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Sultan 06.08.21 11:02 pm

What platform have the most good games released this year?

For me personally, on Xbox360, and a little more on PC.
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czpukmen 06.08.21

ps2, but because of harm I will vote for x360 :-D

Retrokun 06.08.21

[b] Sultan [/ b], on what: lol:

gamer23 06.08.21

In the first place, of course, PS2. For 6 years there have accumulated a lot of cool games, many of which are masterpieces.
The second is the X360.
Then comes RS. Behind him is the DS and X-Voh.

biblbrux 06.08.21

On zy2, of course. In general, the most games were released on it, and among these 6-plus thousand games for zy2 there will certainly be good games :)

realalbedo 06.08.21

PS2 of course

Gg warrior 06.08.21

Lots on PC and LOTS on PS 2.

gamer23 06.08.21

aaaa, wait, THIS YEAR TOUCH?

Well then, X-Voh 360.

TOBAL 06.08.21


ACE 06.08.21

Someone correct the voting question - the sultan forgot to attribute "this year", fiasco: mrgreen:

Metal max 06.08.21

The question is quite controversial, since there were not so many good games, and they were released on various platforms. But my choice fell on 360.

just for fun 06.08.21

For me this year there were more good games on PS2, but since all these games were released a long time ago, I voted for the Xbox 360. I practically did not play new games on zy2 :)

Elminster 06.08.21

there were more exclusives on the box. there are not very many hits on ps2

Sancho 06.08.21

I buried PS2 as a gaming platform for a long time, and almost the entire 05 year was waiting for Nextgen. So at the moment, of course, 360 is ruled by his voice
too .. And no matter how good games come out on PS2, I don’t care, it’s all the same that the new products on the dandy follow :)

Crimson moon 06.08.21

PC and PS2 perhaps ...

StopCloud 06.08.21

PS 2 only
[b] Elminster [/ b], On 1 box? : shocked: * patstools *

ACE 06.08.21

[b] StopCloud [/ b], obviously he meant 360: wink:
On the topic - I voted for the next gene, such hits as Lost Planet Extreme Condition and Gears of War I have been waiting for a long time and it is 360.

And another 360 version of Tomb Raider Legend is stunning: love:

czpukmen 06.08.21

Ugh, if it was meant for this year, then of course x360 =)

CrazzyMan 06.08.21

without even thinking, of course - [b] ps2 [/ b]. :)

Koaan89 06.08.21

Gee-gee PC. :)

Makc 06.08.21

Only now I realized that I hadn’t played any game that came out in 2006 ... : shock:
So I won't vote for anything ...