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Katanar 19.08.21 11:49 pm

How do you determine which game you will play?

I used to read gaming magazines, somehow got a little guided by what I was going to play. Right now I have not read anything for a long time, I know little about games. And with the choice of which game to play, there is a whole ritual, even watching the gameplay on YouTube does not help much. But I know for sure what is important for me in the game, if the game is overexposed, or too dark, I’m unlikely to play. That is, the visual component is important, well, for the classics, the plot, the gameplay. What is important to you?
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MunchkiN 616 19.08.21

in fact, mine has some kind of neural network that chooses games for me, and tama searches for dangerous games sometimes it works falsely, maybe sometimes it doesn't work very well. and I don't quite understand how it works, but it allowed me not to buy games based on screenshots and their narrative.
if, in general terms, I do not like games in cartoonish and frivolous stylistics with all sorts of piclerat art inclusive. the exception is the near-realistic graphics of the times of dos and consoles such as shogi megadrive. then 2D games with flat graphics of a level section or a very vertical top view are not welcome. it is the most powerful line of defense that protects me from evil. So for example, I did not play in space rangers and I did not remember what kind of game it was, although I probably heard and saw its screenshots. but my mind collapsed it at once.
followed probably by the gamut design and stylistic narrative and genre of the game. at this stage, games are excluded, the levels of which are simple and clearly sharpened for game design, but so be I notice everything square, huge landings, all games like "dollhouse" everything that is tactics and turn-based and everything that is steampunk, since at the moment this is a stylistic direction for me not interested.
followed by the great edict of Nogamez according to which I solemnly do not play games that do not have an offline mode. where I am extremely suspicious of chewers and battlefields. although I might like the game.
and further philosophy is such that the more elements in the online game, the more it will shift to a little bad.
next comes the incentive system. I'm interested in games like RPG or with its elements. I'm interested in fantasy and quasi medieval games. GTA similar games are attractive. not attractive about strategy games and managers. not interesting games about sports except maybe cars to the rest of neutrality.
further whether this game is openwold. where its size and flooring are of interest, I am not very keen on games with developed vertical gameplay and compact locations. good reastically or near realistically filled locations are a reason for a good game. games that show massive environments like 3D clouds and potentially predominantly accessible landscape at the junction of the environments will make me stand up. so a huge empty and meaningless openwold for the sake of openwold is a lot of pulling power to covet the game.
and the final closing cornerstone is grapooon. there is a special grapho analysis for this, which mainly deals with reflection lighting and especially massive lighting if it can be pulled out of the rollers. so for example, Skyrim zoomed me with the fact that I thought that I thought that there would be 3D-shaped volumetric clouds or clouds with textures that react to the angle of light when there the dovahkin yells and the camera flies while there were some kind of Windows shadows ... then I am interested in modern games type of global illumination - those I'm looking for reflections of uncorrected light and transitions to honey dark and not dark with all the softness of shadows. grafon is omnipotent and omnipotent and can induce me to play any shit game if it is super duper breakthrough and it happened that I tried to play only for the sake of some kind of graphic like mafia 2 for the sake of physics. GRAAAfoon !!!!.
if there is no grafon or it is insufficient in my opinion, then it starts to cause some kind of neglect. so, for example, I remember the video dragon age original ... the most beautiful RPG of the decade ... I watched a couple of times and came to singing fright and confusion and later the lack of dynamic lighting was recalled and dragon age 2, despite its dx11 and tessellation ...
and also games thematically which are of interest to me at the moment. Those I remember that there were some kind of games there, presumably with some kind of mechanics, style or something, and I start to look at their work except for the games that were blocked on the fly to consciousness and I do not reliably know about their existence.
and there are games of respected series, and if the game is called the successor of a series of sacramental games, an in-depth test of such a game begins.
So for example, I somehow watched the video, which was dedicated to the fret racing club - I did not know anything about this game until that day besides its name. I only understood the game from the advertising posts of the magazine that was not this game and I will even invite an article from the magazine about the game embedded on the original engine from the lrk because there were soap shaders. and so my Peka consciousness saved me from many horrors of the industry and the faces of the grafon. and so it probably happens with all the information about which I do not know.
for everyone sees only what he wants to see.

Protocol10 19.08.21


I haven't thought about it for a long time. It turns out that the game was bought / downloaded, passed, deleted, forgotten, maybe after a while it passed again. Selection by genre, project ambition, developers' fame. I play plots RPG, action, shooter. Now, almost everything is known about most games before the release. Dark horses, that the game came out a bomb from nouns, about which no one knew anything, this does not happen.

kurskiy 19.08.21

I read the description, look at screenshots, look at reviews, sometimes watch videos with gameplay. In fact - for good luck, because it's still a kind of lottery.

requiemmm 19.08.21

I go to the tracker and look at the description of the distribution. If there are at least a couple of points that interest me, I download it for a try. I don’t think it’s a secret for anyone that at the moment we have already seen everything in gaming. Even the freshest novelty is just a remaster / remake / free retelling of a previously released project and the only question is whether a gamer played it or not :) You need to find something for which you could play it, say, a cute character design, general style graphics, some gameplay tricks, in general, something to catch on. But this does not mean that I will try to complete this game. If she pisses me off, say, with an absurd height with a grindwall or with very primitive combat mechanics, as in many Asian games, she will fly off the propeller in a moment.

Minted coin 19.08.21

Someone fell asleep and needs to be woken up?
Please correct the error in the theme name.

Before downloading, I look for information on gaming sites, read reviews and reviews, look at screenshots. I don’t read the reviews and I don’t watch any videos, except for the official trailers. By the method of elimination, I choose which game to download from the torrent.
• Genre exclusively: strategy, RPG, action, shooter (can be combined).
• Full Russian localization is required (Russian voice acting).
• If there is a GG, then exclusively male (tomb raiders, portals, controls and others like them go
through the forest) • The complete absence of dirt and debris in the form of politics, hidden advertising, distortion of historical facts, non-traditional creatures.
• The studio (s) developing the game must not be Japanese or Korean.
• The style of rendering should not be a cartoon daub (anime, comics, cel-shaded and others like them go not only to the forest, but also to the farm - to fish).
• The game should not have a hard limit on frames per second.

Kvasilich 19.08.21

You need a trained eye to choose something worth the time from a ton of modern games (80% of which are slag). If this is a previously released game, I'm guided by info and reviews, incl. about the developer. For example, negative reviews on Steam help to identify the weaknesses of the player and assess how significant they are when meeting in person. If the game has not yet been released, I watch trailers, previews and annotations, + I check whether this game is a continuation of the series or a game I liked before, or I assess the similarity with already known projects (fortunately, now gameplay ideas and mechanics are constantly borrowed, copied and combined). But the fundamental selection criteria are the same as in the liter / cinema - genre and author / developer, as well as visual and sound design, moreover, the budget of the product is not so important - often an indie from a kickstarter can be more attractive than a triplelay from eminent game devs. The predisposition to one or another genre / style / setting is individual, as well as dislike, and you need to build on from this (what for to eat cabbage if there is a potato ©).

Emris_ua 19.08.21

Katanar wrote:
What is important to you?
SpoilerBuy a game you haven't played yet. Install it and go through. The next one follows the same principle - the main thing is to start on my old man !!! :)

Keks 07.10.21

Usually this is the continuation of any favorite series of games. It happens that at e3 or another game-exhibition the trailer of the game will be of interest. Well, or at first I watch the passage on YouTube and, if it does, then I can already personally familiarize myself with the game.

Nanwea 07.10.21

With the experience of many games under my belt, I look at the gameplay corny - it is now easy to determine whether the game will be interesting or not, because if there are no catchy mechanics, animations, concepts, etc. raisins, then you can safely skip because the plot has not been in games for a long time, the developers only want to make money grabbing without straining the last few years.