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Roland from gilead 22.12.20 04:47 pm

Gothic 1 with DirectX 11 support (Gothic)

Where can you download? Please tell me.
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Alexandrovitch 22.12.20

Stoned grafonodrochers, want to play old grafon games

Eroppo 22.12.20

Someday you will grow up and one of the elders will tell you that the word "stubbornness" does not mean striving for the best at all, as you are trying to portray here simply out of a desire to throw out more Mr.

IGNIT 22.12.20

Is it Riddick: D

Alexandrovitch 22.12.20

What a
bombshell you have: Throw stones at any oldfag

X_ray_83 22.12.20

It may be easier to write a petition, after all, the first part deserved a remake!

Kyubi 22.12.20

I hope that they will come to their senses and release Remasterings of the first two parts, so that our children would also become familiar with the classic RPG.

MunchkiN 616 22.12.20

want gothic under supercomps on sruenzhyn5 with voice acting from 1s.

AT_Sagor 22.12.20

Kyuubi wrote:
I hope that they will come to their senses and will release Remasterings of the first two parts, so that our children would also join the classic RPG.
With a lot of censorship, as well as gays and lesbians. No thanks, let it be as it is.

EMPs 22.12.20

Yeah .. Remakes and easier PC controls

Romanzo_Tamerici 22.12.20

Roland From Gilead

Roland from gilead 22.12.20

Thank you!

saa0891 22.12.20

The point is that several curve effects have been screwed on, in the same place all the textures must be patched.

Romanzo_Tamerici 22.12.20

there all textures are changed

saa0891 22.12.20


Something on the video is very poorly visible.

Romanzo_Tamerici 22.12.20

in the original, all textures are blurred, and after the patch everything becomes more detailed

ironHAMMER.ms 22.12.20

I remember some kind of directyx patch for the second one, after which it even started to lag on top stoves.

Imkor 22.12.20

Replay Gothic is sacred)

Emris_ua 22.12.20

There is only "System Pack 1.0 Description" in the unpacked game !!!
But the changes in the Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball) game itself are those that are and are not in the usual (I would like to know about them in advance) !!!
There is no Description of the Game itself + Game Features !!!
Spoiler I found the gate for raising the grate behind the very first chest after the bridge with the SL Guards and 2 Meat Beetles I killed (I collected arrows / mug near the chest and also in the chest itself) - so before that the Mine was locked and now it is open by me !!!
I got into it and cleaned it thoroughly + with a pickaxe I mined ore (~ 200), each of them has 1-2 pieces or 0 !!!
Monsters are in new places where they were not there before + they beat me up with a crowd (I happened to hang - I could walk either forward or backward - there is no access to the right / left and I solved the problem F8) !!! A couple of times the picture froze, but after the treatment I continued playing !!!
Sorry Dikkurik is absent - I went through it on XP a certain number of times !!!
Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball)
Spoilerhttp: //forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/threads/1070308-G1-MOD-Gothic-Mod-Fix
Description of fixes: Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball).
Spoilerhttp: //rpgrussia.com/index.php? Topic = 6520.0
List of changes. Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball) 1.08k (fix-SP 1.0)
Spoiler - Multiple bug fixes in subtitle text.
- Coordination of dialogue options with the content of spoken phrases.
- Numerous corrections of errors in the text of entries in the diary, translated several previously untranslated fragments.
- Bug fixes in sound files.
- Numerous bug fixes when transferring items and ore.
- Numerous fixes in dialog conditions, preventing these dialogs from starting at inappropriate times.
- Bug fixes in the dialog logic (exits from the dialog mode, exits from the selection mode, double lines "FINISH").
- Corrections in the names of objects and monsters, as well as in their descriptions (not any snappers and lurkers, do not be alarmed).
- Several fixes in the names of quests.
- Fixed daily routines of some NPCs.
- Introduced the reset of quests in the diary in the "Failed quests" category, if for some reason they were not completed on time.

- Fixed display of messages "Given 1 item1" and "Received 1 item1", now it displays correctly "Given 1 item" and "Received 1 item".
- Fixed messages displayed on the screen: "Study: xxx." replaced with "Learned: xxx."
- Guards who have quest information for the GG (including dialogues about not allowing the GG through the gates / doors) now do not react to weapons.
- NPCs do not require passage if they have already been beaten by the GG.
- Killing previously beaten NPCs and self-summoned creatures no longer brings XP.
- Seated NPCs now turn their heads towards the GG while talking.
- Unlocked ice golem particle for use.
- Beetle meat has been moved to the "Food" category.
- Some types of weapons have been moved to the "multi" category, now they are added to the inventory in one slot.
- The content of the texts of the printed and unopened letters to the Fire mages has been synchronized.
- Added a key that opens the door in the forge of the Old Camp castle.
- Immortal Orc Shaman Grash-Varrag-Arushat no longer loses aggressiveness after loading a save game.
- When trying to talk to the orcs, the dialogue is now closed with the "END" option.
- The book "The Sixth Circle of Magic" is now sold only by Xardas.
- The wolf is no longer equipped with a bow and a crossbow at the same time.
- Returned votes to the miners in the Old Mine and some scrapers in the Free Mine.
- The gates of the Old Mine are now closed at the beginning of Chapter 4.
- Bartolo, while waiting for the teleportation of the GG at the pentagram of Fire mages, now does not beat the guards standing nearby.
- Meat bugs now respawn on par with other creatures.
- The winch in the old mine can now be opened many times, which eliminates the bug with its blocking without opening the grate.
- Merchants now sell armor only once.
- NPCs now remember to sheathe their swords before sitting down or in the Guard and Chatter Pose.
- NPCs now have voices during prayer.
- NPCs no longer play unarmed weapon training animations.
- NPC teachers, being distracted from their lesson, subsequently turn to face their students.
- NPCs now sleep in their beds at night.

- Bottles with water from the Lord can now only be begged once a day, until the Lefty quest is completed.
- Fixed reset of power to 100 in the Horatio quest.
- Dialogue with Gomez in the fifth chapter no longer starts at a great distance, which led to inappropriate camera behavior.
- Bartolo now has a decent assortment of goods, but he no longer sells his key and lute.
- An alternative dialogue with Bartolo is provided, if the GG enters the castle not through the pentagram.
- Bloodwin, Jackal and Lefty now only stick to newbies who have not decided on the choice of Camp in the first chapter of the game. For Lefty, there is an alternative way to close the quest.
- Now you can not challenge Kirgo and Harim to battle at the same time. Only one by one.
- During arena combat, other arena fighters can no longer train there.
- If a fighter was summoned to battle, but the GG did not enter the arena, the call state is reset when entering one of the Camps.
- When Stone improves ore armor, the armor is not only automatically removed, but also automatically put on.
- If you enter the temple to Yu'Berion in the first chapter, then he will not endlessly call the Guardians, but will attack himself.
- Provided an alternative dialogue with Yu'Berion for GG - novice of the Brotherhood.
- Fixed bugs when handing over to Kor Galom the quests to deliver the swamp and eliminate competitors from the New Camp.
- Now Kor Gallom offers the novice as a reward for delivering the eggs of the crawlers not the essence of the spirit (mana +5), but the elixir of the crawler (mana +10).
- The number of bottles given by Galom for the jaws of the crawlers is now more dependent on the number of jaws that Galom brought.
- If you bring Dusty to the Idol Tondral at night, then Tondral will wait, standing in the street. Previously, you had to wait until morning or risk "running into a warm welcome" by entering his home.
- If the GG is a novice, then it is not Lester who directs him to Yu'Berion, but the Idol Namib.
- The Heavy Armor of the Acolyte can be purchased from the Namib Idol at the beginning of Chapter 2 of the game.
- Cor Gallom in the underground temple now approaches GG before speaking to him. Gallom used to try to speak at a great distance.
- Fixed a bug that allowed GG to first become a guard in the Old Camp, and then go to Corristo and become a Fire mage.
- Xardas no longer sells one of the URIZEL varieties after looking at the sword brought to him by the GG.
- Riordan no longer sells his rune.
- Improved cooperation with Balor. Now you can regularly come to him for a swamp.
- Blacksmiths no longer sell red-hot blades and blanks.
- The strange sign "Let's go" no longer appears on the temple square of the Swamp Camp.
- Reworked the Idol Kagan quest. Now, if the GG is a member of the Brotherhood, he does not communicate with the Kagan like a stranger.
- Fixed a bug in the quest of Idol Isidro, which blocked the completion of the quest if the YG inventory did not have enough ore.
- Admission to the Lars gang is no longer accompanied by the reset of quests in the Old Camp, even if they were successfully completed.
- Mordrag can now either be beaten and driven out of the Old Camp, or you can ask him to escort the GG to the New Camp. You cannot do both at the same time.
- Fixed dialogue with Buster. Now Buster does not offer to endlessly teach GG acrobatics.
- Improved and supplemented with entries in the diary of Fisk's quest. All the characters are now correct and speak their lines on time.
“Lefty is now wary of who he talks to. He will not rush to the necromancer in the 6th chapter of the game with his fists.
- Butch can now attack the GG, as the thief Wedge warns about. But only if the GG is a beginner.
- Fixed conditions for starting dialogues with Horn when searching for a unit in a destroyed monastery. Dialogues now start at more opportune moments.
- Letters from Outworld and from the Water Mages given to Milten now appear in Corristo's inventory.
- Fixed the condition for starting a dialogue with Milten when searching for a unit under the Circle of Stones. Now the dialogue does not start with an open inventory.
- If the GG spends the Death of the Undead scroll not on the Guardian of the Tomb, he will have a second chance. Milten will send GG to look for another scroll. And the GG will be able to find him.
- Reworked the curved dialogue with Lester in the mountain fort.
- Kord and Fingers no longer have access to both the first and second skill levels at the same time.
- Fixed errors in dialogues with Baloro.
- If GG took 110 pieces of ore from Whistler, then now you will have to give the same amount. This is if the GG did not buy the sword from Fisk.
- Dexter now grants ore for the Kor Galom recipe either at the beginning or at the end of the quest. It is no longer possible to beg for ore at the beginning and receive a reward at the end.
- Dexter no longer sells the recipe brought to him.
- Unlocked dialogue with the unnamed Guardian in the Old Mine.
- Created an alternative dialogue with Gore Na Drak. Now you can ask him where he is going, only if he is really on the way. If he is standing under the laboratory of Kor Galom or at the entrance to the Old Mine, the question will be different.
- Unlocked dialogue with Jess the miner in the Old Camp.
- Unlocked dialogs with Miner Grim regarding In Extremo's concert.
- Gore Boba now has a "Temple Sketch" in his inventory.
- Added the Staff of Light to Yu'Berion's inventory.
- Kirgo is now equipped with a different weapon.
- Changed the voices of novices and Guardians in the Temple of the Sleeper. They now pronounce a wider range of phrases.
And yes, fonts and interface elements are now increased by 30-40%. You no longer need to break your eyes reading small inscriptions!

Emris_ua 22.12.20

Incomplete list of changes: Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball) 1.08k (fix-SP 1.0)

(*) Fixed display of information about the missing Circle of Magic for equipping the rune.
(*) Fixed display of information about insufficient strength / dexterity level when equipping an item.
(*) Fixed inscriptions when teaching a new circle of magic.
(*) Summoned monsters got the "Summoned" prefix in their name.
(*) Display name has been shortened for Skeleton Mage from the Tower of Mists.
(*) Beetle meat has been moved to the category: Food.
(*) All coins are collected in one cell.
(*) Information about insufficient level is displayed when admitted to the Guard.
(-) The message "experience 0" is not displayed.

(+) Fixed viewing angle for widescreen monitors.
(+) New models and textures for notes, books, cards, scrolls, "Breath of Death" runes, rings, potions and amulets.
(*) Wearing armor that implies a naked torso, the GG “takes off” his shirt.
(*) Skeletons, demons and harpies leave no blood stains
(*) Hornets and crawlers leave greenish blood stains.
(*) The Shrink spell works more smoothly.
(*) Added burning effects in the running and walking animation for the fire golem.
(*) The raw meat model is replaced by the roast-fry model.
(-) Now on the map of the path to the Old Mine and on the map of Yu'Berion there is no location marker that hung outside the map.

(+) New item "Broom". Broom model, textures, sounds are taken from G2. Added animation for using the broom.
(+) New item "Leather wallet".
(+) New item "Burnt torch", it can no longer be lit.
(+) The key to the Lord's chest has been placed in the game world.
(+) Keys for a pair of permanently closed doors in the SL Castle are located in the world.
(+) A sketch of the Temple of the Sleeper - it can be found near the Bob Mountains.
(+) The second volume of Recipes appeared in the game world.
(+) The Family Ring planned for him has been added to Lars' inventory.
(*) The appearance of the Amulet of the Emissary of the Water Mages has been changed. The model used is existing, but not used in the game.
(*) Now the books are really useful. [? IMG]
(*) Staff of the Undead Shaman can no longer be equipped
(*) The cost of the "weapon defense +3" ring has been changed. Now it matches the real effect.
(-) Removed strength requirements for shaman blades and unidentified Urizel.

(+) Runes have been created: "Summon Demon", "Summon Skeletons", "Summon Golem", "Army of Darkness", "Fear".
(+) The "Rage" spell has been restored from the resources of the game, forcing the NPC to attack the nearest NPC or hero.
(*) Summoning: No experience is awarded for killing summoned creatures. Only a limited number of creatures can be summoned at a time. You can talk to the summoned creature and "release" it.
(*) The Dream spell focuses only on a person.
(*) The Pyrokinesis spell is equipped by mages only if the target is within the spell's range.
(*) Changes have been made to the function of the "Fear" spell. Now almost all NPCs go into a runaway state after using the spell. In the original, many NPCs, after using the spell, grabbed their weapons and attacked the GG. Also, the spell now affects orcs.
(*) Army of Darkness - Now not nine skeletons are summoned, but four skeletons and a demon.
(*) The casting time of the "Enchant" spell has been reduced. You can't charm women. [? IMG]
(*) A character refusing to speak can be pacified with an Enchant spell.
(*) Now you can put an NPC in an attack state to sleep.
(*) NPCs no longer react to transformation spells, but react to the monster that the GG can turn into.
(*) Time for summoning spells has been reduced.
(*) The characteristics of the "Shrinking monster" spell have been changed. It now spans twice as fast, and the target's focus distance is slightly increased. Cannot be reduced - goblins, golems, demons, undead.
(*) Changes have been made to the frozen state. Now the state of freezing can be killed, it does not only initial damage, but also small damage during the freeze. Using some other types of magic against a frozen enemy interrupts the frozen state. Immortal NPCs do not lose health while frozen.

(+) Two pieces of raw meat can be removed from a wolf.
(+) Two new types of crawlers have been added to the Abandoned Mine - young and cub. A special type of meat can be removed from the body of a baby crawler.
(+) Added eggs to the inventory of the Crawler Queen.
(*) The crawler queen can be effectively wounded with arrows and magic.
(*) The freezing spell now affects the troll if it is reduced.
(*) Ice Block and Lightning damage the crawler warrior.
(*) Runes cannot be removed from the body of shamans and skeletal magicians.
(*) The number of skeletons summoned by skeletal mages is limited.
(*) A young troll can be damaged by magic and fire.

(+) Abandoned mine unlocked.
(+) A golem has appeared on the orc arena.
(+) A skeleton has appeared in the tower of Xardas, sweeping the floor.
(+) Changed the mutual relations between the scraper guild and the guilds of guards and ghosts after the capture of the Free Mine. In the mine, the miners are replaced by scrapers and with the new relationship they do not conflict with the people of Gomez.
(+) The character Ransomware and his companion have appeared.
(+) At the top of the lift at the beginning of the game, you can see the judge and the magician, as well as the royal guard from the Intro.
(+) Idol Lucor now appears in BC in the first chapters of the game.
(+) Several list items similar to Gothic 3 and guards for them. You can get to these items in the first chapter, but you have to use your ingenuity.
(+) Respawn some meat beetles
(+) Added hearths that ignite during the ceremony of summoning the Sleeper
(*) With an incorrect combination of switches in the Temple of the Sleeper, demons appear only 5 times, on the fifth, the Demon Lord appears.
(*) The contents of two small rooms in the house of the Fire Mages are attributed to the property of the SL.
(*) The swamp spinners got their names back: Renew and Killian.
(*) You can get the heavy armor of the guard.

(+) You can mine ore.
(*) You can raise the teacher's mana up to a value of 250.

(+) Idol Kadar sells a scroll of Dream in the first chapter.
(+) Idol Kadar sells the Fury scroll.
(+) In the sixth chapter, Idol Kadar sells the Fear rune.
(+) Kronos sells the Lightning rune starting from the third chapter.
(+) Xardas sells creature summon runes.
(+) Now you can trade with the Lord.
(+) Heavy Armor of the Acolyte can be bought in the first chapter
(+) You can sell Bartolo to the Swamp Party after completing the related quest from Kor Galom.
(*) Armor of each type can now be purchased no more than once
(*) Now Idol Kadar trades with the GG, exiled from SL in Chapter 4.
(*) Merchants do not sell weapons they are equipped with (they sell a copy).
(*) The cost of Undead Shamans' staves has been increased.
(-) Blacksmiths seldom sell red-hot workpieces. (The problem has not been completely resolved)
(-) Mages are not equipped with the weapons they sold
(-) If the merchant was not initially equipped with a crossbow or bow, he will not be equipped with it if the GG sells one to him.
(-) Xardas cannot sell Urizel.
(-) The wolf does not sell the slider plates that the GG gave him.
(-) Dexter does not sell the recipe given to him.

(+) Miners got votes.
(+) Quentin's thugs talk with each other and with the GG.
(+) Thieves pronounce all variants of random phrases planned for them.
(+) Introduced alternative phrases for arena fighters who beat the main player in the arena.
(+) Added alternative phrases for the Guardians of the Temple of the Sleeper. Now they give out the phrase provided for the case of capturing a stranger who illegally entered the premises.
(+) Introduced alternative phrases for beaten arena fighters at the end of unconsciousness.
(*) NPCs do not want to cut meat from skeletons and do not yell at a beetle that he is a healthy creature.
(*) If the enemy is dead, then the NPCs, taking the ore, do not say a phrase that implies that the enemy is alive.
(*) Diego does not greet the hero as a Fire mage, starting with the fourth chapter.
(*) Scrapers do not greet the GG twice if he belongs to the New Camp.
(*) Gorn does not tell the GG that he is looking for trouble during and after the attack on the mine.
(*) Guild's Guild Greetings are available for Gor Hanis.

(+) Simulation of the transfer of keys in the dialogues where this happens.
(+) Added state of intoxication for GG and Idol Isidro. The GG can get drunk with wine or schnapps.
(+) The "Summon Demon" rune has been added to Xardas's inventory. Xardas can now use it instead of one of the scrolls he has in his inventory.
(+) NPC turns his head towards the interlocutor if he is sitting on a bench or throne.
(*) NPCs remove ranged weapons and switch to melee weapons if the enemy is close to them.
(*) NPCs do not try to start shooting at opponents standing too close and immediately go into close combat.
(*) Now NPCs pick up not only dropped melee weapons, but also ranged weapons.
(*) Now NPCs who are engaged in roasting meat, smoking a hookah or working with the bog abs can be distracted when trying to speak to them.
(*) The summoned monsters are perceived by the NPC as ordinary monsters and cause aggression.
(*) Now, if the NPC is a friend, then he does not pick up the weapon of the beaten enemy.
(*) NPCs search bodies less often, visually digging somewhere nearby.
(*) NPCs can now pick up weapons dropped from a beaten enemy, including bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts. Small arms are only picked up by representatives of the guilds of ghosts, guards, thieves and mercenaries.
(*) Now people perceive orcs as enemies.
(*) Now guards who have quest information for the GG (including dialogues about not allowing the GG to pass through the gates / doors) do not react to weapons.
(*) The guards, from whom the GG ran away, will attack him for a while, and then they will forget about the violation and will again work out the security algorithm.
(*) The inhabitants of the SL do not attack the Fire mages, the inhabitants of the IP do not attack the Water mages, even if the GG from this guild tries to rob them.
(*) If the GG beat the NPC, he no longer demands to let him pass in a narrow passage and does not get into a fight.
(*) Now NPCs take only half of the ore. If GG is dead, then all the ore.
(*) The concubines now fan the master with a fan only if he is sitting in his place. If Gomez is dead, women do not fan the empty throne and dance in front of him.
(*) Women run away if GG draws a weapon.
(*) If the GG is put to sleep, NPCs do not attack him and do not scold him for activated magic.
(*) Orcs do not search the body of the GG
(*) NPCs keep an eye on things of their guild, and not just personal ones
(*) The phrases "Let me pass" are pronounced for a while as a warning, and only then the NPC draws its weapons.
(*) Unnamed NPCs do not tell the hero about the camp as a newbie, if he is already a member of the camp or the plot has reached the third chapter
(*) An additional condition has been introduced for the case when the portal is overcome by a monster or GG in the form of a monster. If the NPC does not see the fact of penetration, he does not react to it.
(*) NPCs can now follow GG when using vertical ladders.
(*) Now NPCs follow the GG at a shorter distance, respond faster to his movements and can move to a step.
(*) NPCs get out of bed when they ask the GG to leave the house
(*) NPCs react more correctly to the danger from which they must run away
(*) After the battle in the arena, the GG and his opponents get up faster
(*) Implemented a reaction to the door and the chest locked on key. If there is no required key in the inventory of GG and he has not opened this door before, then he shrugs his shoulders and says: "For this I need a key ..."
(*) The reaction radius of the guards has been changed. Now they are less likely to react to the GG if he just runs by.
(*) Reduced the likelihood that the NPC will sit by the chair if the chair is too close to a table or other obstacle.
(*) In a swamp camp, teachers do not preach with their backs to the students, and students do not sit with their backs to the teacher.
(*) Idol Lucor can cause minor damage to orcs, he automatically leaves the hero's squad when it is provided by the plot.
(*) The demon summoned by Xardas does not attack him.
(*) The golem in the basement of the old fortress does not distract Ur-Shak's attention.
(*) Wiper does not walk back and forth before starting to work with furs.
(*) Fanatical novices behave more naturally and do not lose their aggressiveness after loading a save.
(*) NPCs are less likely to hang around ore veins.
(*) The ability to sit with a naked weapon is blocked for NPCs.
(*) NPCs use beds more confidently.
(*) NPCs do not stand with their weapons drawn.
(*) The sleeper is able to lull not only the GG who approached him, but also novices, and even Galom. Also, the Sleeper loses interest in the killed GG.
(*) Bloodwin, Fletcher, Jackal and all the barons are now immortal until the beginning of the fourth chapter.
(-) Dialogues with hostile NPCs do not start, previously it was possible and could lead to freezes.

(*) The world adjusts much better to the growing status of the YG. Now NPCs will not tell the GG how to join the faction in which he is already a member, or where he can no longer join. Also, starting from the second chapter, the GG will not say that he is "new here". NPCs do not provide information that is not relevant in connection with the events that have occurred (Ritual of summoning a Sleeper, collapse of the Old Mine, etc.)
(*) Punishment for beating women has been introduced.
(*) NPCs cannot shoot or finish off Mada.
(*) NPCs do not react when the player visits Mada's hut.
(*) GG will not be punished for the misconduct of other NPCs.
(*) Killing an orc slave is tantamount to killing a human.
(*) NPCs, attackers, seeing that the GG is armed with their personalized weapon, actually pick it up from the ground or remove it from the GG's body.
(*) Quentin's thugs do not attack thieves, mercenaries and mages. Ghosts and guards of Gomez are attacked immediately, and with representatives of other guilds, the guard at the gate can talk and drive away, preventing them from entering the camp.
(*) Now the guards guarding the gate at the place of exchange attack the GG if he is a thief or is wearing thief's armor.
(*) Kirgo and Herek are not killed after the events of the 4th chapter.
(*) Jackal and Bloodwin only require ore until the GG joins one of the camps.
(*) Now Pacho does not warn the members of the New Camp. Harmful [? IMG]
(*) Now, if the NPC is friendly to the GG, or the GG leaves the orcs' lands, the warning dialog goes differently and there are no repeated warnings.
(*) Orc shamans in the Temple of the Sleeper now attack the GG even if he is equipped with Ulu-Mulu.
(*) NPCs do not accuse their guild members of breaking into a dwelling.
(*) Yu'Berion attacks during unauthorized entry into the temple.
(*) Ulbert reacts to stealing food from the table in the warehouse.
(*) Aidan reacts to stealing items from his parking lot.
(*) After the battle in the arena, NPCs do not search the defeated GG.
(*) Scar and Bartolo look after things around them and do not allow them to be taken.
(*) Butch attacks GG, in accordance with the warning about his nasty nature.

(+) Drax teaches butchering carcasses only if you give him beer.
(+) Jess's quest. Now after the phrase "WHATOO? I paid 10 lumps of ore for what I already knew?" and "Yes. Quid pro quo." experience is given.
(+) Correct reset to failed overdue (no longer relevant) quests. New entries are added to the diary.
(*) To find herbs for Yu'Berion, you will have to go to the swamp anyway.
(*) Now the quest to eliminate competitors in the New Camp is issued only after completing the quest to deliver the swamp to Gomez.
(*) Fixed the closing of the quest for the delivery of the swamp to Gomez, this quest is closed, and not the quest to eliminate competitors from the NL.
(*) SG gives Claws shnyga at the dam Homer
(*) SG receives an offer to become the guardian, guard, a mercenary if you killed the Queen of the sliders (the original was confusion and vacillation, depending on the camp)
(*) Permission accruing experience for reporting on the whereabouts of Neka in dialogue "I about Nek ..."
(*) Lord now gives water only once a day.
(*) Lefty does not stick to the GG if he joined one of the factions. The quest in this case will end without beating Lefty.
(*) Now Roscoe and his companions do not react to the "Sleep" and "Enchant" spells as to aggression, and Roscoe can be put to sleep in order to go to Lars.
(*) The number of acquaintances named in the dialogue with Gomez has been changed. Now it is enough to choose three of the four "correct" options.
(*) After the delivery of eggs of the queen of creepers to Galom, a member of the Brotherhood is offered not "Essence of spirit (mana +5)", but "Elixir of a creeper (mana +10)."
(*) Changed the number of bottles given by Galom for the jaws of the sliders.
(*) If GG took 110 pieces of ore from Whistler, he cannot return only 100 pieces.
(*) Dexter does not re-issue ore for a recipe if he gave it in advance.
(*) Idol Tondral does not go to sleep at night. He stands and waits for GG and Dusty until the quest is completed.
(*) You cannot activate the quest with Dusty if it's too late for him.
(*) Dusty is no longer immortal while traveling.
(*) If GG took Dusty in the wrong place, he will return home.
(*) Now Snaf gives stew, only five times.
(*) In case of losing the scroll for the rest of the undead received from Milten, another scroll "Death of the undead" is added to the inventory of one of the merchants.
(*) You can lure Ulbert only if you have in your inventory the key to the chests purchased from Aleph.
(*) Now you can not join the guards after passing the test with Corristo.
(*) Several scrolls of summoning skeletons can be taken from the author Chromanin. (Compensation for the fact that they can no longer be removed from the skeletal mages)

Swamp Camp
(*) Euberion: the phrase "I heard you are looking for something." now available only for "infidels" their own say: "Can I do something for the Brotherhood?"
(*) Changed the dialogue condition "How about a small reward?" The option is now unavailable if GG became a Guardian at the end of Chapter 2.
(*) The option "Like life" in the dialogue with the guards of the New and Old Mine does not disappear in the third chapter
(*) Added alternative phrases to the story about the events in the Swamp Camp, if the GG is a member of the Brotherhood.

Old Camp
(*) Torus: Dialogue option "I need to get to the castle. I have a letter." made disposable.
(*) Torus: "I need to get to the castle. I have a letter.", "If I share the ore, will you allow me to enter the castle?" and "I have a thousand pieces of ore. Let me through!" disappear after receiving permission to pass the castle.
(*) Torus: "Where can I find Mordrag?" Dialog option. now only appears if GG is not yet familiar with Mordrag.
(*) Kirgo agrees to fight if the GG has not joined any of the camps yet. If the GG has already joined any camp, but the second chapter has not yet begun, Kirgo refuses to fight.
(*) Now you can not offer your services to Gomez if the GG is already in any of the camps.
(*) Option in the dialogue with the guard at the entrance to the orc lands: Okay, take your advice! (give ALL ore) does not appear if the player does not have ore.
(*) If the GG gives the guard at the gate a little ore (<10 pieces), he does not thank, but curses.
(*) Trained NPCs leave the arena if the GG has appointed a battle.
(*) If the GG escaped from Kirgo's arena, Harim and all other NPCs in the arena return to their normal routine.
(*) After teleporting to the Old Camp, the GG removes the activated teleport rune, and at the end of the dialogue with Bartolo, he takes out a melee weapon. The guards standing next to Bartolo become aggressive after the dialogue.
(*) Changed the challenge dialogue. Now you can call Harim to battle only in the first chapter, but if the GG has already managed to enter one of the camps, Harim refuses to fight.
(*) Now it is impossible to challenge Harim to battle if Kirgo is already waiting for the GG in the arena at the moment.
(*) If Harim beat GG before the challenge, and then GG beat him in the arena, you can tell Scatti about it.
(*) Now Fingers does not offer to study both the first and second levels of picking locks and theft at the same time. Also, the phrase "I want to learn to move without noise." Is not displayed, if the GG has already been trained in this skill.
(*) Jess does not start a conversation during the fight with Herek.
(*) If you beat Mada, then the dialogue "YOU COULD NOT shut up - even for a minute?" does not appear. Now Mad swears at GG if he beat him.
(*) Ask Snaf: "What was the name of the guy you sent before me?" only possible if Nek has not yet been found.

Old Mine
(*) Aaron will also be aggressive if you sell him a key before he goes down to Jan.
(*) Now, if the GG first approaches Aleph, being already a guard, Aleph will go to work without further ado.
(-) You cannot ask how the crawlers' saliva is obtained, if the GG knows how to remove jaws.

New Camp
(*) If GG is a member of the Lares gang, then the mercenaries do not complain to him about the thieves.
(*) GG mentions Horn if he was actually looking for a unit in Horn's company.
(*) Saturas does not drive away the Fire mage if he comes to him ahead of schedule.
(*) The mercenary does not say the phrase: "Now I am one of Lars's people. Where is the message for the Fire mages?"
(*) Guard Lars does not get hung up on his phrase if a Ghost or an SL guard approaches him.
(*) If a Mercenary or a Fire Mage wants to go to Lars, Roscoe will grumble, but will not delay.
(*) "What's wrong with this Butch?" This phrase appears only if GG has not yet spoken to Butch and is a newbie.
(*) You can trade with the Wolf and learn from him only after the question: "Where can I buy a good bow?"
(*) In the dialogue with the Wolf, the option: "How are these furs and skins obtained?" appears only after the first trade. Also, the GG cannot ask this question if he already knows how furs or skins are obtained.
(*) Jaco does not try to beat GG if GG has already beaten him. If GG became a magician or a mercenary, Jaco also keeps mum.
(*) If Jaco beats GG for the first time, then he simply takes half of the ore, the second time he kills GG.
(*) Option "Do you have anything to sell?" does not appear anymore,
(*) You can trade with the Horn only after the GG learns that he is participating in the raids.
(*) Option "I want to become a mercenary in the service of magicians." does not appear when the next phrase in the dialog becomes available.
(-) Roscoe does not say "You again." To GG if GG just spoke to Lars.
(-) the phrase "I got some plates!" cannot appear if the GG immediately gave the Wolf the required number of plates.

Swamp Camp
(+) Gorim can be talked to in later chapters.
(*) Now Niras behaves more naturally and does not run away immediately after the dialogue if the GG is much stronger than him. Also, you cannot speak to him during his aggressive state, which in the original causes the game to freeze.
(*) Added dialogue with Gorim. Some of the phrases are not pronounced and the quest does not start if Harlock is already dead by the time of this dialogue. Also, the dialogue changes at night and at the beginning of the day.
(*) Horus Na Toph does not glorify the Sleeper after the death of Yu'Berion, if the GG did not join the sectarians.
(*) At Gor on Tofa, the option of teaching one-handed weapons does not appear immediately, but after the question "Can you teach me something?"
(*) The question "Hi! Where are you going?" can only be set if Gor Na Drak is currently on the way between BC and US.

Outside world
(*) Now, when a unit is found in a monastery, the dialogue does not start immediately, as the unit enters the hero's inventory, but when the hero approaches the Horn or leaves the room.
(*) When a young troll is found at the exit from the destroyed monastery, the dialogue takes place before the fight with the troll begins.
(*) The dialogue with Milten begins when the GG has searched the body of the Guardian, received an orc talisman, and after that he moves from a place or draws a weapon or is equipped with a spell.
(*) Now the zone for starting a dialogue with Lester "Looks like your unit is up there." is more extensive, and the dialogue will not start if the GG has already taken the unit.

The Temple of the Sleeper
(*) Mountains Bob after talking with the GG remains aggressive forever.

(*) You can open and close the grates using winches
(*) Food and drinks do not disappear from your hands before the end of the food or drink animation.
(*) Now the NPC's routine does not change if the NPC is already dead at the moment. Previously, corpses moved around the points of their usual daily routine.
(*) Now, if the GG violates the ban on passage, but runs away from the guards, the performance of the algorithms of other guards will not be violated.
(*) Now NPCs are less blunt when interacting with doors.
(*) Reduced the probability of bugs with a bow.
(*) Now the beaten NPC does not build the grinning face of the runaway during the dialogue.
(*) Dialogues with an undead shaman are played correctly, even if the GG tried to damage him before the first dialogue.
(*) The undead shaman does not try to talk to the GG turned into an animal.
(*) The Acolytes and the Sleeper will attack the GG if Kor Galom is killed, no matter where it happened.
(*) Mad Kor Gallom no longer hangs with activated Pyrokinesis in his hands if the GG ran away from him.
(*) Mad acolytes and Mad Cor Gallom do not rush to the Sleeper after the massacre of the GG.
(*) The summoned golem will not fight the summoned skeletons or the demon.
(*) Skeleton mages in the Temple of the Sleeper do not target the temple crawlers in the passages and do not freeze, since they cannot reach them.
(*) Changes have been made to avoid freezing when trying to speak to a hostile NPC while it has not yet entered the attack state.
(*) NPCs get out of bed correctly.
(*) Orcs armed with hammers can kill GG.
(*) The guardian under the stone circle can now only be killed with a scroll.
(*) Picks and swords do not double if you knock out NPCs while sharpening or mining
(*) The text of the sealed and printed letters is synchronized.
(*) The key to the door to the closet in the SL lock forge now fits the door.
(*) Chromanin's books do not hang in the air.
(*) An NPC caught by the Dream spell, making a transition to the intended target, falls asleep immediately, and not after it reaches the place.
(*) The sleep spell works correctly on NPCs in different states, and interrupts the current action of the NPC.
(*) Numerous fixes to the order of lighting fires and torches.
(*) Crazy Idol Lucor will constantly attack the GG.
(*) The Horn does not appear in the New Mine if he left it in the story.
(*) Some scavengers now follow their own schedule, which they were deprived of due to bugs with their insertion into the world.
(*) Mrakoris in the ruined monastery simply sleeps peacefully at the entrance to the cell.
(*) Goblins do not provoke a reaction from the inhabitants of Cavalorn's hut.
(*) A wolf cannot be equipped with both a bow and a crossbow.
(*) An uncharged Urizel always disappears from the inventory at the beginning of the sixth chapter.
(*) In the fifth chapter, the gates in the orc settlement are forcibly opened
(*) Now Xardas teleports to his place in the Temple of the Sleeper only when GG approaches
(*) Dialogues with Gomez work stably.
(*) Now, when upgrading ore armor, the GG strips only if he is wearing ore armor. And wears ore armor only if this armor was removed from him.
(*) Now GG and Stone turn towards each other at the end of the forging process.
(*) Introduced the removal of Niraz from the game world if the GG did not kill him.
(*) If the GG is a member of the IP, then he does not have a record - "I am sure that now I know enough about the affairs of the sect. I must tell Raven about everything as soon as I find myself in the Old Camp."
(*) If GG is a member of the SL, then he does not have a record - "I am sure that now I know enough about the affairs of the sect. You can return to Mordrag."
(*) After the phrase "This man is looking for your location, my lord!" Dusty leaves the group and switches to a new daily routine automatically.
(*) Items transferred to him are no longer removed from Saturas' inventory.
(*) Lee continues to teach GG who has become a necromancer.
(*) While mining the ore, GG removes the torch.
(*) It is impossible to re-purchase the key from Aleph after saving-loading.
(*) Now Pook does not sleep while standing.
(*) Now Riordan sleeps in bed instead of standing at the alchemical table.
(*) The Skeleton Mage does not drop the spell if he drops too low to the floor.
(*) After saving-loading, Idol Parvez does not pay attention to the pulled out weapon in the hands of GG when he travels with him to the BC.
(*) NPCs no longer stand with their arms crossed with their weapons drawn.
(-) The entry in the diary about the location of Mordrag is done once
(-) The double line "FINISH" from the guards of the Baron's house has been removed.
(-) Hangs after dialogues with dead shamans.
(-) Ice golem freezes when bouncing.
(-) Urizel is not transferred to Milten and does not remain in his inventory.
(-) Bug with doubling ore at Fisk.

(+) Added descriptions for some items.
(+) Added diary entries when quests fail. Also added entries where they were absent, but implied by meaning.
(*) Not translated phrases in the diary have been translated.
(*) Numerous corrections of translation errors and typos.

(+) Sounds for new items.
(+) Plays a sound effect when a rusty shaman blade is inserted into a hole in the floor.
(+) Playing a sound effect when trying to open a lock locked with a key.
(*) Numerous edits to sound files to match text, voice acting and meaning.
(*) Changed the moment of playing the sound effect when the troll falls on its stomach. Falling sound now plays when the troll falls, rather than when it expires.

NEW EVENTS (May contain spoilers !!!)
Old Camp:
Fistfights are taking place in the SL arena. NPCs root for the participants, react to the hero who entered the arena during the battle.
After the collapse of the mine, the bodies of the killed foreigners will be placed in the castle casemates.
Skip is assigned a new schedule starting with chapter four. He will not interfere with dialogue with Stone.

New Camp:
Idol Isidro will be replaced by another acolyte in the third chapter if his quest is not completed and in the fourth if the GM helped him sell the swamp.
After attacking the New Mine, Lee gathers the council in his cave.
The gate guard will be strengthened. Another part of the mercenaries will train with a bow near the rice fields, preparing for an attack from the side of the Old Camp.
Blade will lead a small group of mercenaries to guard the near lines.
Some of the inhabitants of the NS will be able to survive and will appear in the camp if the attack took place during the day.
Kord's mercenaries will occupy the New Mine after its liberation.
The IP Guard opens the gate when the GG approaches and closes it again. (Starting from the 4th chapter).
After charging Urizel and talking with GG, Milten moves a little down the corridor and teleports away.

Old Mine:
Now the press only breaks in the second chapter.
The guards leave the mine in the third chapter, as their mission is complete. They will appear at the Swamp Camp. Also, Guardians will no longer ply between the mine and the camp.
The collapsed mine can no longer be entered.

Swamp Camp:
Melvin and Dusty will gain the attributes of members of the Swamp Camp over time.
The Idol Lukor can be found in the camp.
In preparation for the Summoning of the Sleeper ceremony, members of the Brotherhood gather in the evenings in the square.
The guards who left with Lucor disappear from the Camp.
After an unsuccessful call, Yu'Berion has a quarter of the scale of life energy. In the future, this value gradually decreases.
The unconscious body of Yu'Berion will be carried to the temple, where all the gurus will gather near him.
After the death of Yu'Berion, the Brotherhood will indeed leave some of the guards and novices. The gurus will return to their schedule.
Kor Hangar will train acolytes to be promoted into guards to fill the shortage of humans following the rebellion of Kor Galom.
World Friends meeting will take place.

Emris_ua 22.12.20

Pictures of Gothic Mod Fix (Snowball) 1.08k (fix-SP 1.0)