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StormX07 28.02.23 08:38 pm

The most confusing levels in games

What game did you go through, where were the most confusing levels?

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Mel Shlemming 28.02.23

Wolfenstein 3d. Without a map in the monotonous labyrinths there is quite sad.

A.Soldier of Light 28.02.23

Indeed, Wolfenstein 3D is quite confusing. But I've been going through the game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for a long time, although it seems like everything is not so difficult there, if you apply the "look into the past") Also in the first Doom it was infuriating when it was not clear what opens
such- then the button. Click and run, looking on the map, what's where.
Again, these problems look funny nowadays, especially since there is the Internet with its numerous FAQs and video walkthroughs... If you did not live in the nineties, you will not understand ^_^
Sad and boring. In Doom, at least the mini-map appeared, already good. But it was Wolf3D, "the first true shooter in the world," that was idolized. The fact that he is the first, objectively says nothing (Doom 1 is better in all respects).

Lightninggg 28.02.23

Tower of Latria (3-1) from Demon's Souls.

legusor 28.02.23

King's field 4. I can't imagine what could be more confusing. I was able to go there only on cheats and then somehow, until the moment where there are some caves and there are like lava golems or something like that. there you can still look for an NPC who sells you maps of the area. the third card you buy will be 3DE, and from it it becomes more or less clear where you are. By that time, I was already tired of fighting this impenetrable game and scored on it.
no thoughts and dark nipples in terms of intricacy in the soles of this game are not suitable.

Metalist1925 28.02.23

Prison maze from the second Silent Hill

Pecos_Bill 28.02.23

Any caves in Tes2 daggerfall. There labyrinths look like a ball of spaghetti.

yaRdi800x600 28.02.23

I remember the labyrinths in Phantasy Star 2. You have to be a demon to go through them without a guide.

Demon2342 28.02.23

Seum: Speedrunners from Hell level 7 sucks!

BioGen 28.02.23

Star Wars: Dark Forces

V_l_a_d_1 28.02.23

Impulsion is easy at first, then it becomes difficult

Sergey 82 28.02.23

From the fresh I remember the location "Temple of the Holy Blood" in Code Vein.

sergeu78 28.02.23

revenge of shinobi

No_time_for_games 28.02.23

dead rising 3