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gl0be 24.07.20 10:06 pm

Weapons (Far Cry 2)

Not anyone by chance knows how to unlock all the weapons in the store?? And too lazy to pass these missions on the weapon.
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Dr. Strangelove 24.07.20

Bastard come on - come on the mission for the weapon...

Kolesnik 24.07.20

Bastard, don't play. Although real, they are the same - get then! :-(

LeMcH 24.07.20

Toko Mysia on the weapon should be!

professor12 24.07.20

Hello! Weapons in the game a lot and it is different (it is very pleasing in the beginning, even teryaesh). Varies according to several factors: the appearance, the sound of a gunshot, purpose, accuracy, ammo, magazine capacity, retention of the target (depending on recoil), the number of shots in one turn, price(usually the more expensive the better), etc..
So compare and consider the most important characteristics of the main weapons.
K - accuracy of fire;
.../... - capacity/number of rounds (projectiles) only;
U - retention purposes;
A:... is the number of shots in the queue.
With the rate of fire.

Secondary weapons.
Pistols: 8/40. I think the best Eagle.50 (better To Have compared to a cheap one) and a pistol with a silencer (high K + quiet).
Grenade launcher M-79: 1/4 (reload after every shot), the projectile flies in a strongly curved parabola (effective only at close range).
Submachine guns MAC-10 and Uzi: 30/150; About:30. At WT-10 above With and just below the K. the Difference is small.
Shotgun honey is the best.

The weapon.
Assault from worst to best:
FN FAL (rifle): 30/150; O:30; low K and U.
AK-47 (same).
AR-16 (with optical sight): 30/150; A:3; is slightly better than the U. K and About the sight: cons - far; when I look in the sight of a bad review (in its massiveness it closes more than half of the screen, more than sniper rifles!); plus selea dot in the center of acular.
G3-K44: 30/150; O:30; high K and U.
MP-5 with silencer: 30/150; O:30; due to the low recoil is very good To Have; quiet (a huge plus).

Not upamyanut grenade launcher MGL-140: 4/16; very high accuracy (the projectile flies almost directly) even without using the optical sight; high (almost like a gun); a large radius of destruction. A very effective weapon at close and especially long distances.
Sniper rifle:
The worst M1903: 5/45; cheapest; pulls the shutter after each shot, and this time.
The best AS50 (the far sight) and SVD, for 5/45 and 10/40, respectively.

Special weapons.
Kalashnikov machine guns and M-249 SAW. Like the same, but not quite. Because of the strong impact Kalash scatters bullets like a shotgun buckshot (have to shoot very short bursts). M-249 SAW is more convenient and safer.

Rocket launchers RPG-7 and Carl G. one plus the RPG reload faster, and Carl G two-plus - optical sight; significantly more than the blast wave and hence the radius of destruction.

Gun for dart great addition to any sniper - it's silent! But 1/10 and pulls the shutter after each shot.

Comparison with acquired improvements of accuracy and reliability for each of the mentioned weapons!

AnIr 24.07.20

Thank you, but you do not have the knockdown weapons (not odinakovoe all in their species)

Rhazad Dum 24.07.20

Gunsmiths stopped giving missions! Even when there is no active. And in the store a bunch of unpurchased premium weapons.

KLERIK10 24.07.20

Go through the storyline a little more, again it will get the job on the weapon

vildanych 24.07.20


choice did not finish: the granotomet garl-g one significant advantage: homing(rocket flies behind the crosshair, which is very useful against moving vehicles)

vildanych 24.07.20

besides guns Darts no more silent snipers???

Rozenbaun[vs]2pac 24.07.20

When the game comes closer to an end, you open all weapons.

Ferz777 24.07.20

Reliable Kalashnikov's machine gun, he lives longer than SAW. Carl J. also when the mouse follows the target through the scope.

jay-f 24.07.20

current through Mysia

NecroPhobic 24.07.20

Get those same missions from the gunsmith :-(

killer1995vegas 24.07.20

how to fractions with Glushak,shotgun,crossbow and the new vehicles

monaxO 24.07.20

NecroPhobic try to diversify itself chtoli. Here, as in Assasin's Creed you need to diversify the murder helped me beat the game almost in one breath. The fun begins later when prislushalsya to the conversations in the cities. Just do you can work ahead, and quiet with a Gun for dart, MP-5 with silencer and PM with a silencer. very nice work.

D1n2 24.07.20


Kramer 24.07.20

In fact, it is a grenade called the RPG-7.

RikoChiko 24.07.20


D1n2 24.07.20

http://www.playground.ru/gallery/far_cry_2/23095/ I meant this

RikoChiko 24.07.20

This is the first sniper.