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-SK.art- 22.09.19 12:20 pm

Problem: freezes / cannot be powered on / rebooted PC v.2

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FlasHXS 22.09.19

So, who here will explain why with two identical straps in one position PC is stable in overclocking with the minimal timings, and swap them - the office is already loading Windows?

The Punk 22.09.19

The problem I have is very interesting: recently bought a new motherboard. All set, the PC is running, but the video is when connect the extra power from the PSU, it's not working, computer not included. When additional power is turned off, red light flashes, but the computer turns on just the integrated card from Intel'a. Because the driver on the card can't supply when the supply is not, says installation error package.
What could it be?

Intel Core i5 3.4 Ghz(do not remember exactly)
Mother MSI Z77A-G43
Graphics card - Radeon HD 7850
RAM - 8 GB
PSU 750 W

Aleksandr Sazhin 22.09.19

Help sorry(((

Aleksandr Sazhin 22.09.19

Sorry that is not the topic but need help(((

Traun 22.09.19

Old computer (Pentium 4) - after turning on, starts booting windows, BSOD, reboot.
What's the problem?

rgit 22.09.19

In General the computer a few times beat from the network, and once hit him. Now it runs ten times and glitches. After saying Starting Windows is usually just blexen. Now all in a sort of slow mo. What to do?

DartMaul 22.09.19

Alexander Sazhin
Gentlemen, do you really think that someone will able to help on such a lengthy and 2смысленным symptoms?
The blue screen has error code and sometimes the file reference which it is called.

A reboot may be software and hardware (caused by the request OS or BIOS Mat Board).

Bugs is not a term. Even normal slowdown is divided into at least freeze lag spike, and they all have different meanings and a different nature, and as a result are treated differently.

Please provide proper debug your problem if you want someone helped you.

Evgen1208 22.09.19

Recently there was a problem with the computer freezes(with a terrible sound when hovering). Hanging out maybe once, and maybe in the end of the day. Err on the hard dist and RAM, but after downloading the program CPU-Z I stumbled on this. The question is, what is it?

Evgen1208 22.09.19

-SK.art- 22.09.19


Well, he didn't hang out with such a frequency)))

Evgen1208 22.09.19

Operating frequency when idle 803 MHz, but sometimes jump up to 2000 or like the picture. I do not understand what could be the problem.

DozoRRR 22.09.19

The percent may well already..PA. And so I can advise to disable all energosberegayushie function in the BIOS to always on max frequency worked in Windows in control panel under power options, enable High performance to the max. PERC is expected to work. I for example when in simple and7 in savings mode 800MHz

SUSUL1 22.09.19

Damn, people have issues such that even a crystal ball professional Oracle may not be enough=)
Perhaps the topic title should be fixed a couple of tips Perovi help.

1. Often falls blue screens - there is a small free utility BlueScreenView, in the vastness of the Internet there is already a Russian version. For its successful application you need to click my computer right-button and go to"system properties->advanced->startup and recovery->uncheck automatic reboot. It must be done to ensure that the system could collect data about ostbc and save them to your hard drive, and then automatically restart after the error does not have any references.
Then the specified tool will help you to view a dump of the error and it shows either error code or the process that caused the error. Then vivete it in Google or Yandex with additional notes eror or error and look for a problem, takes about half an hour in search of treatment. as a rule this fall to bugs with memory, drivers, network cards and torrents.
2. If you just cut down a computer during a game or other workload - put utility HWmonitor or AIDA64 and play, periodically folding and watching tempertaure components and voltage.
For graphics cards a dangerous temperature of 95 degrees for CPU AMD - 60 gradual for Genomov and 70градусов for FX (FX c generally terrible picture, because these processors temperature monitoring cores and the soft weight of her guesses on the basis of internal algorithms for computing it observatsionnom sensor, which is 90% untrue, except that when a long uniform load under test, it is uniformly warmed and can be conventionally believe=)). So, if your computer temperature, then put in a tablet of aspirin, remove deposits of dust from the coolers (preferably with a vacuum cleaner, carefully
Then look voltage onto also conditional, because cytoteconline with the motherboard, but they are less possible to believe, for. In idle or load deviations from the +12V, +5V and +3 V lines should be no more than 10% - this is the threshold of the supply system, the optimal deviation is not more than 5%. That is, if during the game you have the utility has recorded a drawdown on a line +12V to 10V, it is a chance to replace the PSU or busting power scheme (now the blocks have up to 4 lines, but some manage to stick to one.
3. To check Windows for errors and viruses in the mode of preloading Windows - Yes, obviously incredible, but sometimes some malicious EXE trying to kill the system.
4. Don't lose far the boot disk, sometimes some errors, like can't find file system.sys you can easily cure recovery tools Windows or not so easy, here is your skill and luck dependent.
5. The comp runs for a long time - make a check for errors, defragment, make a test DLL library utility DLLsute (find on tornate cracked version, many of its curse, but to many people it helped, and if you killed the comp, not long to live he had)

Well, sort of first activities when the blue screen described=) Maybe someone else will add, I will be glad to know what's new=)

mailo.andersen 22.09.19

Dobrij denj, u menja problema s PC:materinka Gigabite il-8,procesor 2.3 GHz.Ne vkljuchjaetsja monitor pri zapuske,BIOS, ne vidajot ni kakih zvukov,Sistema zapuskaetsja i dajot proverku na zhostkij disk,privod,kuleri all krutitsja,no monitor ne zagruzhaet.Skidival BIOS.POmogite nuzhna pomosh,neznaju shto delatj.


That is, at the time of inspection of the hard drive (it is in the sense of the C drive?) the monitor still works and no problem of the file not find?

Dzhekasan 22.09.19

Touched the metal plate to the motherboard when the PC was turned on. The flashlight, he passed out and never starts. When you press the power button for a second run fans in the case and on the percent, and then richego.

Testerprivate 22.09.19

Unplug everything, start the computer with only CPU and memory, if muffled - change memory(ask somewhere), again muffled - to change mother.

KostaR_Max 22.09.19

In fact, I have such a problem here:

And this crap POPs up every time you use resource-hungry programs Ala games.
As I understood from an approximate translation of the response to the secondary CPU does not occur in the allotted amount of time, because of what he flies.
Now, I want to see what these failures occur and eliminate them. I suspect that to blame a bad CPU, but it could be the GPU...

It all started when I flew, the cooler of the CPU and I had to replace it. After a couple of weeks, the problem resumed, but mild (departures only occurred in really resource-intensive games). Now the problem escalated, anywhere, except for online and conventional programs that I can't be without the fear of departure Blue.

With this problem for more than a year, this is asking for help from the local population.

DartMaul 22.09.19

101 and 124 body in 95% of cases caused by the processor. 101 is vcore 124 depending on the model of the chip vcore/vccsa/vtt

KostaR_Max 22.09.19

So my guess was correct. Was just going to buy a more powerful processor soon, but I needed to know exactly what to blame for the departures BSOD. Well, thanks for the help!