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Raykor 19.11.20 03:52 am

Choosing a laptop that works with VR systems

On the threshold of 2016 and I thought about buying a laptop capable of working with virtual reality systems, as the games came out already quite a large number, and cool too. Who can advise what?
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Ostap Bandera 19.11.20

Dell Alienware 15 (A15-8594), no less

Protocol10 19.11.20

Why a laptop and not a system unit? Or do you plan to use a helmet most of the time outside the house?
In any case, I advise you to focus on gtx 1080 maps and processors from the latest core i7. As far as I understand the thing this is very voracious in terms of iron resources. So the more powerful the better)

Ju St 19.11.20

I think that the support of VR, in this vein, is just a tribute to fashion, not an urgent need and will be used rarely. But if you want to, it's for health. I thought so ASUS ROG G701, probably because just recently read its announcement) Although the price is not on it, but it seems to me that it will be cheaper Dell

MuSStafA 19.11.20

The ROG G701 is positioned specifically as a model sharpened for vr work. Although, looking around the characteristics, and did not understand what exactly gives this sharpening ...

RikoChiko 19.11.20

It's a monoblock, it's a laptop...

Ju St 19.11.20

Most likely the name) Do you think it is appropriate to buy such laptops? Is it a setback for the future or just a tribute to fashion?

Mizrael78 19.11.20

What are they like? Vr support? Fashion. This topic is popular today. But the filling itself - it is clearly a setback for the future. For today there are no games that would not run on such laptops)

Emelyasha 19.11.20

Ostap Bandera wrote:
Dell Alienware 15 (A15-8594), no less
Can you give me the money? ))) Well, yes, to use aVR with a laptop is not quite advisable, but if you consider the laptop as the only comp in everyday life - it is quite. I'm going for Asus, he's fine.


Kind of like any VR requirements are pretty high. Although no, found that somewhere recommend GTX 680 /HD7970, and the minimals are exactly lower (at 590/6990 will go). Compare their power with the 780M mobile see-offs and decide that with a full-fledged 256 bus, it will be possible to live somehow.

MunchkiN 616 19.11.20

In theory, you need a performance comparable to 1080 jophosa
but you need to know what the requirements of the CR itself. some of them remember it took a lot of yuks to work.
and so most likely a laptop with a box of external cards

Igor-Knight 19.11.20

Why do you need a note!? to buy it will take such a cloud of money, above correctly wrote it or Alienwir or a series of KP Omen, it is better to buy a system manager for these money, which will be on the performance to win against any laptop!
And note that the game notes diagonal no more than 17, or even 15, it is made for maximum performance. In VR for a long time you will not sit, in simple projects to torture will want) and on 15 and 17 diagonally as for me cake to gam)
In view of the above, buy a table - a good monique) and you will be happy)

Ju St 19.11.20

And what if a person needs a laptop, and not a stationary PC, because the gaming laptop is a universal option for traveling work and games) Hospital for that and the hospital, that you can not drag it)