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Recommend a game v.5

The most addictive game

Do you often use cheats in games?

How do you feel about old games?

Looking for the game v.6

What is the most boring game?

The most confusing levels in games

New hint from CPY

Most Emotional Games

Playing multiple games at once?

Performance issues.

Where are the patches (Elden Ring)

Game Version (Elden Ring)

Tearing (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky)

How to fix the camera? (Elex 2)

Black Stripes (The Evil Within)

Return to the slave system / serfdom

Lags on powerful PC (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Ending [careful spoilers] (Cradle)

Licensed version or pirated version? (Fallout 4)

How are we going to develop? (Fallout 4)

Plot (Fallout 4)

Protectrons (Fallout 4)

Sli gtx 970 barely plows

Can't get past the minutemans (Fallout 4)

Settlement defense (Fallout 4)

Will Far cry 4 work on my laptop (Far Cry 4)

Most memorable side quest. (Fallout 4)

Where did the ghouls arrive? (Fallout: New Vegas)

Disadvantages of Far Cry 4 (Far Cry 4)

White window at startup (Dark Souls)


The new far cry will have denuvo (Far Cry: Primal)

60 FPS on GTX 960 (Fallout 4)

Isn't there a working DSMfix at all? (Dark Souls)

Reinstall Windows 7 Performance Degraded (Advanced)

After level 100 (Fallout 4)

Is there a new way to play Diablo 3 (Diablo 3)

Should I pre-order? (Dark Souls 3)

Wiretapping (No entry for idiots)

Will it go? (Dark Souls 3)

What is your FPS in the game? (Shadow Warrior (2013))

Higher difficulty (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Game Impression (DiRT Rally)

Policeman as the main character in GTA VI (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Where is Greyrat's ashes? (Dark Souls 3)

Test result. help me please

What to take? GTX 970 SLI vs GTX 980ti

Intel or AMD

Eats a lot of RAM.

Freezes and FPS drawdowns ...

Freezes in games, freezing on the desktop

Old games lag and freeze

How to swap pills? (The Binding of Isaac)

Fullscreen in games in Windows 10


Ending impression [spoilers!] (Dark Souls 2)

Is it worth playing? (Alan Wake)

Demo can't connect (Resident Evil: Village)

Demo (Resident Evil: Village)

License or pirate? (Resident Evil: Village)

Fallout 4 lags on powerful pc (Fallout 4)

Where to buy a video card for a reasonable price now?

How to knock down a rooftop stand? (Forza Horizon 4)


Virtual reality - a step into the future or a toy?

Impressions of the game (Forza Horizon 4)

Large latency

Level School, Library Room (Little Nightmares 2)

Graphics card temperatures.

Friezes + incomprehensible artifacts (RAGE 2)