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digitalkid 13.09.19 08:03 pm

Guide to meteorites? (Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey)

If anyone is interested in infa meteorites. Write comments, would complement and correct if somewhere nakosyachil. Scoured the Internet, gone when the smoke of one of the meteorites didn't find anything similar.

Each found a meteorite (be sure to pick up small at the back!), gives +2 genetic fixation in one generation. If we have 6 pups, the one with the meteorite will be 8 genetic fixations, two 10, three 12. It is clear that finding them and the right to collect costs at least save time for a generational change.

Important: All found meteorites - disposable. Inspect and pick them up only with cubs, otherwise it's just a beautiful stone. Do I have to bring them to the refuge is not yet clear.

Meteors fall, when you open a new interesting places. Find one of the places marked with a white rhombus with a question mark, learn, watch the animation of the fall of one or more meteorites. A few days over the crash site as smoke, if you have not picked up the meteorite during this time, you can find it in a small black crater and the charred trees around. Or looking under the spoiler.

Triggers and the fall of meteorites (so far found):

Spoilersi direction taken from the starting location. Just took her for the South, and the direction of movement for the North.

The rock under the waterfall
Starting location. Rhombus hanging over the first asylum pack.
- one meteorite falls in Eastern part of the marsh

Centennial tree
The highest tree between shelter under an overhanging rock, and an orchard. Stands on a cliff and hangs over a valley with a lake. It is easy to find just climbing higher. Rhombus hanging just below the top of the tree.
- one meteorite falls down to the middle of the island alligators
the second falls on the clearing of the wild boar, in between a sanctuary with two waterfalls and a shelter under the cliff collapsed

The top of the mountain
Tall mountain to the West of the lake with the island. Find rhombus hanging above all not go wrong.
- a meteor crashes into the clearing behind the lake

Burnt forest
West of the gorge, green road (?). A small canyon with the charred trees.
- like two meteorite fall in the valley for a green road, leaving the valley with a lake. Or rather not yet.
To be completed. Thank you all!
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Disa_kun 13.09.19

I have every meteorite gave only +1 to genetic fixation. And since the 4th of the meteorite after its selection to be activated any neuron (probably a coincidence).

1st in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite on a small swamp
Located: near the Big swamp, it is guarded by a wild boar
The clip starts: inspection point Cover with the secret waterfall (on the original camp)

2nd in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite among the deadwood
Is: near-point plateau. Descend in a straight line from the point of the highest peak to the high plateau and go a little bit farther, at the foot of the plateau will okruzite and you see the typical black circle
The clip starts: the examination point of highest peak

3rd in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite on the island
Is: point of the Island of crocodiles in the center
The movie runs: when the inspection point is an age-old tree

4th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite next to the flat boulder
Located: midway between the points Cover with dual waterfall and Cover with boneless rock, there's a clearing with a couple of wild boars
The movie runs: when the inspection point is an age-old tree

5th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite from cleared lake
Is: direct point-the Island of the crocodiles to the point the Secret entrance to the cave. In the middle of the road will encounter a large desert area where virtually no trees. In the center of this wasteland will be a meteorite
The clip starts: the examination point of highest peak

6th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite above the cave
Located: above the point of the Cave Shelter with wood butterflies. It is better to move from Cover with an empty pond at the side of the tree butterflies on the top tier of the plateau not far from the river
The clip starts: go point a Trail of green stones and climb up to the hill

7th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite in planting trees Carissa
Located: between the points of the Forest, the swamp and Volcanic rock
The clip starts: go point a Trail of green stones and climb up to the hill

8th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite in the Savannah with a bunch of large boulders
Located in the Savannah between points of cover with the bushes kata and Cover with water buffaloes
The clip starts: go point a Trail of green stones and climb up to the hill

9th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite near cotton tree
Located in the Savannah between the points Cover with the drained reservoir and Cover with a pond and dam. Almost next to the Cover with the drained pond
The clip starts: the examination point in the Savannah Shelter with a stone in the form of arrows

10th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteor in rocky terrain
Located in Savannah from the Shelter with a pond and a dam to the Shelter with a secret source
The clip starts: the examination point in the Savannah Shelter with a stone in the form of arrows

11th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite among baobabs
Located in the Savannah not far from the point the Shelter of the baobabs. Pass upstream before the separation of the river and then along the left Bank in the rocks looking for a distinctive black circle
The clip starts: the examination point in the Savannah Shelter with a stone in the form of arrows

12th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite in the desert
Located in the desert not far from the point Tower on the beach. To move from the tower to the shore of the ocean diagonally to the right
The clip starts: the examination point in the Savannah Shelter of the baobabs

digitalkid 13.09.19

Disa_kun wrote:
I have every meteorite gave only +1 to genetic fixation.
Yeah, that's just understood. How many cubs on the primacy hanging when the place of falling of the examine, so many genetic fixation get. Picked one too small, got +1. Sadness at all and saves no.

Damn, 2 of the meteorite from written missed. Fixed and already knows where he went.

Disa_kun 13.09.19

Completed the map of all the meteorites

Guest 22.02.20

How is it?

Guest 14.05.20

Best map i seen so far. Does anyone have it in english?

Guest 11.06.20

ANCESTORS THE HUMANKIND ODYSSEY -MAP- About the map Location of the meteorite Jungle / Secret waterfall 2 Twin arches 3 Bolotoy Bolot o 26 Path from green stones 27 Extinct forest area 28 Caves / Shelter with a deep cave 29 Forest / Shelter with a mountain lake 30 Caves / Shelter with Butterfly Tree. 31 Forest / Shelter at the entrance to the tunnel 32 Rocky pass 33 Forest / Shelter near the tree З4 Secret well 35 Volcanic rock 36 Caves / Shelter with underground garden 37 Forest swamp 38 Forest / Shelter with hillock 39 Forest / Shelter on the border with saran 0 Secret entrance to the cave 41 Great Lake / Shelter with a cave 12 Twin megaliths 43 Waterfall with a thousand ledges M Forest / Shelter with an empty pond 45 Native Waterfalls pond 51 Savannah / Shelter with a pond and a dam 52 Savannah / Shelter with a secret source of water 53 Savannah / Shelter with a hipparion pond about 54 Savannah / Shelter with a stone in the form of an arrow 55 Savannah Shelter with a pond of buffalo 56 Savannah / Shelter with a huge arch 57 Savannah / Shelter with a lagoon and a couple of trees 9 58 Savannah / Shelter with baobabs 59 Destroyed arch 60 Canyon with access to the canyon 61 Canyon / Shallow shelter 4 Shelter with secret waterfall Little Swamp Jungle / Cascade of waterfalls in the rock 5 7 The confluence of two rivers 8 8 Jungle / Shelter under the rock 9 Insulated waterfall 10 Jungle / One cotton tree 11 Great Lake / Dawn Falls 12 The confluence of two rivers about 13 Century-old tree. 14 Orchard 15 Otter Nora 16 Jungle / Speaking boulder 17 Great Lake 18 Jungle / Alpine Plateau 19 High Peak 20 Funnel Arch 21 Great Odero / Shelter under the waterfall 16 Savannah Shelter with kata bushes 22 Swamp by the lake 23 Crocodile Island 24 Great Lake / Shelter on the lake 49 Savannah Shelter with a drained pond 25 Velikiy Odero / Shelter with a collapsed Desert Gate 63 Beach tower 64 Ocean arch 65 Ocean / Sand Garden Oasis b6 Ruined cliffs 67 Mussel beach 68 Ocean / Oasis of the last shelter 69 Alpine plateau 70 Covered gorge 71 The road to the savannah 62 47 Forest / Shelter with a damaged tree 18 Savannah / Shelter on a hill 50 Drying oodopad rock. Gemstones 1 Emerald / ledge on a steep cliff 2 Emerald / Vrshina rocks Blue agate / Shelter with a deep cave 4 Blue agate / Shelter with a butterfly tree 5 Tyrmalin / Upper Volcanic rock Meteorite meteorite / On a small swamp 2 2 Meteorite / Among dry land 3 Meteorite / On the island of crocodiles 4 Meteorite / Near a flat boulder Meteorite / Near a cleared lake 6 Meteorite / Above the cave 7 Meteorite / In a plantation with carissai trees 8 Meteorite / In the savannah with a cluster of boulders 9 Meteorite / Near a cotton tree 10 Meteorite / In a rocky Terrain 11 Meteorite / Among baobabs 12 Meteorite / In the desert 3 5 5 7 10 11 12. godwarz Disa_kun

Voin Bob 22.06.20

7th in the list of achievements Message from space - a Meteorite in planting trees Carissa
Located: between the points of the Forest, the swamp and Volcanic rock
The clip starts: the examination point Trail of green rocks"

Hi, I can not find this point is 34,35,36 markers on the map and still! Is there any way to make screenshots with a point of a meteor, in the surrounding area?

Hector15 22.06.20

Voin Bob
Don't know how guys got here, but I have 6th and 7th meteorites launched point No. 29, Forest/Shelter from mountain lake, and the trail started with just one meteor, No. 8.

The smoke from the meteorite is 4 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes, +5 minutes top.

The effect gives the action of the inspection of the crash site, the meteor does nothing. You can not even take. Just another tool. While the practice is anything special is not confirmed.

Inspection of each location can bring up to 6 points of fixation, the number of kids in the squad who made the discovery.

Visit one place the dark one commits, or immature conventional neuron or napravilsya special mutation of a baby, particular mutations adults have emerged and them the effect won't work.
For example, if you want, you can always get a metabolism in the first 5 minutes of the game on the first inspection of a meteorite. But if other mutations is not in the unit inspection has at least 1 kid without the mutation, he manifested a second special. Works for group with 1-6 kids.
For the visitor from space are all equal.
Media newly-fixed mutations continues to be highlighted among their peers.
In certain approach it is possible to fix a strictly particular mutation and only them.
12 specific mutations without evolution.

Disa_kun 22.06.20

Voin Bob
I have this meteorite was the long search. Also had to wander in that area. Perhaps we should take the advice above about point 29. At the time of finding this meteorite I lived in the shelter, but when viewed point 29 I have a video on meteorites did not run. I need to check creating a new kind of, and interest in the game anymore :)
Text me please if I can find the meteor without inspection points 29 or not. If I do that, tweak the information in the guide and map need to be redone so anyone astray not to enter

Pictures made with brown boulders, near the meteorite a few Bush Yams and is a thick, tall tree with mango fruits

Disa_kun 22.06.20

Hector15 wrote:
Visit one place the dark one commits, or immature ordinary or a special neuron mutation with mutation age restrictions no, they could belong to anyone, including kids.
Not quite understand you. You say that after finding the meteorite, when you make an evolutionary leap reset, secured only mutations adults and older individuals, and mutations in cubs remain with them? If you're talking about something else, please explain. Because I have not seen in game tools to help in the change of generations to fix a mutation - only normal neurons.

Voin Bob 22.06.20

check and unsubscribe, but Certain wrote, and I now doubt, but will he? I have version 1.1 and when I went the green path, I saw only ONE meteor in the video, but in Savannah it just fell and I studied it (a fall) to +6 commits, and one that is 6-Oh, in principle I have in fact already there are 16 commits against Evolution, and therefore can start and three meteorites with rocks as a boom in Savannah, but I want to find the 7th that everything was as it should be!

Hector15 22.06.20

Inspection of the crash site immediately, instead of evolution, captures one of the available special mutation carriers of all ages or one of dark neurons, despite what is. This lottery, in the best traditions of cosmic radiation.

If we have plenty of simple dark neurons, of course, with a high chance to drop one of them. But the fewer the chance of particular mutations above. Ideal when a simple dark not at all. Then the choice is only special.

For example, at the start we have one kid with the metabolism.
Forming all of the first four games of the neuron motor skills, intellect, emotions, and socialization, but do not fasten them, for example, not realizing that this sleeping bag is and why you need it.
Led by curiosity, we find the meteorite.
Normal neurons are formed and are not considered, and the dark, following them yet.
The only loose will be a special mutation of the metabolism.
When the selection consists of 1 element, it always is selected.
Ready, always manifest the metabolism. Despite the fact that it belongs to the baby.

The irony is that, the weaker we at the opening of the meteorites, the more benefit they bring.
Beautiful authors.

And it's so confusing in the first place, the system pop-up messages.
About Novoukrainka neuron/mutation game we won't simply say, mystery. Only lists made available a new acquisition dark neurons, for example, for the metabolism of 6. This first will hang the die is about the discovery of a new place, 24 seconds, and then another message about the EV.achievement, 6секунд. In the end, about the very purchase of no word, and novotony neurons only list will start in half a minute after the event.
The complete data we only get from the menu of the evolution of the sleeping bag.
Not to say that the game for half a minute you can live your little life, especially in the first meteorite, with lots of wildlife. For a player not yet familiar with the features of the game, link already-a long time ago taken a meteorite and some of mutations may be quite obvious, maybe the fight with the animals opened them?
It is not surprising that the topic has acquired a lot of versions and guesses.
Because each player had something very personal. Instead, a common scenario for all.
Affects the high variability of the game.

Neurons and mutations.
Just the simple neuron 5 States:
1. dark appears;
2. white small, formed, in the succession of generations, step of evolution, will be reset to 1;
3. a circle with a dot is activated, do not reset forever;
4. uncommitted white, fold to 3;
5. fixed, finally, forever.

!Important note. In 1-x, dark, manifested a special subgroup.
Spoilerphobes standard, the emerging fulfillment of conditions of activity of the player, there is still
1.1 the Most treacherous . Additionally, it requires a specific mutation.
From such one line of lightning leaves how-to vnikuda, just in time for the future site of a special mutation, and the only clue is at the end of the text description of the neuron, the phrase you will Also need a genetic mutation. Who reads to the end?
While no mutations, no matter how many times you did required a neuron is never formed.

This moment is born of a serious trap for the time and endless rounds of repetition, one of the most frequent reproaches of the game. It seems that a good portion of it is based on non-obviousness of such neurons. Here, I think the authors gave a bobble to obtain mutations, they shouldn't show at all. Absurdities would be less.

On the other hand, knowing about their existence, it is easy to determine that the threshold the development of the current step of evolution. As standard all developed and left only those that require their mutations, which we have not, want-not-want, it's time to go further.

Have specific mutations 4 States:
1.small and dim, there was the baby;
2.large and bright, manifested the adult and the elder;
3. or reset back to General Treasury, the older, when the death of a carrier of the generational shift, if not to enshrine a meteorite or step of evolution. New kids will be able to manifest again on the same basis.
4. or stuck, meteor or step of evolution, forever.

At the start, Metabolism is better not to lose.
Personally, I have, during the step of evolution, mutations special kids is not discharged, and remained just varied randomly.

Voin Bob
Read as Gettor.

Disa_kun 22.06.20

Information enshrined meteorites mutations is interesting. It will be necessary then to check the time.
What meteorites reveal normal neurons, I also noticed and wrote about it, but for me they are of no interest, because in this game the only value are just a genetic mutation.

Ivanvo007 22.06.20

Help to find a meteorite among the dead, as not looking for - is not it. The screen is clearly not superfluous.

Hector15 22.06.20

Deadwood, # 2, and is triggered by one of the three ancient tree.
Which version of the game do you have? In v1.0 is the moment with disappearing meteorite, however, already after the detection.
If there are remaining two runs and this.

On the plateau



the meteorite
Will that suffice?

Located on a plateau on a hill on the left from centuries.
Step one, climb on a plateau, step two, find a meteorite.
Step one.
He walked behind him in two ways, longer and shorter.
The landmark lake in the center of the island of crocodiles. Back to the age-old tree and our first Parking lot on your left-hand river, flowing from the Great lakes. She is our guide.
Back to the lake to the river. Go to the right Bank of the river and climb along it.The waterfall we went around the nearest big tree to the rock not to crawl. Above, there is a place where the shore goes further, and slightly to the right begins the ascent to the top. It is this way.
Moving on, on the left we have the open river, on the right wall, leaving up.
Var.1 going forward, going smoothly to the right, past the cats, along the border of the plateau until you hit a dead end. See the high tree, it's our way upstairs. Climb to the top, jump to the ledge, repeat the second tree, Hooray, we are on a plateau. go right on sticking out of the ground the old tree. Along the way our meteorite.
Var.2 on the way up, stop at cats. Next to her bench, to the right, near the wall of the plateau, lonely dry tree, climb on ledges without difficulty get to plateau faster and to the right of the meteorite. He's ahead of us.

Ivanvo007 22.06.20

Wow, thank you, I quickly found the right place and the meteorite.
It is unlikely you will need this information, but I have officaly epic store v1.1.

Voin Bob 22.06.20

that's just got to play and YES, meteor is NOT there, just exactly found your guidelines of his position, but it is NOT! This is all true without a point 29, didn't open it like, then go. Something in the ARC wanted to play.

So now go back to the rock to open those 3 Meteor. Just wasted drove again to the Green Trails, I thought, maybe I will look again at the already-committed opening and a meteor will fly!

Voin Bob 22.06.20

like you said, the screen is all signed.

If you do not know, then Right click on photo and open in a new window and then it will unfold in full measure.

Voin Bob 22.06.20

The rest of the screenshots at the point 29 and its meteorites:

Disa_kun 22.06.20

Voin Bob
Thanks for checking! Information anywhere where I could have fixed