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No_time_for_games 28.02.23 08:38 pm

What game would you like to upgrade your computer for?

actual subject.

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Nurp 28.02.23


Malachor 28.02.23

For the sake of one thing it will be bold - not proud, if necessary, you can lower the settings a little here or there. But when the hardware becomes more or less capable of pulling many modern games, then it will be possible to upgrade.

Vaipen 28.02.23

For one game to change zhirnovato. And so I change when it doesn’t export anything at all, even at an average minimum.

Vova126 28.02.23

I think it is advisable to upgrade the computer every 5-6 years

Nvidia VS Amd 28.02.23

In general, it is complete idiocy for the sake of some game to upgrade the computer.

Marshal Talyan McKirby II 28.02.23

For the one that you like, but will not give out a stable 60 fps even on the average preset. For me, this is a signal to upgrade. There is no stable FPS on medium settings in the new products - it's time to pick up new clothes.

Pecos_Bill 28.02.23

Yes, I should have upgraded a long time ago, but if you take the game, then most likely cyberpunk2077

Oleg Gluzhetsky 28.02.23


sosite_xypy 28.02.23


insel260 28.02.23

Once every 5 years I steadily update all the hardware (except for the case, power supply and cooling). And what happens by this moment, I will play in that. Purposefully do an upgrade for the sake of one game ... What kind of ass..om should you be?)

R_D_V 28.02.23

Probably for the sake of a stalker2 I will fork out for a new PC. In the meantime, the old one suits pulling new items on average and okay

barbarian 28.02.23

Well, if copper total 3 came out. I still play copper 2.

V_l_a_d_1 28.02.23

For the metro exodus

Prostoi nik 28.02.23

There is no such thing... The developers have become quite insolent with the overestimation of systems. For that matter, it's better to abandon the game altogether.

Emris_UA 28.02.23

Previously it was the game "Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, the" - and now, in addition to it (as my Friend wrote above "Cyberpunk 2077" !!!

BioGen 28.02.23

For War of Rights

Beirut 28.02.23

You are here bringing games that will be released on the consoles of the current generation, do you have worse hardware or what?

TRIBUNE Myshivuriya wrote:
Optimization in games from Yubi is average. It's just that their games require powerful pros and a bunch of RAM. Take the same Division 2. He eats 12-13 GB of opera

probably just need to turn off the whistles that are screwed on top of the console version?

Rela1s 28.02.23

If according to reviews, then Cyberpunk 2077 is more likely, but I think it will pull.

Anyway TES 6

Ripper Man 28.02.23

Tes 6

partizan2033 28.02.23

Elden ring, for the most part because of her, but it’s just that circumstances came out, I’ll update in any case for the next 2 months, it’s ancient. I wrote a game that I want to play at a comfortable 60 fps full HD and normal graphics.