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arsenalfan88 21.10.21 11:28 pm

2 Days to Vegas

New screenshots, gameplay
[url = http: //games.tiscali.cz/clanek/screen.asp? Id = 8921 & s = 1] http://games.tiscali.cz/clanek/screen.asp?id=8921&s=1 [/ url]
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Sugaroverdose 21.10.21

this game is not worthy of the topic =

ACE 21.10.21

[quote name = "Richy"] Damn, PSU has already gotten sick of the foul-smelling duffel to dig out. These screenshots are more than three years old, I personally saw them myself - they were filmed even before the release of that unforgettable techno demo that was discussed today, even before the X360 and PS3 appeared. [/ Quote]

gravemaker 21.10.21

here is a normal screen from the latest "theoretically on the engine"
[img] http://www.psu.com/media/articles/2d2v_feature_01.jpg [/ img]

SoulGrabber 21.10.21

[b] gravemaker [/ b], in this I would "theoretically" play: D

czpukmen 21.10.21

[quote] New screenshots, gameplay
[url = http: //games.tiscali.cz/clanek/screen.asp? id = 8921 & s = 1] http://games.tiscali.cz/clanek/screen.asp?id= 8921 & s = 1 [/ url] [/ quote]
Already sucked - the screenshots are not new, they are already about 3 years old.

Danny 21.10.21

BUT Girl Surfer said the game looked terrible.

ACE 21.10.21

[b] Danny [/ b], she probably saw screenshots from three years ago

Danny 21.10.21

IT :-D

Chicago 21.10.21

[quote name = "gravemaker"] here is a normal screen from the latest "theoretically on the engine"
[img] http://www.psu.com/media/articles/2d2v_feature_01.jpg [/ img] [/ quote]
My kind of professional the eye sees that this is pure CG! We will not see such graphics for a couple of next generations.

Guest 21.10.21

her, the edge on the steering wheel in CG?

sheffield 21.10.21

[b] dmishe [/ b], Not only on the steering wheel, the entire dashboard in them and the graph is just iname

[color = green] [size = 75] Added after 2 minutes 24 seconds: [/ size] [/ color]

[ b] Chicago [/ b], what an eye, I'm sorry, it obviously fails you :-D

Dan4MerC 21.10.21

I don't know, it seems to me that it will never get to the release, and even if it does, it will be strangled by GTA4, and if GTA does not do its job, the mafia2 will help it

arsenalfan88 21.10.21

[url = http: //www.psu.com/PSU-Exclusive--2-Days-2-Vegas-Gameplay-Demo-Feature--a0002502-p0.php] http://www.psu.com/ PSU-Exclusive - 2-Day ... 502-p0.php [/ url]
[url = http: //www.xboxfront.de/news-746-10161-2_Days_To_Vegas.html] http: // www. xboxfront.de/news-746-10161- ... Vegas.html [/ url]

Chicago 21.10.21

It's just that in game smoothing is always visible ... this reflexivity, but there is no such thing in the CH.
And what, what are the edges? We took the model of the car from the game, put the GG in it and rendered it.

_One 21.10.21

Even the first screenshots were simple drawings in 3Dmax, and after the video I was 100% convinced that no game exists, and this "project" will be canceled this year.

czpukmen 21.10.21

[quote] Even the first screenshots were prstymi drawings in 3Dmax, and after the movie I am 100% convinced that no game does not exist, and the abolition of the "project" this year. [/ quote]
techno demo of this, as the screenshot about 3 years.

Kaen 21.10.21

There is nothing incomprehensible about this game, I doubt that the game will turn out better than the same GTA, but at the level of Saitns Row it is quite, although who knows!

Sultan 21.10.21

[b] Kaen [/ b], she certainly won't make it to Sr, at the same pace. : roll: