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AlexanderYA 13.09.19 09:55 pm

Inventory Editor (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey)

This table ?heat Epdp intended to replace the normal skins/vehicles/team vehicle and so on. to those that are sold for Helix and not only.
Table suitable both for the License and Pirates

Getting multiple items
Open +Inventory ->+Inventory: Get Item (external hook)->+Bulk Get Item (packs,quests,materials). Then double click on the label next to any script (for example +Get Athena Pack (8pcs) (editor script).
There are looking for key pIIDList: //512 slots max and add / change the list type this:

Then click OK and activate the script as usual. All items will be added to the machine.
Values can be 512

Description of the functions
+Inventory: Get Item
+Single Get Item
Allows you to receive automatic single subject
HashID field Value (Value), type the desired ID
Level select the type of the object
Toggle to Get activate Single Item to add into the game
+Bulk Get Item (packs,quests,materials)
+Get Crafting Materials
This function allows to obtain a material for crafting in quantity of 1 PC.
Activate the desired material and it will appear in quantity 1 PC.
+Get Quest Items
This feature allows you to receive quest item in quantity 1 PC.
Activate the desired quest item and it will appear in quantity 1 PC.
+Get Abstergo Pack (10pcs) and other
This function allows you to obtain all set for Helix
Activate the desired set and it will appear in the game.
+Inventory: Item Swap (Semi-Automated)
This function allows you to replace the item
1. Put on any item. (value will be updated)
2. Insert into Value(Value) ID from the table.
3. Activate and the subject will appear in the game.
+Inventory: Editor
This function replaces the subject, as well as its perks.
1. Before operating table CE make saving the game.
2. You will need to change the column Value(Value), in the lines pItem, pPerk1, pPerk3, pPerk4. It is not recommended to iminate the value in the rows HashId.
3. CE to activate cheat Editor/Inventory Editor or the/Ship Cosmetics.
4. In the game go to your Inventory and select the desired subject for replacement. CE table filled with values of the selected item(donor). This donor we will replace with something else.
5. Recommendation:
Choose a donor whose Perk1 same type as the armor you want to. If you select another donor, then when you upgrade the blacksmith will fly pPerk1 to the one that was the donor.
For example: if your armor Perk1 = 15% the Damage of a warrior, then choose a donor who is also Perk1 xx% Damage of the warrior. Interest is unimportant, it is important that this is also the Damage of a warrior.
6. Now actually looking for the needed gear through HashId
7. in CE in the Search field(Search) select 8 bytes(8 bytes), and mark a tick HEX.
Inserted into the HEX string Hashid from an Excel spreadsheet. Should get one search result. If gave more than 1 second, then try the alternative method below in paragraph 9
8. Take the value found, namely, the Address(Address) and take away 10 from it using a Hex calculator
You can also use the standard Windows calculator mode(programmer) ) or use an online Hex calculator
9. Alternative search method:
- choose the search type as 'Grouped'
- paste the search string BA:1 1:0 2:0x8000 w:4 8:0xHASH
- instead of a HASH to insert value from Excel
- now take the value found, but this time subtract 9 in Hex calculator
10. Now take obtained after computing the number and insert a column Value(Value) in string pItem.
If considered true, then in the HashId will see your Hash you used in the search.
11. Exhibiting the desired Rarity and level.
12. Back in the game and select another item in the same category as the item that you have changed.
Out of Inventory and go at it again. You will see a new armor, but still with the old icon and old name of the donor.
13. Exit the Inventory and do a Quick save (F5) waiting for the icon at the bottom of the screen, do a Quick load (F9) to load.
14. After downloading repeat points (4-10) for all of the perks of the new armor. Looking at the Excel table HashId perks and change pPerk1, pPerk3, pPerk4.
In the new version of the table has a new feature Invenroty/ReferenceSettings, the transfer of the perks is performed by copying from pRefPerk1, pRefPerk3, pRefPerk4 in pPerk1, pPerk3, pPerk4 (after item 13)
Video how to use it

+Inventory: Settings
+Set Crafting Materials
This feature allows you to add/edit craft items
Choose the right material in the Value(Value) write any number and activate
Gear/Storage Capacity
This feature allows you to change the size nasimovo equipment/ volume of the hold
In the Value(Value) enter the desired volume and activate.
+Quests x/y booster
This function allows you to perform such tasks as to kill 250 of the Spartans, the Athenian sink 50 ships and so on.
Activate the function, and one murder is over 30.
+Damage multiplier
Data function multiply the damage for HS or conveyance.
In the Value(Value) enter the desired omnigena and activate.
+XP/Drachma booster
These functions multiply the amount of XP or Drachmas.
In the Value(Value) enter the desired omnigena and activate.
+Map pack booster
This feature allows you to access maps of the fragments of the lefthanded and so on.
The function reset when you exit the game
+Remove Horse Speed Limit
This feature allows you to remove the restriction skorosti horses in the cities.
+Infinite Health: Small Felucca Boat
This feature allows you to make a small boat immortal.

Delete do not destroy" the object
To remove there are 3 ways:
Method 1
This method is suitable if you need to remove multiple copies of the same object
Find ID of the deleted object us (+Inventory / +Inventory Editor / +Inventory Page) Copy the value(Value) in the string Hashid

Next, go (+Inventory / +Inventory: Settings) in the line +Set Crafting Materials click 2 times for script
Will appear this window it is necessary to replace everything as in the screenshot
Next, close the window, activate +Set Crafting Materials, not a window after all are deleted close the window, push F5 (Save), after saving the F9 (boot)Method 2???????? in the editor (+Inventory / +Inventory Editor / +Inventory Page)
You need to copy is empty pItem pItem want to delete, and then perform a quick save(F5) /expected/ quick load(F9)
1. Empty pItem can be obtained either from an empty pPerk2 (Smith), pItem empty shows 0 as HashID
2. Also Empty pItem can be copied from pItemNameOverride, make sure that HashID = 0 Method 3????????? the item you want to delete, something else that we can dismantle.
The horse can replace the conventional Sword and then the Sword can be disassembled.
All updates to the table ?heat Epdp and Excel spreadsheet will be written in the comments.
Download Inventory Editor
Full list ID
ID Sets Helix
Hash List

Why not replace sets on the pirates
Such kits as: the Odyssey, Dionysus, heaven, a Myth. creatures, the Wild boar, the Blessings of Athena and others that will come out, do not work on pirates, because the pirate version 1.0.6, and the data sets been out since 1.0.7 and above.

Similar questions will be deleted!
Previous parts
Part 1|Part 2|Part 3
The author of the description and Excel (rus): AlexanderYA
The author of the tables of the COE and Excel (eng): budabum
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Fill Ant 13.09.19

Got the update and nothing works (

AlexanderYA 13.09.19

Appeared update table SE
Download Inventory Editor you the link
The Excel spreadsheet has already been updated

Leshka 13.09.19

I have one table for cheat engine climbs error?..

Pro100be3yh4uk 13.09.19

Nice table, thank you. Issue and display legs. orichalcum chests and only when included in the table as just a table to turn off the display disappear?

AlexanderYA 13.09.19


alexkirk 13.09.19

for me, the fool steps explain how to use cheat engine. never done this before.

r00ney92 13.09.19

is it possible to remove the object using this table?

Veliar De Dark 13.09.19

you can replace it with another (blue, purple) and crush/sell

L490 13.09.19

CZ, if you come here, write please will you update the table and new packs with DLS?

AlexanderYA 13.09.19

Yes, everything is updated, but it is in output
About updates, I'll write here

AlexanderYA 13.09.19

On our site you can download mobile version of table

Voin1 13.09.19

Why no new versions of pirates? Can't hack? Or wait for the final release all the add-ons?
While playing pirates, but as the game very much, I think I'll have to buy when all the extras come out.

dilat 13.09.19

Both true. A license is definitely worth it

MSDX 13.09.19

Spear of Leonidas from the table. It seems apnut only in the Olympic House (online)?! Because a simple blacksmith can't see it at all (as in the forge of Hephaestus)... Or only handles for the CE?

IDENITY 13.09.19

Yes, only in CE. So did they, because it's all in one mission is used here and decided to just make a model and to elaborate it did not. And especially not thought that people will sit through a program to extract skins in the game, and Donati will be.

dilat 13.09.19

Whether I stupid, whether you have something to confuse. Spear of Leonidas apamsa through artifacts ISU that fall from the dead cultists. No online no need

MSDX 13.09.19

Understood. ATP
Oh, and even skin can not take it to the other stick to pull... And Yes. Noticed that it periodically disappears altogether from the inventory.
Read carefully - we are talking about the Spear of Leonidas from table SE... BUT for the cultists we apaem STUB of the spear (of course this is no problem) =)

dilat 13.09.19

I've seen it from the table. I just remember that it's for the spear and where is it usually, if possible at all. And so, immediately come to mind stub, what was not mentioned

MSDX 13.09.19

Can someone come in handy...

Horse Hades (Ohney) - from DLC"the Fate of Atlantis;
The Hero's sword (from the mission the Fire of Demeter)

AlexanderYA 13.09.19

This is certainly good, but they are issued in the course of the game, so it is not really necessary)