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Katanar 28.02.23 08:36 pm

What are the most unoptimized, slow games you remember?

I immediately remember Batman: Arkham Knight, such a fucked up game. For some reason it seems to me that before, the games were more optimized, and they tried better on them ...

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Ar4er2016 28.02.23


Beliar's Chosen 28.02.23

Gothic 3.

Youxyxol 28.02.23

Beliar's Chosen One
How did this product on my Pentium 4 once lag ... xD

Dogmeat 28.02.23

Stalker all parts. Bugged garbage, didn’t pass it at the start, and then Fallout 3 and New Vegas came out and scored on the stalker for obvious reasons.

Denis Kyokushin 28.02.23


Dogmit wrote:
Stalker all parts

The stalker freezes, but does not slow down. Although, Clear Sky in DX10 and smoothing x4 made it possible to shit from the sun's rays during dawn.

Kvasilich 28.02.23

Kingdom Come Deliverance, why go far...
Previously, games were technologically simpler, it was easier to track down errors, plus the responsibility was higher due to distribution on physical media. Now large games not only require a lot of development capacity, but Internet technologies allow you not to worry about polishing and release tons of patches, dlc, updates and other patches without wasting time and resources. your cap)

igroman777 28.02.23

That's right, Batman: Arkham Knight, like AC Unity. Of the latter, the Blair Witch game was remembered, there is no graphon, but it eats resources. Here Resident evil 5 at the time of release had an excellent picture and optimization

Lex one 28.02.23

All building strategies.
Anno, stellaris, cities series, tropico, starts to lag after a certain threshold.
Separately, I can remember sims 3, lineage 2.

Katanar 28.02.23

Of course, before the games were simpler, there was not so much glamor that they are shoving into games right now. While the games haven't been this fancy before, many of them looked great and didn't slow down too much. At that time my computer was weak, and then Max Payne, Weiss City went well on it. Right now, it seems to me that the developers are focusing more on graphics, maybe this is correct in some sense, but there is nothing revolutionary right now. That's right, right now the developers have everything to make games, and then they do all sorts of hats. And before the pioneers, perhaps they did even better.

requiemmm 28.02.23

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA? With PS2-level graphics, this sucky port manages to freeze and crash.
Conan Exiles, which started working normally only after transferring to SSD and adding RAM up to 32 gigs.
dirt: origin of the species, if you look back. It slows down on my current computer, and at the time of release, this piece of shit did not work for anyone with an acceptable fps. By the way, a great example of a game that is bad in everything at once. There is not a single successful and stable element in it, so if you want your least favorite game to seem not so bad, I recommend trying dirt :)

Moron Dark 28.02.23

Escape from Tarkov

pecabir 28.02.23

GTA 4. the most delicious spit in pooka gaming.
Well, Detroit back Human of course. this shit manages to devour all the power of the processor, moreover, nothing super graphonic happens on the screen. the first time I see a game that rests only on the percentage

Denis Kyokushin 28.02.23


pecabir wrote:
the first time I see a game that rests only on the percentage

What location and what settings?

pecabir 28.02.23

Denis Kyokushin
is the very first mission for the dark one for example. in the park and on the street, all 6 cores are loaded to the very tomatoes at any settings. on the old quad-core, there was generally a tin, even in the smallest resolution, the game loaded the entire percentage. patches did not seem to fix it much

Denis Kyokushin 28.02.23

Do you remember at the beginning of the game?

pecabir 28.02.23

Denis Kyokushin
is essentially the beginning of the game. the first loca for conor flew even on gtx970 i7 4790

Denis Kyokushin 28.02.23

At the beginning of my demo it was like this:



Proc 4/8 loaded up to 73%, but the load on the CPU is unstable

Night TV 28.02.23

I just have an ad-top on this topic
1.Xcom 2
2.Dishonored 2
3.Battlefield 5
I have never seen anything worse

sky game 28.02.23

Arma1,2. Xenus: Boiling point 1.2

dilat 28.02.23

Postal 3. This shit on Source managed to lag