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SuperFedya 21.10.21 11:28 pm

The best games of the genre

[size = 200] Would you like to help with the creation? Join [url = http: //forums.gamemag.ru/groupcp.php? G = 28457] [color = # BF40FF] GM Dev ™ [/ color] [/ url] [/ size]

[size = 150] [ color = # 004080] Zone Of The Enders [/ color] [/ size]
Beautiful story, brilliant production, pleasant music, but horrible controls and sluggish gameplay for an amateur ... The MGS2 demo on disc was one of the few incentives to buy the game. And yes, here's another ... the producer is Hideo Kojima himself. I think it's not worth continuing further.

Released - 2001
Platform - PlayStation2
[url = http: //www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/searchresult.asp? Term = Zone + of + the + enders & itemid = 250646] Overall rating [/ url]
[url = http: / /www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/250646.html * FFAQ [/ url]

[size = 150] [color = # 004080] Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner [/ color] [/ size]
The second part of the series turned out to be simply gorgeous. There was no need to worry about the controls, and the super-speed robot action to the cult music "Beyond the bounds" evoked a lot of emotions and adrenaline from the player. The plot is fascinating. The idea is epic. Videos are made in Anime style, except for in-game productions. The special edition of the game has slightly improved graphics, a demo theater, and, most importantly, several new modes, including Versus, which allows you to once again plunge into supersonic combat against any of the bosses at any time. This principle compensates for the short duration of the game itself.

Released - 2003
Platform - PlayStation2
[url = http: //www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/searchresult.asp? term = Zone + of + the + enders & itemid = 561586] Overall rating [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gametrailers.com/ gamepage.php? id = 317] Video [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/561586.html] FAQ [/ url]
[url = http: // forums. gamemag.ru/zone-of-enders-2-vt185899.html?highlight=zone+++enders>GameMAG [/url]

PS >>> Maestro promised the 3rd part for PlayStation3 right after the end of work on Metal Gear Solid 4. Very I would like to believe. And yet ... if someone really wants to listen to the notorious [url = http: //gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/1881] "Beyond the bounds" [/ url].


[align = center] [size = 150] [b] Onimusha: Warlords [/ b] [/ size] [/ align]

[b] Release date: [/ b] March 14, 2001
[b] Developer: [/ b] Capcom
[b] Average score: [ /b] [url=http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/198238.asp?q=Onimusha ]84%
[[ b] Available: [/ b] PS2, Xbox, PC
[b] Awards (not a complete list): [/ b]
[list] [i] "Best of Show" by SIGGRAPH 2000 Computer Animation Festival [/ i]
[i ] "PlayStation 2 Game of the Year" and "Best Action / Adventure Game" at the PlayStation 2 People's Choice Award [/ i]
[i] Prestigious voting award at [url = http: //www.scea.com ] www.scea.com [/ url] [/ i] [/ list]

[b] Forum topics: [/ b]
[url = http: //forums.gamemag.ru/onimusha-warlords-vt67515.html] Onimusha Warlords [/ url]
[url = http: //forums.gamemag.ru/onimusha-na-pk-vt31060.html] Onimusha on PC? [/ Url]

The first part of the samurai saga. The game is similar to Resident Evil with a sword, with a much higher emphasis on action.

Since the game has rendered backdrops, the graphics do not look bad even today. All dialogues in the game are voiced.

The story follows the brave war of Samanosuke Akechi, who fights against the demon Nobunaga. Helping him in this, not an easy matter, is the female Kaede.

Among the shortcomings, the game is short and inconvenient control (as in Resident Evil before the 4th part).

This game is recommended to all fans of action games.

[url = http: //img115.imageshack.us/my.php? image = onimusha0309screen006gr2.jpg] [img] http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/9600/onimusha0309screen006gr2.th.jpg [/ img] [ / url] [url = http: //img115.imageshack.us/my.php? image = onimusha0309screen014dl5.jpg] [img] http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/9682/onimusha0309screen014dl5.th.jpg [/ img] [/ url] [url = http: //img253.imageshack.us/my.php? image = onimusha0130screen034ki9.jpg] [img] http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6311/onimusha0130screen034ki9.th. jpg [/ img] [/ url]

[align = center] [size = 150] [b] Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny [/ b] [/ size] [/ align]

[b] Release date: [/ b] 7 March 2002
[b] Developer: [/ b] Capcom
[b] Average score: [
/b Wavebreakmedia Available: [/ b] PS2
[b] Awards (not a complete list): [/ b]
[list] [i] IGN 2002 Best Adventure Game [/ i] [/ list]

[b] Forum topics: [/ b]
[url = http: // forums.gamemag.ru/onimusha-2-vt78240.html- Onimusha 2 [/ url]

Without a doubt the best part of the series. A bunch of very memorable and different characters, non-linearity (not Fallout, but still), the best storytelling and the best scripted videos. The game has a small village, so it fully conveys the spirit of medieval Japan.

The hero of the game, this time it was the brave Jubei Yagyuu. Several characters will already help him. It is on the interaction with them that will depend on how you go through the game. In which there are several endings.

Without a doubt the best part of the series and Onimusha 2 is a must!


[b] [color = # 0000FF] 1999 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] Medal of Honor [/ b] (PS1) - DreamWorks, EA
[img] http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/ 5448 / mohps1yy6.jpg [/ img]
The founder and founder of the series. The game was released by Steven Spielberg's gaming studio DreamWorks Interactive. For the first time in the game, the pad control appeared in which we are now accustomed to using it (left stick - movement and strafe, right - obzov on the sides and top-bottom). Deep storyline, OSS spy missions, high-quality graphics, multiplayer for two, earned the game high marks and the title of a masterpiece. Chapters character - Lieutenant James Patterson

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2000 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] Medal of Honor: Underground [/ b] (PS1) - DreamWorks, EA
[img] http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/3701/mohugps1ja6.jpg [/ img]
Exactly a year later, the sequel to the acclaimed title came out, and offered the role of a member of the French underground. As always, the game has a good storyline, a dramatic plot, and most importantly, the main character was a woman Manon Batiste (Manon Batiste, also appeared in one of the episodes of the European Assault, but under the name of Manon Du Champs), masterfully wielding all types of weapons. including a Molotov cocktail. The game also received high marks.

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2002 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/alliedassault/us/] Medal of Honor Allied Assault [/ url] [/ b] (PC, MAC) - 2015, EA
[img] http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/1784/aapcoj7.jpg [/ img]
After two years of silence, the series' masterpiece revival is coming to PC. People have never seen such cinematography - real-time cut-scenes integrated into the gameplay, mesmerizing scripts, high realism of what is happening on the screen, and the main character Lt. Mike Powell made the players fall in love with the series. Landing on Omaha Beach in Normandy, spy missions with disguises, authentic architecture and weapons, various weather effects - they all earned top marks!

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/frontline/us/home.jsp] Medal of Honor Frontline [/ url] [/ b] (PS2, XBOX, GC) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/6821/frontlineps2dc2.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/2457/frontlinexboxyu8.jpg [/ img] [img ] http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/7326/frontlinegcnr3.jpg [/ img]
A couple of months after the release of the game on PC, thunder is thundering - the game is released on PS2 (after half a year, the games are also released on other consoles ). Lt. James Patterson leads the story. Omaha Beach, Operation: Market Garden is just a small part of the missions. Highest marks. Console lovers get new hope.
From this point on, the series begins to divide into PC projects and projects for consoles.

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/alliedassault/us/editorial.jsp? src = features] Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead [/ url] [/ b] (PC, MAC - 2003) - DreamWorks, EA
[img] http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/1323/aashpcsx6.jpg [/ img]
For the PC version, an addition is released from the creators of the original MoH, which turns out to be no worse than AA. Gorgeous cut-scenes "from the eyes" with a parachute landing, plot and graphics earns all the same high marks. The main personages are Sgt. Jack Barnes.

[b] Medal of Honor Underground [/ b] (GBA) - Destination Software, Rebellion, EA
[img] http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/6692/mohuggbatz2.jpg [/ img]
Reissue-port of MoH: U with PS1 for handheld game console from Nintendo GBA. Inconvenient controls, weak graphics played their part. The game received average marks.

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2003 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/alliedassault/us/breakthrough_editorial.jsp? src = breakthroughfeatures] Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough [/ url] [/ b] (PC, MAC) - TKO Software, EA
[img] http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/7641/aabtpcbq2.jpg [/ img]
This time add-on for AA, takes us to Africa. The main character is Sgt. John Baker. The game gets medium-high marks.

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/risingsun/us/] Medal of Honor Rising Sun [/ url] [/ b] (PS2, XBOX, GC) - EALA, EA
[ img] http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/2310/rsps2he7.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img68.imageshack.us/img68/893/rsxboxol8.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/5949/rsgcsh3.jpg [/img]
Continuation of the series for consoles. This time the game is being released simultaneously for all consoles. The game describes the events of Pearl Harbor and everything that followed them - Manila, Guadacanal, Singapore. A deep, dramatic plot, "letters from home", a full sense of the hero's experiences. My favorite part of the game. In my opinion, I undeservedly received "average" marks. A distinctive feature of the PS2 version of the game was the ability to play online. The XBOX and GC versions could only offer story co-op and split-screen deathmatch, which was also present in the PS2 version. Main character: Corporal Joseph Griffin (Cpl. Joseph Griffin).

[b] Medal of Honor Infiltrator [/ b] (GBA) - Netherock, EA
[img] http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/1861/infiltratorgbajy3.jpg [/ img]
The next game for the GBA was a success. Unlike the "older" brothers, it was already at fps, and a top-side view of the main character. Funny gameplay, variety of missions gave the game high marks. The owners of the GBA and GC received a nice bonus, when connecting the GBA with this game to the GC, they were able to use the GBA as a card in the MoH Rising Sun game. The protagonist of the game: Corporal Jake Murphy (Cpl. Jake Murphy).

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2004 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/pacassault/us/] Medal of Honor Pacific Assault [/ url] [/ b] (PC) - DreamWorks, EA
[img] http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/7439/papcnj3.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img403.imageshack.us/ img403 / 5571 / padcpcwu4.jpg [/ img]
The next part for PC comes out 2 years after the acclaimed AA in 2002, and describes the events taking place in the game Rising Sun - Pearl Harbor, Guadacanal, Singapore, Manila. The game was released in two versions - the regular one and the Director's Cut with the addition of the BAR light machine gun. The game turned out to be graphically great - all the newfangled effects were used in the game, shaders, etc. The game received high marks. Character: Pt. Tom Conlin, who during the game is promoted to the rank of Corporal.

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2005 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/official/moh/europeanassault/us/home.jsp] Medal of Honor: European Assault [/ url] [/ b] (PS2, XBOX, GC) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/4379/eaps2ng5.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/3907/eaxboxwg3.jpg [/ img] [img ] http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/9678/eagcgz5.jpg [/ img]
Another continuation of the console version of the game. Unlike the previous series, we are given the opportunity to control the squad - to give them some commands, and to control the movement. Succeeded. The game is very diverse, we are thrown from the African desert to the snow-covered Soviet Union and Europe. Partisans, Soviet soldiers, speeches in Katyushas, ​​all this gives the game a special flavor. Character: Lieutenant William Holt

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2006 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/psp/medalofhonor_heroes/] Medal of Honor Heroes [/ url] [/ b] (PSP) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/3158/heroespspei6.jpg [/ img]
Exclusive version for the portable entertainment center from Sony PSP! In the game we have to meet our old acquaintances, real heroes - Jimmy Patterson, John Baker, and William Holt. Which we have to describe the missions that were left behind the scenes of the previous series. The game has a strong multiplayer component - a rating system, etc.
The game was a success, the scores are high!

[b] [color = # 0000FF] 2007 [/ color] [/ b]
[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/medalofhonorvanguard/] Medal of Honor Vanguard [/ url] [/ b] ( PS2 / Wii) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/8007/vanguardps2uf0.jpg [/ img] [img] http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/7152/vanguardwiikl8 .jpg [/ img]
Airborne Veria for PS2 and Wii - Parachute Landings. First on earth, First in battle!
You take on the role of Cpl. Frank Keegan, Corporal of the 82nd Parachute Division, and take part in key battles in which the renowned division took part, from the first landing in Sicily to the victorious end.

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/moh/airborne/index.jsp] Medal of Honor Airborne [/ url] [/ b] (PS3, XBOX360, PC) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/5443/airborneps3mz0.jpg [/img] [img] http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/2567/airborne360go8.jpg [/ img] [img] http: //img87.imageshack.us/img87/6530/airbornepcgg8.jpg [/img]
The first series in the game to be released on "all" platforms. Landings with parachutes. First on earth, First in battle! Main character: Private First Class Boyd Travers (Pfc. Boyd Travers).

[b] Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 [/ b] (PSP, Wii) - EALA, EA
[img] http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/3357/mohheroes2pspin9.gif [/ img] [img] http : //img523.imageshack.us/img523/1445/mohheroes2wiipl0.gif [/ img]
Back to basics: spy OSS missions in the rear, that's where Medal of Honor began. The version for Wii, along with the standard mode and full support for the Wii Zapper, will offer a "shooting gallery" option for passing the game - the character will move by himself, and the player will only need to aim in time. Main character and character: OSS agent John Berg (OSS Operative John Berg)

[b] [color = # BF00FF] Canceled games [/ color] [/ b]
[b] Medal of Honor: Fighter Command [/ b] (PS2) - EALA, EA
The game was prepared in an exclusive version for PS2, and had to become a flight simulator of the Second World War.

[b] [color = # BF00FF] Collections / Bundles: [/ color] [/ b]
[b] Medal of Honor Twin Pack [/ b] (PS1)
[img] http://img463.imageshack.us/img463 /6456/mohtwinpackvc2.jpg [/ img] European
edition of both Medal of Honor series for PS1

[b] Medal of Honor Allied Assault Deluxe Edition [/ b] (PC, MAC)
[img] http: //img407.imageshack .us / img407 / 5388 / aadxpcjf1.jpg [/ img]
Sbonic includes Allied Assault, Spearhead add-on, soundtrack, Walkthrough Guides, and "Creation" CD.

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/redesign/games/pccd/mohaa_warchest/home.jsp] Medal of Honor War Chest [/ url] [/ b] (PC, MAC)
[img] http : //img58.imageshack.us/img58/6623/warchestpcrl3.jpg [/ img]
Includes Allied Assault, 2 add- ons released to it (Spearhead and Breakthrough), Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault soundtrack, Guides completing every mission, every expansion on the disc, and interviews with WWII veterans.

[b] [url = http: //www.ea.com/moh/collection/] Medal of Honor Collection [/ url] [/ b] (PS2)
[img] http://img408.imageshack.us/img408 /4644/mohcollectionof7.gif [/img]
Exclusive collection for PS2 (only for US-NTSC), which includes all games in the series released on consoles - Frontline, Rising Sun, European Assault.

[b] EA World War II Collection - The Ultimate WWII Combat Expereience [/ b] (PC)
[img] http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/4666/wwiicollectionwp0.jpg [/ img]
Collection of games from EA. The collection includes 3 games:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - 2015, EA
Battlefield 1942 - Digital Illusions, EA
Secret Weapons over Normandy - LucasArts

[b] EA Warfare Collection [/ b] (PC)
[img] http: // img444. imageshack.us/img444/6132/eawarfarect9.gif [/img]
A collection of games, the collection includes:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - 2015, EA
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault - EALA, EA
Battlefield 1942 - Digital Illusions, EA
Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome - Digital Illusions, EA
Battlefield Vietnam Redux - Digital Illusions, EA

[b] The World of EA Games [/ b] (PC, MAC)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - 2015, EA
Black & White Deluxe - Lionhead Studios, EA
Freedom Fighters - IO Interactive, EA
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - EA

[b] [color = # BF00FF] Regalia [/ color] [/ b]
All console versions were awarded Platinum Reissue

[b] [color = # BFBFBF] Platinum [/ color] [/ b] and [b] [color = # FF0000] Greatest Hits [/ color] [/ b], for Europe and America - [b] [color = # 0000FF] PS2 [/ color] [/ b]
[color = # 00BF00] [b] Classics [/ b] [/ color] for [b] [color = # 00BF00] XBOX [/ color] [/ b]

[b] [color = # BF00FF] Technologies [ / color] [/ b]
[b] Medal of Honor Allied Assault [/ b] (+ 2 add-ons) used a modified Quake III Arena engine from id Software and UberTools from Ritual.
[b] Medal of Honor Pacific Assault [/ b] was built on modified Lithtech Jupiter technology from Monolith Productions.
[b] Medal of Honor Airborne [/ b] is built on the graphics core Unreal Engine 3.0. Initially planning to use RenderWare 4.0


[size = 150] [color = # 800000] Devil May Cry [/ color] [/ size]
It all started and was conceived by Capcom as a one-part story about the half-breed devil - Dante, but grew into a whole saga about him with everyone popping out.

Released - 2001
Platform - PlayStation2
[url = http: //www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/searchresult.asp? term = devil + may + Cry & itemid = 445101] General price [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gamefaqs.com/console/ ps2 / game / 445101.html] FAQ [/ url]

[size = 150] [color = # 800000] Devil May Cry 2 [/ color] [/ size]
The second part was not successful. In fact, it was about nothing. The combat mechanics were redone, and this was not to the liking of adepts and just amateurs. The bottom line is low sales and not exactly a failure, but a mistake - that's for sure.

Released - 2003
Platform - PlayStation2
[url = http: //www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/searchresult.asp? Term = devil + may + Cry & itemid = 561241] Overall rating [/ url]
[url = http: // www .gametrailers.com / gamepage.php? id = 318] Video [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/561241.html] FAQ [/ url]

[size = 150] [color = # 800000] Devil May Cry 3 [/ color] [/ size ]
The third part did the impossible - it bypassed the first, taking from it everything that was pleasant and loved, and added a lot of new things. The game is a hurricane slasher with an amazing combat system that includes several fighting styles. An intriguing plot with perfectly staged Cut-scenes does not allow you to catch your breath for a second. The game itself takes place in a period when the devil was still young and daring ... and he had a brother.

Released - 2005
Platform - PlayStation2
[url = http: //www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/searchresult.asp? Term = devil + may + Cry & itemid = 920607] Overall rating [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php? id = 23] Video [/ url]
[url = http: //www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/920607.html] FAQ [/ url]
[url = http: //forums.gamemag.ru/devil-may-cry-3-vt193426.html? highlight = devil + may + cry] GameMAG [/ url]

Everyone liked the game so much that Capcom did sweet candy for the third part. The add-on featured improved graphics, increased frame rates, the ability to complete the game by Dante's brother Virgil, and therefore added another fighting style. The holiday has come to PC owners as well. The port is of course no_ah_ti. but they say that with the pad on the PC it is played tolerably.
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