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Guar_D 19.11.21 11:15 pm

Full description of cut and present SA weaponry (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Why did you run into him? He's engaged in business ... unlike most individuals who unsubscribed here ...
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Psyche7 19.11.21

I have such a glitch that CJ takes a sotik like an AK-47 and shoots from it

Shik 19.11.21

Doesn't happen.

MCMEDVED 19.11.21

where can i get MINIGAN?

A.Soldier of Light 19.11.21

Look at the weapons map. Somewhere on the forum there was such a topic ...

Aftar, credit for the text, but not for the lack of pictures.

haha your dead 19.11.21

At Toreno's hut

MCMEDVED 19.11.21

I can't find a weapon card, tell me where is Toreno's hut?

Timmy vercetti 19.11.21

You go from San Fierro towards Las Venturas by car across the railway bridge. When you see the tunnel, turn right and you will see a mansion with a hangar. In the mansion you will find a flamethrower, RPG, stinger and minigun. You can save nearby. You take a minigun and save yourself. You load immediately and take it again. Again you save. And so, until there are 10,000 cartridges. Then they will be endless.
PS: After a while, the cartridges will run out, then perform the above trick.

Sairis1 19.11.21

Timmy Vercetti
So there will be many potrons, but they will not become endless.

MCMEDVED 19.11.21

Thank you, I already found it in the parking lot, and I don't run out of cartridges, I enter the code!

Akkalin 19.11.21

The description is of course COOL, but here are the recommendations ..
1. Melee weapon: more people die from a katana than from a chainsaw, mainly due to the fact that you can't run with a chainsaw.
2. Pistols: 2 Colts .45 caliber is better than 1 Colt with a silencer.
3.Shotguns: SPAS 12 is certainly lethal, but 2 sawn-off shotguns are 4 enemies at a time (here everything is for an amateur)
4.Machine guns: here ABSOLUTELY disagree, try walking with 2 engrams and you won't want to return to MP 5.
5.Automats: the game is American and therefore M-4 is better than our Kalash, but I think like true patriots everyone will make the right choice :)
6. Snipers: here I agree with everything, the gun is good for birds and unfortunate animals :))
7. Heavy weapons : stinger and minigun rule !!
8. Throwing weapons: Explosives are more fun in my opinion.
The remaining sections are as appropriate.

MCMEDVED 19.11.21

Who knows what for (gun-boxbig, gun-boxwee and flare) and where to get them?

Las Venturas 19.11.21

oldgamer The M16 cartridge is a 5.56 caliber cartridge

Snap 19.11.21

Damage is almost like a beat
Where to get it-change some parameters in the melee.dat and default.ide files
will subsequently be used instead of the bit
Note: you cannot ride it !!!

Nitro25 19.11.21

And they wanted to do so = (BUT DIDN'T!

GTAman 19.11.21

I suggest adding a description of the places where you can get this or that weapon. Screenshots are welcome.

Frank_Farmer 19.11.21

And who saw there in the game a Colt .45 caliber, huh? My pistol in the game is called (in my translation) "9 mm", and 45 caliber, I remind you, is 11.43 mm! Plus, the Colt .45 has only 7 rounds in its magazine! Most of all, this pistol is similar to the Beretta M92 ... In short, KG / AM ... Let's

continue ... "The Stinger's
rocket homing at any vehicle equipped with some kind of engine"

Ha-ha ... And why does it aim at a bicycle? What is his engine? ...

Next. Who said that M-16 cartridges are suitable for Kalash ?? Deuce! Our AK-74 has a 5.45 mm caliber, and for the M-16 and the M-4 carbine, "NATO" cartridges of 5.56 mm are suitable ... Once again, low frequency ...

BooRooNDooK 19.11.21

In the game, the Kalash is not 74, but 47. Its caliber is generally 7.62, and its destructive power is much lower than that of the M4. So there are a lot of such inconsistencies in the game ...

Submachine guns: here I ABSOLUTELY disagree, try walking with 2 engrams and you won't want to return to MP 5.

I don’t want to return to anything after MP5. MP5 is even better in game than Kalash. Accuracy and higher rate of fire. Destructive force is the same. And two ultrasounds have no accuracy at all. Their advantage is a close attack. When capturing territory, MP5 is a terrible force, not counting M4 ...

Automata: the game is American and therefore M-4 is better than our Kalash, but I think as true patriots everyone will make the right choice :)

As I said, I prefer MP5 instead of Kalash. Not to mention the M4;)

KoHTpoJIeP 19.11.21

Where can you find a cane? I only know 4 places

Frank_Farmer 19.11.21

4 places? Well, that's enough for you ... Why do you need this cane at all? .. But in general, there is a theme "Maps: horseshoes, graffiti", there you can download a map of weapons ... All the places are marked on it ...

DimanXP 19.11.21

One-sided and two-sided vibrators
Damage about 40
attack speed average
Ammunition is absent
Range is small
Features: there are no one-sided and double-sided vibrators in the game, they are called using the GTASA_Center program. (I can throw it on soap!), You can give it to girls.
The vibrator differs from the faloimitator in its small size and vibration. There is no vibration in the game. A one-sided vibrator looks like an ordinary member, and a two-sided vibrator is very interesting ... But the game can fail because of it! It works almost real!