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FallenGhost 09.12.19 04:12 am

The most anticipated game of 2020?

Continuing the annual theme.

The year is coming to an end, and for 2020 announced a lot of games. Actually what most interested in?

Personally I'm waiting for Ghost of Tsushima and Elden Ring. First expected this year, but alas.

To write about the best game 2019 in Your opinion here, about the worst here.
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saa0891 09.12.19

Of course Cyberpunk 2077,Eternal DOOM is something that I have long pre-order,and more likely, Dying Light 2,Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2,still hope GhostWire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks will be released.

dilat 09.12.19

Cyberpunk 2077, Eternal DOOM, Subverse

Lightninggg 09.12.19

The Last of Us: Part II and Cyberpunk 2077.
In the first case, I wonder whether the developers to raise the bar even higher after the first part and after Uncharted 4, considering that the game makes no Bruce Straley.
In the second case, very interesting, will Cyberpunk or is it Cyberpunk.

BioGen 09.12.19

Hellraid, Ad Infinitum but we'll see. Do not Harbor strong hopes for rashirenie of the game and advise you not to.

Phoenix67 09.12.19

Dying Light 2

ImTheGREED 09.12.19

Lodurr 09.12.19

Don't expect anything, another fresh year. Maybe in a year what some noname something will delight, as it was this year with Control.

MunchkiN 616 09.12.19

no specific games this year do not expect and have no idea what Ira's will be released this
passively waiting for current games information new assassin creed and dragon age, тес6 and it created a TES 2 the couple was there to announce was going very curious.

NatanieLzZ 09.12.19

Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord

Dogmit 09.12.19

CYBERPUNK TWO THOUSAND ZERO ZERO SEVEN SEVEN. computer with the gun she took

Denis Kyokushin 09.12.19

There is interest to Cyberpunk 2077 and TLOU 2

Vaipen 09.12.19

Diablo Of Immortal. :)

Vladimir_Aleksandrovich 09.12.19

I will not be original, waiting for Cyberpunk and Dying Light 2.

Kanych 09.12.19

In 2020 looking forward to the announcement and the first trailer for GTA6 nextgen PS5 and PC (not fact of course) the Rest of the game well-known and already announced.
I would like more good games from science fiction like Alien: Isolation, SOMA.
Interesting to see the filling of the Playstation 5 and what games they announce for it. What kind of graphics card with rays in 2020, AMD will release a better Nvidia with dx12 low level api and vulkan. The year will be hot and interesting in the gaming industry.

Khaomi 09.12.19

Want Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Well, it is still possible for Hollow Knight: Silksong view.

Yauzhe nechelovek ya zver 09.12.19

silent hill 5

Nurp 09.12.19

Subnautica Zero
Cyberpunk 2077
Assassin's Creed: Kingdom

PeaJI4eJI 09.12.19

Splinter Cell

Erontlop 09.12.19

Dragon Ball kakarot, cyberpunk, Dying Light 2, my hero academy one justice 2, pirate warriors 4, warriors orochi 4 ultimate, total tank simulator

Stanislavich 09.12.19

Next year, if all games do come out and are successful - will be filled with really big list of games.
Personally, I don't expect any games, but the problem of modern gaming is that everything is more or less large projects the PR for 1-2-3 years to release, and so that took out something useful and interesting, which a regular gamer would not have heard... Now such is not present.