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Protocol10 04.10.20 09:40 pm

Will you charge 3090 for 136,000 rubles?

Is there anyone willing?
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_Lemon_ 04.10.20

Have. There is no money)

legusor 04.10.20

Yes. It's time for me to go from old lady 1080ti to fresh and forget about the video cards of the year for three. But here's the cooling system founders edition looks like shit, in my opinion, and does not cause any confidence. I'll be waiting for the release of the palit gamerock 3090, which the company has already announced.
In general, there may be an interesting situation when references from nvidia will cost less than cards from third-party vendors.
now on the site palit there is only 3090 in the budget implementation - a series of gaming pro.
Which of the 3,000 decided to buy?

hyper1 04.10.20

What about? Of course I will, I have to sponsor huang. me on my 2070s with 60s monique little fapesav

Spiny 04.10.20

I still have 2080 Ti enough :)

Moron Dark 04.10.20

Only 4090 for 2kkkk 😉

Evil Clown 04.10.20

I'll take two grand. Why h.s., just to be.

ALEX86 04.10.20

At your expense, of course, I'll take even a million.

fog666666 04.10.20

I won't.

MAzh0R_VA_GIN_A_T0RIUS 04.10.20

You can have two at once in SLI)

RikoChiko 04.10.20

There's nothing to play for, why is she?!

Fokus 04.10.20

It would be in 3080 12gb of memory would take, I for Full HD with the stock just right would be, and so wait for the big navi

Rin Shirayuki 04.10.20

What the? If there are no games.

Marsj 04.10.20

Rin Shirayuki
3090 is not for players, for clipmakers.

Listoman 04.10.20

It's useless, only 20% faster than 3080, in fact all overpayment goes for a useless 24gb of memory, it is wiser to wait for 3080ti with 80 blocks and 12GB of memory for $1,000)

Rograx 04.10.20

yes, the money would have been that much right away. However, if you put such a card in my oven, it will explode.