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Clever Fox 31.01.22 01:53 pm


Good day!
I decided to create a topic about Palmistry, I
've just been doing this myself for a year, and maybe there are other Palmists on the forum.
And yes, I would love to hear your opinion!
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Basil 31.01.22

Please explain what palmistry is?

Clever Fox 31.01.22

Palmistry is the science of reading a person's hands about his past, future, present and his inner self.

Clever Fox 31.01.22

historically, it so happened that for the length of life. the line of life answers (around the thumb), but in fact this is a delusion.
The length of life is rather difficult to calculate, and this is done by a cumulative analysis of the lines of the mind (intellect, head), heart, and life. these three main lines that are on each hand

vitmen 31.01.22

which one is the line of the mind, heart and head.

Clever Fox 31.01.22

the line of the mind, and the head, this one line just has a lot of names - the second horizontal line
The line of the heart - the first horizontal line

tenant 31.01.22

Looks like I'm a smart long-liver :)

-HaZ- 31.01.22

When they told me that I would have 5 children, I was very surprised.

LeshiyX 31.01.22

What exactly does the line of life mean? Someone told me that this is not life expectancy. What then?

PS Clever Fox Throw on soap the bible of satanists.

Clever Fox 31.01.22

The presence of the fact that these three lines are long does not mean that you will live long.
The life line reflects many things: illness, human fatigue, death, nervous experiences and much more,
but as for the children of men, it means not that, for example, there will be 5 children, but that a man with 5 children will have a great spiritual connection. Most often these are children, but it happens in different ways ....
PS I threw it a long time ago

A.Soldier of Light 31.01.22

I used to be fond of, but now I forgot some things. Undoubtedly, an interesting area of ​​u200bu200bknowledge (officially, it seems to be not science)

Clever Fox 31.01.22

officially no, of course, who will especially bother ....

Trebel 31.01.22

What if the line of fate comes from the line of life?

Observing_Vampire 31.01.22

no one will tell you ...
palmists have already left ...
topic 2006 ...

Ice_nigga 31.01.22

From the phrase - f*ck toil ...


I associate palmistry with the word necromancy: D. I don’t know why.

Le_Mans 31.01.22

What if the line of fate comes from the line of life?
It means a strong influence of the family, parents in youth on life, the formation of a worldview, ... - unless, of course, you formulated it correctly ...
but if you are interested, read books, since there are a lot of them now.

From the phrase - f*ck toil ...
Do not rush to make your judgment about what you do not understand ...

Hundred tichka 31.01.22

From the phrase - f*ck toil ...
Do not rush to make your judgment about what you do not understand ...

BU go ha! Yes, all this is complete bullshit, only those who don’t understand this at all try to pretend to be smart and say: “you don’t understand this”, and the rest of the sane people just send this nonsense to the right place

Vuzya 31.01.22

I agree with the post above .. Therefore, by the way, I did not post in this thread.

Father Victorius 31.01.22

Heromancy is the name of a condom in ancient Greece.

Le_Mans 31.01.22

that way