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Recommend a game v.5

How many games did you complete in 2022?

How do you feel about old games?

What are you playing now? v.9

What is the most boring game?

The most confusing levels in games

How many games did you complete in 2020?

How many games did you complete in 2021?

What games released in 2017 have you played?

Underground 2 vs Most Wanted

Best Weapon (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

New theft animations like in GTA 4 for GTA sa


Questions about PG work

Records in GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Does GTA develop you? (Grand Theft Auto 5)

FBI Building (Grand Theft Auto 3)

FPS in game (Grand Theft Auto 3)

MTA:SA Discussion (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Playing multiple games at once?

Who are the gamers?

GTA IV on laptops (Grand Theft Auto 4)

What are you playing now? v.9

How did you kill your hero? (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Bought a tablet. What to do with him now?

Nicky on Steam (Max Payne 3)

Catalina or Michelle - who is worse? (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Is the 18+ rating justified? (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Who is the dumbest villain in the GTA series? (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Change language (Grand Theft Auto 5)

200 pigeons (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Being too light to play (Grand Theft Auto 5)

The fate of the characters (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

War vs. Death (Darksiders 2)

Best cars in GTA games (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Most Stylish GTA Hero (Grand Theft Auto 5)

How did the Ballas gang come about? (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Max Rep (Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005))

Your Favorite GTA Part (Grand Theft Auto 5)

GTA 5 vs. Max Payne 3 (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Passenger Car Club (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

What is your choice of clothing? (Bloodborne)

Are there people who have not played any GTA? (Grand Theft Auto 5)

NFS: Carbon and other NFS. SURVEY! (Need for Speed: Carbon)

Dress in Green (GTA SA) (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Titles (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Claude in GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Mission Turbulence (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Longest Pursuit (Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005))

Your screenshots (Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

Desmond's Face (Assassin's Creed: Revelations)

Are there gyms in the game? (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Is Unity the most beautiful game? (Assassin's Creed: Unity)

Best Police in the GTA Series (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Armies of the countries of the world

What do you remember most unoptimized, nerdy games?

Did you have sega Mega Drive?;)))

What games 2019 you really liked?