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Red Bull Energy 09.05.23 07:31 am

Do you often use cheats in games?

There are times when you can not pass a place in the game, then resorted to the help of cheats. Passed the place and then play honestly again and I do not think it's shameful, but what do you think?

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Sima4 09.05.23

First I play the game by cheesnak a couple of times, and then you can cheat

Tigers_Trust 09.05.23

I play the game the way I want to.
I want to pass the whole game with the cheats, I want to pass without cheats.

I don't really care.

T.T.G 09.05.23

I don't use it 99% of the time.

snowflakes 09.05.23

First time no, now it happens yes to take normal screenshots

The Waster 09.05.23

The Unlimited Backpack is sometimes practiced in rpg.

rPeBoJL 09.05.23

Le Gaspilleur
Monsieur Greedy

The Waster 09.05.23


and a regular at the taverns there.)

Spoiler alert

Votsin 09.05.23

I used to, about 5-6 years ago, in single player (for example, in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and similar money punched through ArtMani), but got out of the habit, and these games as if acquired a second breath: the player, using cheats, inadvertently misses key features of gameplay.

I remember having to run around the location in search of bandits in order to subsequently buy the cheapest artifact detector for their sabagged weapons, which would later allow purchasing more reliable ammunition for longer sorties. At such moments you are fully immersed into the game, soaked in the atmosphere of adventure (without the enticing "999999999" in the account).

And so in everything: without any immortality trainers you have to calculate the amount of medkits/biters, choose more appropriate tactics, look for different loopholes and ways to retreat.

In a word: to get pleasure from the game - never use cheats. A difficult moment? Look through the tutorials, learn more about the aspects of the game you were initially neglecting. It's worth it, and the game will give you unforgettable moments and impressions, which it would be blasphemous to miss.

Loopy Fox 09.05.23

Stenly V8
Agreed. Funny thing is when you pass on maximum difficulty without help. And then such a "Nitschyachek.

Mictlantecuhtli 09.05.23

Stenly V8
Yes, all true:) But you know, when the tenth time you pass the same stalker is no longer a sense of "adventure". And sometimes you just want to see the storyline again, the location. Just wander around - shoot all sorts of animals. At such moments 999999 on the account is not even a bad look. Since there is no desire to run again to collect all sorts of junk, to exchange it for ammo or a steeper gun. And so you just buy everything you need. Although it's up to everyone. But when you first got through the game, it's really interesting to get everything yourself gradually. And when you replay it is not so interesting. And the story wants to go again.


qaz0wsx0wsx 09.05.23

I don't use it at all

sаnic 09.05.23

Without aim and wx, I don't enter Battle.

Vampire_98 09.05.23

I'm against cheats!
Cheats are for sissies!
Those who can play,
they do not care about cheats!

f6lnnk59w6rualg 09.05.23

Golden words! But not everyone has the ability to play well, so we have to resort to a little help.

Mictlantecuhtli 09.05.23

Ordinarily in those games that have passed before. Or just if you want to play for the storyline, shooting or something else. In general, when the game lazy to farm money and items I use Artmoney. More than not used not just once. A artmoney is not quite a cheat, something in between. Since cracking only the money for the above reasons.


OMЕGA 09.05.23

For the most part hacking money, because walking around and begging like a hobo, collecting on 1 coin is not particularly interesting.

Pekabeer 09.05.23

I sometimes use Noklip when getting stuck in textures

MelShlemming 09.05.23

I always cheat. If a game has no cheats, I don't even download it.

delphis01 09.05.23

Passed Witcher 3 with the autoplay mod, good game, my favorite. will name my kid Witcher 3

Traxadel 09.05.23

Frequently, but usually in singles and if the game is bad, broken, long or very difficult or impassable. Especially cheats with money, because it saves time and I do not have. Quickly grab the best junk and walk like a terminator fuck, but then the game still pass to the end, exploring everything along the way.

In cartoon hate cheaters.

I hate cheaters.