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Iroh 20.12.20 05:18 am

Cheat List (Gothic)

Read the forum, so you can find out about the little man MARVIN))) And some are so proud that they know him)
I'm somehow tired of it. Since there are such "great" cheaters, maybe we'd better write a list of codes (at least some activity) than we will be surprised to uncle MARVIN? do, for example, arrange a party 50-50 (some complain that there is no mass carnage). Here we write cheats for Gothic 2 (add-on). A similar topic will be created in the Gothic 2 forum.
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Iroh 20.12.20

Mlyn) Here we write cheats for Gothic I, of course)

Iroh 20.12.20

All of the following codes, "cause" different things or creatures, for this, before cheating, you need to enter i (this is for noobs in this case):
dm - the vestments of dark magicians
ro - Red Wind sword (Kor Angara sword)
at - fire circus
all - a guard in heavy armor, with whom it is better not to talk (immortal)
ar - Arto's sword
wh - Whistler's sword
we - Worlds Shatter (Varrag-Hashor's sword)
el - the book "Fundamentals of Magic"
rab - Raven's Judgment (his sword)
raz - oster
rec - effect unknown
to - Torlof's ax
ze - Blade of Time (sword of Varrag-Unhilkt)
ur - Urizel (rune)
ud - Undead Shaman Rockfeller (in fact, he is not immortal))))
ul - Ulu-mulu
ic - ice golem
ori - Oric's ax
war - monitor lizard
pr - paw blow (don't be afraid, you won't be hit))))
pc - Xardas's model
as - Astronomy book
ab - woman's model (why is she needed ??))) )
sw - swamp-monger
si - ax of Silas
eq - the effect is unknown (throws out (this is the effect that should have happened)))))
du - the key to the dungeon in the old camp
das - the book "Magic ore"
fr - Tarrok)))
for - Fortuno's club
fon - a book (simply)))
fa - a letter
gi - the effect is unknown (at least to ME))), looking for something
gor - Revenge of the Horn (terrible name, right?))
goe - the book "Gift Gods "
hu - wounded swamp-eater (poor thing (()
hee - scepter
hei - elixir (+30
hit points) hea - healing elixir for Yu'Berion
hel - aggressive hornet (sooo aggressive)))
ha - harpy
jag - book "The Hunter and the Victim"
jac - the sword of the Jackal (funny thing)))
kam - the book "The Art of Combat"
lee - the ax of Lee (you know this?))
les - Schicke Loster nach Hause
leb - the amulet of vitality (+30 points of lives to max)
law - the vestment of the judge (but it's nice to vilify)))
li - Blade of Light (sword of Varrag-Kasorg)
yo - young troll
ym - young mole rat
ys - young scavenger
xp - card (20 LP (experience points) + 1000 ore)
xa - demon of Xardas
co - cleaver of Korda (cleaver of what? fu!)))
vi - the effect is unknown (again throws out ()
br - bridge golem
bat - woman (literally)))
ban - Blade of Punishment (sword of Grash-Varrag -Arushata)
ne - Nek's amulet
na - Namib's club (show him this club, he will respect you)))
me - free experience)) lan-lan) beetle
mol - mole rat
tro - guess) troll
sha - Shaman Rockfeller (he too mortal)))
oru - Oran's club
dieg - Diego's bow
shad - darkness
demon - pink elephant))
str - Lester's
equalizer inn - Inoss's
wrath fireg - fire golem
firew - fire lizard
skeleton - blue elephant))
sleepe - "people say" Sleep "" said by Ur-Shak

All this I found myself, did not copy it from somewhere, but myself. I'm great)

Playshner 20.12.20

How did you find the PINK and BLUE ELEPHANTS ??? ... Or did they find you ??? ...

Verjil 20.12.20

Say the code for Kalash.

PlayGround.ru 20.12.20

Codes for all items on www.allgothic.ru

Verjil 20.12.20

There is no code for Kalash.
do something!

Iroh 20.12.20

"Codes for all items on www.allgothic.ru"
It's not interesting. You have to find yourself, like me)

Playshner 20.12.20

Virgil, did you make a Kalash ???

Verjil 20.12.20

So far only in morra.
but it's not far off.

Verjil 20.12.20

He would still shoot, there would be no price for him!

Verjil 20.12.20

I erased the plug-in with a Kalash and put the Jidais with lightsabers.
The damage sucks, but it looks cool.

Iroh 20.12.20

"Damage sucks"

"Iroh, since, there with the elephants ???"
I ... them.

You'd better go on with the list.

Kill - If you focus on a living creature, it kills.
Edit abilities - change characteristics
Cheat full - full life and Mana
Cheat god - bush by god)
set time - sets the world time to the specified one
Hero export - red elephant
Hero import - green elephant

[F2] - open / close the console
[F3] - window / full-screen modes
[F4] - normal mode
[F5] - camera "freezes"
[F6] - camera moves freely
[F8] - mana and life regeneration

dron260697 20.12.20

bmarinb code for 1000 ore)))

Samery 20.12.20

== dron260697
bmarinb code for 1000 ore)))
I do not understand ... you are asking for a code for 1000 ore or ... or what?
There is no code for ore in G1 ... there is an "xp_map" on the map that adds 1000 ore, but also 20 training points ... although if necessary, then you can remove them later using "edit abilite".

THEGOTHIC 20.12.20

How is there no code?
So if you write bGarrettb, then at the behest of Innos, 1000 ore falls into your inventory)))

THEGOTHIC 20.12.20

Go to the window displaying the characteristics of the character (key "B") and type "MARVIN", close the window of characteristics (key "B"), in the upper left corner you will see the inscription "MARVIN-MODE".

Now the following keys work:

F2 - console,
F3 - window / full screen mode switching,
F8 - life and mana recovery,
K - teleporting the character forward, even through walls
H - life recovery,
F5, F6, F7 - various camera operations, F4 - camera return.

Here are some commands with descriptions available in the console:

toggle frame - show fps
insert - add item / create / NPC

Below are some codes used in conjunction with insert:

sleeper - want to look at the sleeper? But in vain.
ulumulu - protection from orcs and a quest item
whistlers_schwert - Whistler's sword
lees_axt - Lee's Ax
MYTHRILKLINGE02 - super rrrr-weapon!
grd_armor_h - not bad armor
ebr_armor_h - armor of Gomez
ore_armor_h - the coolest armor !!!
neks_amulett - quest item (old camp)
mordragsring - quest ring (new camp)
dungeonkey - dungeon key (old camp)
orcmedicine - help a poor orc?

Now let's look at how to insert the weapon.
For melee weapons, the ITMW prefix is ​​used, after that we indicate the type of weapon: 1H or 2H for one-handed and two-handed weapons, respectively, now we indicate the subtype of the weapon: AX, SWORD, MACE, WARHAMMER, finally, we indicate the class of the desired weapon and its number. For one-handed weapons:
For two-handed weapons: LIGHT, HEAVY.
Here are some examples: ITMW_1H_WARHAMMER_01, ITMW_1H_SWORD_BROAD_03, ITMW_1H_MACE_WAR_02, ITMW_2H_SWORD_02, ITMW_2H_AXE_HEAVY_04.
For ranged weapons, the ITRW prefix is ​​used, then we indicate the type of weapon: BOW, CROSSBOW, now the subtype and number for bows, just a number for crossbows: {LONG, SMALL} (BOW).
Moving on to considering the insertion of runes and scrolls.
The runes are inserted like this: ITARRUNE +, where + is the name of the rune. For example: ITARRUNELIGHT, ITARRUNEFIREBALL. The exception is URIZIELRUNE.
Teleport runes are named like this: TELEPORT1 (Fire Mage), 2 (Water Mage), 3 (Necromancer), 5 (Swamp Camp).
Consider inserting scrolls: ITARSCROLL +, where + is the name of the scroll. For example: ITARSCROLLICECUBE.
The transformation scrolls are inserted like this: ITARSCROLLTRF +, where + is the name of the animal.
I almost forgot to put the underscore ("_") like this, hold down the right SHIFT and press the nearest letter key.
I have it SHIFT + /.
And one more thing: the keys "Z" and "Y" are mixed up (German layout).

List of commands for moving to certain locations

Old Camp:

Oc1 - at the northern gate (when you first come to the SL, you go through this gate);
Oc2 - at the southern gate (it was through this gate that Mordrag could lead you - to the NL or Baal Parvez - to the swamps);
Occ_barons_dance - in the castle, in the throne mmm ... the hall where Gomez is sitting;
Occ_chapel_upstairs - in the temple, where the Fire Mages, on the second "tier";

New Camp:

Nc_path50 - in front of the entrance to the SL (where Jarvis and another unnamed mercenary are standing);
Nc_entrance_wp - near the tavern on the lake (I could be wrong here - who can, check this code);
Nc_small_cave_center - in the cave where the entire population of the IP lives;
Nc_pit_center - heap of ore (behind Saturas).

Cultist Camp:

Psi_start - near the entrance to the Swamp Camp (literally a couple of steps from Leicester and Idol Namib);
Psi_temple_rooms - inside the temple - nearby an altar, in front of which Yu-Berion bows down;
Psi_labor_in is a house on stilts of Kor Galom, a renegade alchemist.
How to enter these codes:

1) Open the status of the character;
2) We type the word marvin on the keyboard. We close the status - we see the message MARVN-MODE;
3) Press [F2] - the console leaves;
4) Enter the phrase goto waypoint one of the above codes
5) Voila!

Samery 20.12.20

How is there no code?
So if you write bGarrettb, then at the behest of Innos, 1000 ore falls into your inventory)))
Nuuu ... this is some kind of garrett, but where is marvin :)

If you look at the topic header, anyone, you can see the Cheats link, and if search there, you can find ...
Hints for Gothic

4) Enter the phrase goto waypoint one of the above codes
5) Voila! ... and we are magicians

PS. Thanks for the TP ...

Inquvi 20.12.20

oh nett cheaters ...

THEGOTHIC 20.12.20

=))) Knowledge of cheats, does not oblige to use them)))

Xaker 23 20.12.20

Yes, I think cheats are not interesting to use, I can even compare this with drugs, because those who have prescribed cheats, they will lose them every time they will prescribe when there is some difficulty in the game I know for myself)))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))