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Balda716 07.03.22 10:41 pm

How would you respond to the request "Let me smoke"?

I don't smoke myself, but I know several options for answering this request:
Let me smoke, - [redacted] will hurt.
Let me smoke - I don't smoke, sportsman.
Let me smoke, - [deleted] wrapped in a newspaper replaces a cigarette.
Give me a smoke - I don't smoke, I quit.

Well ... who knows what "jokes" about smoking, - write.
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Pirat-AC3 07.03.22

The meaning of the topic?

See who asks.
In most cases the answer was "no".

Le Gaspilleur 07.03.22

It all depends on how you ask and where. If, for example, just on the street, in the afternoon / evening / night and in a normal way - it’s not a question, I can write out a few sigs.
If under other circumstances - provocative, from the side of the person who asked: "You will smoke at the hedgehog!" This will be followed by punches and kicks in the face of the person who asked.

JONDROGON 07.03.22

Is there a receiver? Let me call?

GONE TO DTF 07.03.22

Le Gaspilleur
, you're not bad at all.

Le Gaspilleur 07.03.22

lookaway I take
care of the health of hooligans, so that shortness of breath does not prevent them from running from the cops.

50GB 07.03.22

I would smoke. I myself smoke a couple of cigarettes a day, sometimes I don’t smoke for several days, but there are always whitefish. And with your jokes, jokes will not last long and get into a jug.

Balda716 07.03.22

I also heard such an excuse:
Give me a smoke - in the store.

EnglishQuaker 07.03.22

If the marginal is suitable for 30-40 years, I generally say that I treated myself, because then they often start begging for burnt alcohol with a pitiful face. Well, I just go on and that's it, or he goes where he went. In other cases, I can usually treat.

fantasy cat 07.03.22

Despite my gender, it happened that they asked, maybe once or twice in my life, I answered simply and corny: "I don't smoke."

northern alcoholic 07.03.22

I once said that I don’t have cigs, although I have never smoked. Now I say that I don’t smoke.

TTG 07.03.22

Haven't heard anything like it. Another thing is "will not smokecigarettes".
Silently I will take out a pack and give it to the hands of those who wish, as an excuse to reveal my intentions.
It should be understood that people with suggestions "I'll take another half a pack for the brothers around the corner buy a brick" are initially disposed to provocative behavior.
Gopstop is the most banal way of illegal profit, mainly mastered by the shanty-trapa. And if the guys accepted you as a candidate in their brilliant plan, then why not reciprocate? It should also be taken into account that carduelis are not respected in backyard parties and exist solely on the rights, let's say, of a "horse".

rPeBoJL 07.03.22

"sorry, I don't smoke ... tuberculosis ..." and cough on the one who asks

Balda716 07.03.22

If you have a pack of cigarettes in your pocket
and a ticket for a plane
with a silver wing
that takes off leaving
the Earth only a shadow...

GDFrost1.4 07.03.22

Just to say I don't smoke. Will continue to ask - I repeat, do not understand - ignore. And if it does, I don't know what to do with it...

Alexander Becker 07.03.22

I'll say "earn @ buy". Answers in the style of “the last one left”, “he treated himself” imply that you seem to owe something to the one who asked and justify yourself to him. Why should I give out cigarettes to everyone who wants to.

TTG 07.03.22

Arrogance will play into the hands of the ill-wisher, and a character who is looking for so many excuses for a banal offer is doomed to surrender items of material value.
Squeeze poison from others to your own detriment.

Balda716 07.03.22

Here GP-5 recalled another option:
Give me a smoke, - on, poison yourself.

TTG 07.03.22

Fans of sarcastic with a cheerful look say "poison is not a pity."
On the other hand, why such a prejudice to ordinary questions? You are not forced to rewrite the house.

Balda716 07.03.22

Give me a smoke - you're too young to smoke, you won't grow up.
Let me smoke - my mother will smell the smell - she will flog.

warp 37 07.03.22

I always try to give cigarettes to those who ask (I still smoke cheap and strong varieties of shit, where there are 25 more cigarettes in a pack), and I often “shoot” myself.