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artorias 28.07.20 11:25 pm

Ajay Gail vs Jason Brody (Far Cry 4)

who is cooler
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Domaser 28.07.20

Isaac Clarke

Pupusechka 28.07.20

Both awesome

Pelmen dobra 28.07.20

Both inferior to charismatic villains)

gaimer007 28.07.20


bairen 28.07.20


Bouuy 28.07.20

Jason Brody. He though the development is viewed from Tidewater sucker to a ruthless killer.
And Ajay to Kyrat, immediately from the first minutes began all cut and blow.

SteveG8 28.07.20

Well, don't tell. Jason only the first fifteen minutes of goddamn scared all the rest of the time he also cuts and carves the crowd of pirates.

ShadowM88 28.07.20

it is foolish to compare completely different characters. well Jason, at least the girl was.Ajay here it fucking is surrendered,it is more stargen and decisive,while Jay likes to shoot the breeze and hang out on downticket with fellow majors

Nikita Yurev 28.07.20


artorias 28.07.20

For me Ajay Gale is much better

Alec Says 28.07.20

Jack Carver

Bandera3505 28.07.20

in my opinion more believable and cool shows Jason Brody,playing for this character, I knew he was a regular guy,and when the current game situation, he is changing,maturing,kills the first time,the first time holding a weapon in his hands,and Ajay Gale as if he was born a killer John Rambo from Kirata,came at once under the batch and all,the whole game he kills like it did my whole life.

Slava Ivashkin 28.07.20

both are good

Filimonov- 28.07.20

Herc-cool. There should be no dispute...)

ShadowM88 28.07.20

the same clown.than it is cool?

zombijaic 28.07.20

Jason Brody as it is more cool to Gale, the face is poorly painted

Mr_Felix 28.07.20

Ajay more serious and talk less

Chelovek_bez_sovesti 28.07.20

Ajay Gail... Brody is a junkie, a psycho, a murderer. Gail though, and wets all the same it is not visible the vein of a psycho - killer. In General, HS is so-so. In Farkrae 4 normal exactly two characters - Herc, and the Dictator Pagan Min is tightly besmirched by the terrorists of the Golden Path.

igor belyy 28.07.20

Pagan Min 28.07.20

Ajay, in any Ajay. And don't look at my nickname, okay? :D
Why is Ajay, because he's just more serious. Mature. And looks more masculine, more brutal, true fighter. And a language less talking, although it's more like a minus, because it is not clear that he is for the character. And what say the commentators above, that the girl he nafig not needed and that he from the first seconds coming down all at once, so it'll tell you what: Ajay married - Herc confirms this with the phrase I Have a ticket for your wife. She is a beauty!. This time. And two: who knows what Ajay was to Kirata? Maybe he like Grant, he served in the army and he kind of drum who and where to cut? Yes, Ajay in the United States has contacted the bad company, the robbery of some kind had killed someone and he almost ended up in jail, but police released him on condition that he handed over those who fired.
He just lives already sniffed it, knows what it is. Although a little slow to be honest. The same Herc confirms, myself Ajay laughs when one man tells him that the honey badger killed his wife. And finally he doesn't have an opinion. Yes. If Jason did what he wanted, he thought it necessary to hunt and he decided the fate of people, Ajay just runs like a dog on the instructions of Sabal and Zabala. But nonetheless, Jason is just a whiner with guns, but Ajay held a grown man. Both of course are good, but Gail still steeper and more serious.