, who hope comrades? 5 percent?

Posledovatel 25.10.20

bread itself is long overdue to bake like the old days
the question where to take flour which will be 5k

requiemmm 25.10.20

I don't see the main thing in the picture of the stock from the first post. When they come to you and ask you to share everything and at once, what is to convince the people of their rightness?)
In the conditions when it is possible to repeat the events of the early 90's, even for a gamer the most valuable and correct investment will not be a pontificate percent or video card, but a life-battered trim of the 12th caliber and a few packs of ammunition. Eternal values:)
However, aesthetes can take a crossbow and fifty bolts with hunting tips.

antonrogov 25.10.20

Hellhound_Anger wrote:
I know there's no place to go.
I didn't say there was nowhere to go. I wrote about my z/p above, and in the 90s my parents had about $50-100 and it was impossible to survive on it. Only the vegetable garden and the farm were saved.
Now you can buy all the essentials. Even in retirement. But with everything else that is not the most necessary (as you wrote about video cards and pros), here yes, tight. And compared to Europe it is a very small z/p.

psybuster 25.10.20

antonrogov wrote:
A good cellar, just so much and stocked in the 90s (potatoes only a little).
We've been digging up 190 buckets of potatoes with a maximum of 25 acres. At least 120. Of course, there was cabbage (also about a hundred kachans) in addition to potatoes. Carrots docher. And a lot of other things. Enough, in general. How many 25 acres can you get? Then five more were swung open. And 30 hundred was. I was against it. Why the path to the well? At the bottom of the ravine was a natural field. On which this path was snr. It's not like that. "The earth is always small" - as my grandfather replied.

antonrogov wrote:
Now you can buy all the essentials.
But you won't see the Polish playboy with Pamela Anderson on the counter. So is Putin playing golf with Trump. And so yes, buy it. Some of Andreeva's there. There's money now. And even then it was possible to find. If you want to.

antonrogov wrote:
But with everything else that is not the most necessary (as you wrote about video cards and pros), here yes, tight. And compared to Europe it is a very small z/p.
Couldn't you have done that then? Can. But you couldn't. I mean, who are you to have that? That's why you couldn't. Not because there wasn't enough money for it. You couldn't buy a computer to join the army, could you? If you're a computer, you're in the world of anything. And if there's no way with uni, you don't have a computer. Yes and PS, Sega too. In general, it was all an indicator of who will go where. And whether he will do it at all. Dendy - it's a road to the army was. Like me.
By the way, are you half Polish? That's what it is.

RikoChiko 25.10.20

When was it different?

masha 25.10.20

I read the topic, again the opinion of some experts from the Internet is quoted.

2MoRRoW 25.10.20

Rico Chico
That's right, always the neighbors climbed with their own wars.

psybuster 25.10.20

And with the mask mode. Climb. It's creepy. It's a pity they don't put on my own mask. They need me to wear it then? Let them put it on me.
Spoiler that's when I filmed a woman - there was never such a thing that I put it on myself. That's what they needed. Not me. So they put it on. And the lesbian show gave up when they agreed. For the same reason, it wasn't for me, it was them.
... Because you're a security threat. So am I without a mask. Logical? Logical. That's why they come to me... That's why they're getting to you.
Another thing, why should you buy something there? If that's what we're going to do. You don't need that, do you? And the Russian Federation. So why do you have to do something there? They have to do it straight. There are no such rules. And it can't be. Accommodation of Russian troops, but not buying there something from the Russian Federation for its security? That's nonsense.

antonrogov wrote:
I have long noticed that as soon as the salary exceeds $600-800, so the ruble and collapses, and I again get about $400. And then it's not the first time, so it's predictable.
Do you get dollars? Or in hryvnias, and then you count on the course simply? That's all transactions in Ukraine with real estate are made in dollars, more precisely in the U.S. In Russia, in rubles real estate is sold.
Here is my mother, working in a real estate agency, with each transaction had 100 dollars, and real. The company gave $90, that is, it was $10 in total. So there all made deals to the left, bypassing the firm, otherwise you will not live. That's what they were fired for. She was also fired. I don't know, maybe she wanted me to save up for uni so she could go. So you don't make a mistake in the test, let's say. Can't the job check-up make a mistake? And splitting it is like a throw-in if. Take the money and the third time again and count them. Ha ha. No, you don't just have to go there. And not to prove something ... In the university including.
And $10, how to save $4,000? I don't think so. With gangsters, you're either a thug or no one. That's no one and be with them. If you're honest, do everything. And with the university, including you will have then.
Even though when she settled down, the company brought $900. There was such a chain deal - they were selling it, buying it, and these were selling it, buying another one, and they were another, and so nine deals at once in the chain was. I'm sorry I didn't do it to the left then. Well, until she got fired. I thought that if everyone did that, she could do it. That it's normal. Did you look at that $900? No. Although then there was a wilderness. That's why he can.
But it is forbidden to make transactions in the U.E. by law. It just doesn't work in Ukraine, and it works in Russia. Although it should be like in Ukraine. For u.e. that is. That's why Ukraine's economy is holding, and Russia is falling. Here the passage has risen again. And for such feces to sell real estate?

butcher69 18.09.21

"According to my calculations, the next rate range will be from 77 to 81 rubles per dollar."
A year has passed, the forecast did not come true, he did not specify when such a course would be?

Podvipodvertov 18.09.21

And don't give a shit! In fact, we Russian people really need what they need - to have something to drink, what to eat, and what to smoke! And as long as we have it, we are not afraid of anything!

masha 18.09.21

In Russia, there are revolutions, perestroika, the collapse of the country, and the dollar is stable.
The ruble cannot keep stability for 10 years.

kurskiy 18.09.21

And this is like with those who in '14 shouted: "Soon the dollar will be 100! Soon the dollar will be 100!". For 7 years now, this "soon" does not come. Such experts are such "experts".