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Nikitos rus 11.11.21 10:39 pm

GTA 5 vs. Max Payne 3 (Grand Theft Auto 5)

What's cooler? To be honest, looking at Max Payne's gameplay, and realizing that Rockstar is doing GTA 5, I no longer believe that shootouts can be done better than in Max Payne 3.
Looking at the graphics of Max Payne 3 and GTA 5, of course, it is clear, well detailed both, but I would have pinned high hopes on GTA 5 (compare Max's gameplay and the GTA 5 trailer).
Personally, I will buy both games and then I will definitely compare.
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Arsen xvi 11.11.21

No matter how Max is made, and GTA V will make it into cabbage soup, because. there will not be such freedom of action as in 5K.
There is nothing to discuss here)

Grand auto thief 11.11.21

Well, nonsense.

Put_title_Here 11.11.21


Nikitos rus 11.11.21

What if Max Payne has better gunfights?

Dead4 11.11.21

Wait for the release, and then create similar themes.

Nikitos rus 11.11.21

This theme was created for popular opinion

Krueger32 11.11.21

GTA will thunder with a grandiose explosion, and as for Max Payne, this is another attempt to give a second wind to a good game, but based on practice, I'm sure nothing special will happen.

TommyAssassin 11.11.21

Games are completely different, it is inappropriate to compare them. But personally, I am for GTA V. And Max Payne, I think, will not be better than the previous two parts. PS: I will buy both GTA V and Max Payne 3.

WeedStoned 11.11.21

What if Max Payne has better gunfights?
Obviously cooler in MP3.

The topic is not the topic. The genre of games is different and they have nothing in common, except perhaps the publisher.

Wild rider 11.11.21

The previous parts of Max did not pass. I'll also think about playing it.

GunslinGa_MЗ 11.11.21

the author is stupid, of course in mp3 there will be better shootouts, this is a shooter
you are still a midnight club from gta compare where the chases will be better

Grand auto thief 11.11.21

Wild Rider [WriteR]
Play of course, what is there to think?

dr.sheff 11.11.21

Games are completely different, it is inappropriate to compare them. But personally I am for GTA V. [2]

Palmont 11.11.21

Nikitos rus
People's opinion is waiting for the release.

BeefierNebula 11.11.21

I am in favor of both, but after all, as already said, comparing them is not very correct ... Only the developer connects them, the series are completely different. In Max, the firefights will be the best, in GTA V the emphasis is on the scale, the open world, after all, and even detailed. In short, I will buy both, but I will compare it during the game))

Bola1695 11.11.21


Agree. Both games are good!

Shavoo 11.11.21

there is no point in comparing these two games,
we know a lot about Max at the moment, but practically nothing about V!
these games will be 2 masterpieces, and they are far from rivals to each other

Wild rider 11.11.21

"these games will be 2 masterpieces, and they are far from being rivals to each other"

I hope so. Max annoys me that because of him the release of gta 5 can be postponed.

k1slim 11.11.21

The only thing these two games have in common is the studio that develops them. Whoever makes a good argument in favor of not closing this topic will receive a seven-character ICQ.

trollmod = on
Good luck!

FucQ 11.11.21

GTA 5 and Max Payne 3 use the RAGE engine and Euphoria. Nothing else comes to mind :) you can compare manufacturability, nothing more.