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digitalkid 13.09.19 11:03 pm

Guide to meteorites? (Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey)

If anyone is interested in infa meteorites. Write comments, would complement and correct if somewhere nakosyachil. Scoured the Internet, gone when the smoke of one of the meteorites didn't find anything similar.

Each found a meteorite (be sure to pick up small at the back!), gives +2 genetic fixation in one generation. If we have 6 pups, the one with the meteorite will be 8 genetic fixations, two 10, three 12. It is clear that finding them and the right to collect costs at least save time for a generational change.

Important: All found meteorites - disposable. Inspect and pick them up only with cubs, otherwise it's just a beautiful stone. Do I have to bring them to the refuge is not yet clear.

Meteors fall, when you open a new interesting places. Find one of the places marked with a white rhombus with a question mark, learn, watch the animation of the fall of one or more meteorites. A few days over the crash site as smoke, if you have not picked up the meteorite during this time, you can find it in a small black crater and the charred trees around. Or looking under the spoiler.

Triggers and the fall of meteorites (so far found):

Spoilersi direction taken from the starting location. Just took her for the South, and the direction of movement for the North.

The rock under the waterfall
Starting location. Rhombus hanging over the first asylum pack.
- one meteorite falls in Eastern part of the marsh

Centennial tree
The highest tree between shelter under an overhanging rock, and an orchard. Stands on a cliff and hangs over a valley with a lake. It is easy to find just climbing higher. Rhombus hanging just below the top of the tree.
- one meteorite falls down to the middle of the island alligators
the second falls on the clearing of the wild boar, in between a sanctuary with two waterfalls and a shelter under the cliff collapsed

The top of the mountain
Tall mountain to the West of the lake with the island. Find rhombus hanging above all not go wrong.
- a meteor crashes into the clearing behind the lake

Burnt forest
West of the gorge, green road (?). A small canyon with the charred trees.
- like two meteorite fall in the valley for a green road, leaving the valley with a lake. Or rather not yet.
To be completed. Thank you all!
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Voin Bob 22.06.20

NSC, you helped me a lot with advice.

Disa_kun 22.06.20

Voin Bob
Glad to be of service, please :)

Guest 09.07.20

Hi Disa_kun, just posted your map (all credits to you) translated to en-US (1033) no other changes whatsoever... I saw a comment asking if there was one in english so here it goes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10n9JNBn1fOwE_l8HR8lVfuAZy2yWfY_h/view?usp=sharing

Guest 01.08.20

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Zere 04.10.20

To the question of the map, found the second Tourmaline in the cave below near the 29th shelter

Guest 26.05.21

There’s been a debate among myself and coworkers regarding the correct use of meteor. We are in agreement that meteoroids are the physical objects outside of the atmosphere and that meteorites are the remnant object from a meteor/meteoroid that has hit the earth’s surface. A meteor is the light phenomenon associated with a meteoroid burning/vaporizing as it enters the atmosphere. What is the appropriate term for the physical object that is vaporizing once it is in the atmosphere? Would the visible light be considered the meteor and the rock object itself a meteoroid until it hits the ground? Or is the rock a meteoroid when it’s outside the atmosphere, a meteor when traveling through the atmosphere, and a meteorite once it hits?

Guest 18.09.21

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Guest 18.09.21

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Guest 22.11.21

Does anyone have it in english?

Guest 24.11.21

How effective is it?

Guest 17.01.22

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