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The most addictive game

Do you often use cheats in games?

How do you feel about old games?

What is the most boring game?

What to play on a weak PC?

What games have you played multiple times?

Playing multiple games at once?

What is your download speed with the torrent?

What are you playing now? v.8

Optimization (Cyberpunk 2077)

The biggest failure of the decade? (Cyberpunk 2077)

Girl or computer?

What games do you think failed ?

V what gender is your character? (Cyberpunk 2077)

Remember the iconic games of the 1990-ies - 2000-ies

As you look at passing of the old games?

How has your life changed after that. how did you become a gamer?

What is your last passed game? v. 8

Question about rendering the comp.services

Burned or impaled?

Cats and their manners

The Chinese company started building the Titanic

What is your favorite game

What kind of programs you like to watch?

The most beautiful anime?

Anime that you don't like

Denuvo as the Western model of society

And what kind of coffee do You like?

About new laws

The genre that you cannot understand?

Piracy end?

Why pirates crack the game?

VR - Virtual reality

What do you do for quarantine?

Your first game you played on PC? v.3

And what do you ask Santa Claus for the New Year?

The problem with the torrent

Artificial Christmas tree!

Re: game

The plane crashed into the Black sea

Russian hatskery! All around them!

Pokemon in the Church...

Relation to onyame.

Hitman 6 I understand. CPY.

Was surrounded by a old lady or a hoarder

Afraid of flying by plane

In that play, if not play what?

Polka dot or striped...

Quick lunch

To play(?) or create a game?

Control the time. Lifehack.

The output of computer hardware to retire.

Player for life?

A doctor or a programmer?

Russian girls vs Japanese girls

I'm a pirate.

What games do you think are the best?

Management IGROPROM? (Tales of Berseria)

Time machine

How does the \"system\"?

The program is necessary.

Old (very) movies...

September 11 conspiracy theory

Global warming. Believe? What do you think?

If life's gonna be a RPG?

Naruto / the End of the anime.

What is better to buy vaping or spinner?


What game you most often play?

What kind of game you'd buy on disk and why?

Windows 10 Education for a gaming system

Impressions of the game (Tales of Berseria)

How to change image size

Search files by extension

The choice of antivirus.

Who that about 10.10.2018 heard?

Tell me... AA-ahhh!!

Science and the meaning of life

The most stupid cartoon in your opinion

Black screen

The wedding in the Church idiocy?

What resolution are You playing?

Interesting theory, what do you think ?

What discourages You from using BP?

Windows 10. Is it worth it?

How best to configure SSD

Second Korean war?

Your first game

What are you downloading the game ?

What causes people to use pirated games?