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Sultan 31.10.21 12:00 pm

FEAR 2 Project Origin

FEAR 2 Project Origin
Release Date: TBA
Genre: First-Person, Shooter
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, PC Game
Trailer: [url = http: //www.gametrailers.com/player/25252.html] http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25252.html [/ url]
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ACE 31.10.21

: scare: again gray offices: scare:

and by the way it looks like kilzone, only more fun, but still ftopka: twisted:

SoulGrabber 31.10.21

atas: shock: nafig challah and killzones. want it: D

detroitwut 31.10.21

[b] SoulGrabber [/ b], do you like corridor shooters?)

SoulGrabber 31.10.21

[b] detroitwut [/ b], like shooters from Monolith: rasta:

czpukmen 31.10.21

[b] SoulGrabber [/ b],: agree:

Vernes 31.10.21

I don't want Origin, I want NOLF 3.

SoulGrabber 31.10.21

[b] Vernes [/ b], let's cross our fingers so that their next project is exactly Nolf: angel:

KalbasNICK 31.10.21

Looks nice. I did not see any sensible differences from the first part.
The name is complete shit.

scar-raver 31.10.21

LOL! I wanted to say that the game is a copy of FEAR .. :))) And then when, at the end, the girl was shown, I realized that this continuation of FEAR is exactly what it is :)))

ACE 31.10.21

[quote name = "Vernes"] I don't want Origin, I want NOLF 3. [/ quote]

Nolf quintessence of good design in games from this studio, and what a funny story and beautiful 80s music there was,

but no. who needs such good games - everyone needs a shitty fair: sad:: dn:

Jaspar 31.10.21

I didn't even play fir: roll:

Big boss 31.10.21

[b] Jaspar [/ b],
In principle, if we assume that he came out today, he missed a little !!! : D

ACE 31.10.21

[b] Jaspar [/ b], and don't play the
worst design it's hard to come up with
true shootouts there were cool, but annoying within an hour - all the same with the same opponents, who were only 1 view for the whole game,
though sometimes there were 2 types of robots (4 times in the whole game) and 1 kind of cyber ninja (2 times in the whole game): dn:

Dan4MerC 31.10.21

[quote name = "Vernes"] I don’t want Origin, I want NOLF 3. [/ quote]
I don’t want Origin, I want AVP3: sad:

scar-raver 31.10.21

And in my opinion the second NOLF was disgusting: (((You can't compare it with FEAR, because FEAR is an outstanding game. The first NOLF is another matter, but I doubt that the developers will be able to do something similar again.

Chieffy 31.10.21

I want a new throne and a second quickly

SoulGrabber 31.10.21

[off] [quote] And in my opinion the second NOLF was disgusting [/ quote]
: shock: figase. very controversial statement), on the contrary, I consider it the best game from monolith ... and indeed the best in 2002 8) [/ off]

scar-raver 31.10.21

[b] SoulGrabber [/ b], no, well, it's of course IMHO :) I just didn't like it either in terms of graphics, or in gameplay, or in plot ... some kind of colorful mess. The first part was cool.

czpukmen 31.10.21

And I want Project Origin, NOLF3 and AVP3 :)

Sultan 31.10.21

[quote name = "ACE"]: scare: gray offices again: scare

:: twisted: [/ quote]
+1. : agree: