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Looking for the game v.6

Games that stuck in your heart

How many games have you completed 100%

How are modern games different from older ones?

What is the most boring game?

Why do people play games and not live real life?

How many games did you complete in 2020?

How many games did you complete in 2021?

The best remake of a game you've ever played

What underrated unpopular games do you know?

2.5D platform games

What games have you played the most times in your life?

What games released in 2017 have you played?

What games are you looking forward to?

How many games did you complete in 2022?

The most anticipated game of 2023?

What is your last completed game? v.9

How many games did you complete in 2022?

Game of the Year 2022. Which game deserves this title?

Worst game of 2022. What game deserves this title?

The most anticipated game of 2023?

What is your last completed game? v.9

Recommend games with a very high level of interactivity

Question regarding lore and prosthetics (Cyberpunk 2077)

\"Army of TWO 4\".....???

Who's Waiting (Carmageddon: Max Damage)

The future of the gaming industry

Game impressions

WiiU Owners Club

Game Experience (Stray)

Game Impressions (Vacation Simulator)

What old games have you played in recent times?

Game Impressions (The Unfinished Swan)

Game Experience (Rain)

Game Experience (Contrast)

Impressions from the full game (inFamous: Second Son)

Game Impressions (Call of Duty: Vanguard)

What does Bill owe to Joel? (The Last of Us)

Do you play emulators?

When does cyberpunk stop being cyberpunk?

will there be danat and localization? (deep down)

Xbox360 Gamepad vs Dualshock 3

Impressions from Global Testfire (Splatoon)

On consoles paid multiplayer?

Armor customization discussion (Fallout 4)

Game Experience (Nintendo Switch Sports)

Discussion of the Metroid series (Metroid: Other M)

Gamecube Owners Club

Do you read lore text in games?

Game Impression (The Medium)

Game Impressions (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

Playing multiple games at once?

God of War 1

Nvidia shield portable

What is the only game you would buy a PS4 for?

Game optimization (Remember Me)


Return to the slave system / serfdom

Russifier? (Quake Live)

Game Impression (Deathloop)

Impressions of the game (Adr1ft)

A group of hackers known to everyone as \"CODEX\" retired.

What games are you waiting for?

Game Impressions (NieR: Replicant)

Nanoposons (Crysis 4)

Game Impression (Returnal)

Worst game of 2021. Which game deserves this title?

Game Experience (Astro's Playroom)

PSvita worth buying or not?

Another Final Fantasy series, another drama. (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Wii Owners Club

Game Impressions (Resident Evil: Village)

Discussion of the future game (Until Dawn)

Battlefield 3 on Windows XP (Battlefield 3)

What games released in 2021 have you completed?