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KeKSMeN 05.01.21 10:58 pm

Bug when completing the quest \ "Family Matters \" (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Hello. I go through the game for the second time (i.e. I already know how to go through this quest, the problem is not that). And so:
I turned the yoke into a chura, followed him to the fisherman's hut, with whom I further spoke.
Then he went to Oxenfurt, to Tamara. On the bridge over the Pontar I received a lapel-turn (they say, no letters). Received a quest to find a diploma.
Then I thought "pfft", took and swam across the Pontar. I enter the house, where a dialogue with the owner of the house was supposed to begin, and then with Tamara ... and nothing happened. Googling gave nothing.
Okay, I thought, maybe something happened because of the literacy quest. It seems like if you first talk to the baron, he will provide this letter to Geralt himself.
I come to the baron and ... HIS NO DIALOGUE.
"Teleported" to the sign in Oxenfurt hoping for at least some change and again nothing happened.

Patch 1.07. Help, people, what should I do?
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DMP55 05.01.21

There was a similar situation with the quest "Fools' Gold". I took the quest with patch 1.6 and went to finish it with patch 1.7, I could not examine the pigs in the houses. I had to roll back on the save before I took the quest. Reinstalling helps too.

KeKSMeN 05.01.21

DMP55 Rollback
is unlikely to help here. I started the game with this patch.

LoKKi_SKY 05.01.21

Try to load early save) Maybe it will help, although the method is not 100%))) Or replay the mission, with Chura for example. Before patch 1.7, I did not have a single hitch in the missions, and now the problem with the mission "Help the princess" crashes when I find a goat and that's all))) And nothing helps me))

KeKSMeN 05.01.21

Ok, I'll try

pipso33 05.01.21

Were you able to find a solution to your problem?
Otherwise, it's not an option for me to roll back the save

Guest 18.12.22

I finished the game on GoG on PC with no major issues. Now I’m trying in PS4 and I’m having this exact issue after finishing whispering Hillock for the crones of crookback bog. I finish exposing to the baton where his wife is and then as he goes to finish telling me about Ciri, it crashes. Third time now. I went looking for a solution and found a thread on this from 2015. I’m not in the mood to start over. What a shame.